Friday, 22 February 2013

David Cameron you are a ****ing ****

His Holiness David Cameron has emailed me, I assume he has emailed others, but perhaps he wishes me to announce this flagship policy for him.

Last year, I said we would do something else: take action on the sky-high energy bills that families across the country struggle with. At the moment, people often face a mind-boggling number of tariffs and pay a lot more than they should do.
Well, thats simply bollocks.  I've gone hunting for a "mind boggling number of tariffs", and so far, the widest spread I can find is £150 per year.
Dont get me wrong, £150 is nice, but its not my biggest cost, and that was after spent 20 minutes looking for "bad" tarriffs
That's why I made a personal commitment. I said it was time for energy companies to be straight with their customers and offer them the lowest available tariff. No more tricks, loopholes or small print; time for transparency.
But they do, if you phone up E.ON or SSE or British Gas with your annual usage, they will tell you the best tarrif.
The problem is of course, few people have that information, because most people are retarded.

So I'm delighted that yesterday OFGEM - the energy regulator - said it would deliver on my plan to get bills down. Starting this summer, energy companies will need to:
Present clear bills with the cheapest available tariff
Thats what already happens,  I submit a meter reading each month, and British Gas send me an accurate bill.
The problem is of course, that few people can be bothered reading their meters annually, yet alone montly

Offer no more than 4 tariffs for each type of fuel

Of course, the problem is too much choice.....

Abide by a rigorous code of conduct or face heavy fines
Because more taxes will bring down energy costs you fucking moron.
And the Government is going to use its Energy Bill to push things further still. Once this becomes law, suppliers will have to put people on the cheapest variable rate unless they choose otherwise.
But as we have already discussed, they already do this, when presented with the information they need to do this!

These changes will at last help to switch the balance of power in the energy market. People will be in the driving seat and companies will be competing hard for their custom.
We said we'd do everything possible to help the hard-working families of this country - and we are keeping our word.

You just couldnt resist could you, you disingenuous cowardly lickspittle.

10% of my gas bill, and 20% of my electricity bill, is tax, if the wanker in No 10 wants to help hard working families, he can stop taxing my electricity at 20%

If he really wants to help hard working families, he can throw the government behind shale gas and reap the benefits of North Sea all over again.

But he doesnt, because he is a piece of shit who does not belong in this party.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The ACAC (Assault Craft Air Cushion)

Sol over at SNAFU has suggested that the ship to shore problem could be solved by keeping ships in the deep blue, using LCACs to drop the swimming tanks near to shore.
Its a very good idea.
I still think the better one is to give up the swimming tanks idea and just drop land tanks directly on the beach from LCACs.

It does of course present problems landing, being a big fat target isnt fun.
May I humbly suggest an ACAC(?)

Now obviously, the best option remains to land where they aint.
But a converted ACAC, or familiy of ACACs carrying massed rockets and automatic mortars could thoroughly service a quite large area of shoreline and beachhead. 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

I knew my boss was batshit crazy

I left my job
My underling just txted me, she quit my job too

I left a week ago, there was someone else inbetween.....

I really must learn to think slower or type quicker

Friday, 15 February 2013

Its amazing how much superheroes tell us

I'm sat watching the avengers assemble.

Fuck me the southern cross / robotech masters had a baby and it just invaded


It got me thinking.
Tony Stark, billionaire genius business man makes battle suit to save the world.
Bruce Wayne, billionaire genius business man makes batmobile to save the city

Dr Who....
Our lone superhero, is a Doctor.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Big Bang Theory - greatest scene ever

Defence Industrial Strategy - Far too broad but not deep enough

Think Defence links to a piece which tries to explain the various blocks, trances, CPs and SRPs.
Have a read, its frighteningly confusing.

And as always, it seems pointlessly complex.

There were four different teams writing the software.
Well, you all know the production woes.

Again I'm forced to ask, instead of pretending we build armoured vehicles, warships and combat aircraft, wouldnt it make more sense to, you know, actually make one or two of them?

If the UK had gone it alone with Eurofighter, made its production a the priority defence, we would have had the aircraft in operation a decade ago, and would be pushing through the final stages, conformal tanks, aesa, thrust vectoring, full weapons fit ect now.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Lamb is the greatest meat in the world

no more

Nothing new to those paying attention

But its nice to see soldiers are catching up at last

Hat Tip Breach Bang Clear via D&F

Anyone with even the most basic interest in Afganistan should have gleaned from even a few youtube videos that the normal reaction to being fired upon it to go to ground, call in fire support, and retreat.

Not saying that bad, given the circumstances*, it makes perfect sense.
Enemy can retreat faster than you can attack
Is Likely shooting from behind a mine field
You cant hold the ground even if you drive him off.
And even if you catch him, he simply has to sling his rifle, pick up his spade/crook and claim he is a farmer

But twelve years into the war and there has still been no success in altering the circumstances

Cam footage, its just hours and hours of ISAF coming under fire, shooting back and then retreating back to their compound.
No wonder the Pashtuns dont believe us when we say we are winning...

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Made in the UK

With thanks to TPSL

Little (No?) equipment is "Made in the UK" in any real sense.
Take the Challenger 2.
Made in Newcastle right?
Assembled in Newcastle.

The fire control computer was made by a Canadian company, now owned by General Dynamics.
The commanders sight is French, made by Sagem.
The gunners sight is made by Thales, also French.
The Engine was American, CAT via Perkins
The Gearbox was American, Textron via David Brown.
Both are now German, MTU and MAN (Renk)

Shells are made in Belgium.

So, there were have, provided we dont need extra sights, engines, shells or the computer that fires them, we're set.

Off the shelf is by no means perfect, but the reality is its already far deeper in than anyone believes. And efforts to avoid it are only driving it deeper.

Brazil, is it really a powerhouse?

Soberlook, prompted a small post on Brazil, which has wandered.

The last time I looked at brazil, they were whining about US currency manipulation causing inflation.
It appears that they have yet to accept their own attempts to hold down the real, to maintain their ten year long export surplus.

If Brazil is worried about inflation, it merely needs to stop devaluing its currency, which as gone from parity in 96, to 2:1 today.

Its interesting to note that "growth" is below inflation, which of course is why the politicians are whining, they are in a real recession (IE, a living standards one), and attempts to cheat their way out arent working

The mixed infantry battalion

TrT has long supported the idea of mixing units, that is, putting infantry, armour and artilery in mixed units, at the brigade level.

The "proffesionals" have generally hated this idea.

I've been rereading a few books on the peninsular war (yes, and Sharpe) and it always strikes me how every infantry battalion was mixed.
Being made up of light infantry, line infantry, and grenadiers.

The Three groupings of the army were Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry.

Which appear to be logistics limitations?

The transport requirements of a handful of infantry sections are no less than that of an artillery piece and crew.
The 8t truck can carry 20 soldiers, but it can also tow a gun (2t) carry the 5 crew for the gun, and a couple of pallets of shells.

As I'm ever keen to point out, the specifics are beyond me, but I'm yet to see a reason why a 1000 man battalion shouldn't contain infantry, artilery, armour, even air?
If this absolute gem of an article is anywhere near accurate, a 100 man company should be quite capable of provide four apaches.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Convictions without trial, not even guitly till proven innocent!

Grayling wants to increase the number of accused rapists who are given a police caution.

Now, as the title shows, I was somewhat sketchy on what a caution is, assuming it could simply be given, a travesty against civil liberties.

But a few moments on wikipedia show that they can only be doled out when the suspect gives a confession.

What sort of idiot would admit to a capital crime when offered a caution?  Any half baked lawyer would inform his client that the police clearly have no evidence.
The only people who will admit to this are the innocent, with poor (no?) representation that the police can bully into it.

Great for headlines of course, but not for anything else.

I wonder if grayling even bothered to do the little research I did?