Saturday, 28 February 2015


The other half left my TV on pause for, several hours.
I have a sky plus pause ring burnt in

It only shows up on white (watching frozen)so far, let's hope it goes.

I was hoping for many more years out of my 5ft awesome machine.

getting old sucks

My left elbow 'clicks' after a few press ups.
My left elbow *audibly* clicks loudly enough for my dogs to hear.

Even the Mona Lisa is falling apart

Friday, 27 February 2015

Read Your Posts People!

Especially if you are a German and your post essentially says wouldn't it be great if we could annoint "the leader" based on  a genetic test, and presumably block people who fail this test, perhaps add a yellow star to hammer the point home...

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


Its good, its not quite there, but its good

After two days obsessive gaming I think I've got it more or less down, Its a great update to UFO:EU, but that's mostly what it is, and it can only be updated so far.
There's no apoc/aftermath real time mode.

The learning curve is, jumpy, you get a heavy fighter in the first week or so, but its counterproductive till like month three, it literally gets spanked by the first wave but is essential for the second.  Its cheap on steam right now so worth a shot.

I still maintain the tactical battle needs to be more  close combat company level battles.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Too poor to eat?

TrT is between contracts (I finally lost it with the Russians and left (sanctions are doing far more damage than anyone believes, Russia cares  ), despite being able to sponge off Mrs TrT pretty much indefinitely I always lose all sense of proportion and go into mega saving mode, I also spend the advert breaks doing squats and press ups, because I get that bored.

Today I've eaten a 500g tub of low fat greek natural yoghurt, its not actually on the website, but the "normal" yoghurt is 45p for a 500g tub.
(I mixed in two scoops of whey protein (60p))

(A double scoop protein shake, (60p))

Two Tins of new potatoes 2x15p
A tablespoon of oil (I used a flavoured stir fry oil, but rapeseed will do)
Salt, Pepper, Chinese 5 Spice, 5p would be overstating (pennies)

So, I comfortably fed myself for a day for less than 80p.(£2 if you include the protein)

And I wasnt even pushing it there

(Drain and rinse the potatoes, coat in the oil and salt/pepper, grill (UK grill, fire on top) for 15/20 minutes, coat in the 5 spice, grill another 15/20 minutes)

Porridge oats are 75p per kilogram, 7.5p for a big serving, and another 15p for the milk, 22.5p
Or 11.25p for a more normal servng

Monday, 16 February 2015

logistics - you can't make it up on the fly

One of the reasons I believe 'the west' is unable to act in Ukraine is it would take too long to move the armoured vehicles there.

It is 1580 kilometers between Hohne and Kiev

The UK has 157 heavy vehicle transporters

A British Armoured Brigade contains 58 challengers, 90 warrriors, 300 CVRT, 90 Mastiffs,

A heavy transporter can travel at 70kph

So, its a 22 hour trip, two days round to trip to to account for loading, unloading, refueling and inevitable breakdowns, obviously a breakdown will sideline a vehicle for more than a few hours, but there shouldnt be that many break downs.

So, end of day one, we could deploy the challengers and warriors.
End of day three, the scout vehicles.

Mastiffs road march.

Three days to move just one armoured brigade, and half of it would be strung out on its owns waiting for the other half to arrive, best hope Russia doesnt decide to bounce them.
It would be end of day seven for the second Brigade to show up and the end of week two for the entirety of 1st armoured division to mass in Kiev.

If war really did break out

Wednesday, 4 February 2015


A few of my daily reads have commented on the not quite current trends towards engagement.

There's nothing nefarious.

50 years ago, 75 years ago, 100 years ago, governments were primarily ran by men who were former officers, former engineers, former industrialists.
They knew, or thought they knew, how to build infantry battalions, dig wells and create national champion industrial monopolies in coal, steel, ect.

Now, we have governments led by, well, firmer community organisers / activists
They know how to, or think they know how to create community engagent plans.
And so that's what we do.

The UK is currently making a big push to get more girls excercising.
Is it building more gyms?
Is it increasing the school sports budget?
Is it providing a tax deduction for gym fees?

Of course not.
Its running the 'this girl can' advertising campaign.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The outsized utility of naval power

Originaly posted on D&F as a rough thought on how a relatively large navy, although still small compared with an enemy land based airforce can have disproportionate effect.  Especially when out own land based air power could have no effect


I disagree with your view on land based airpower, fundamentally no different to mounting cannon in a coastal fortress.

Its not so much about 'winning', but being able to pay the price.
Svenia might be able to divert 180 aircraft to the coastal zones, giving it a theatre wide 5:1 advantage. However, if the theatre is big, thats not likely to be reflected on the day, it might be 2:1.
Even lower when you consider that the UK picks the time and location of any fighting. Repeatedly launching probing attacks just to draw up your QRA before melting away, if you give chase, its an ambush, if you don't, well, we can do it again tomorrow.

Plans to attack the fleet are quickly dropped, the Svenian air force has some simulated experience attacking lone coastal patrol ships, but none of attacking a fleet in the deep ocean.

As aircraft spares stockpiles dwindle at an alarming rate, the neighbouring Ortmanian Empire begins a 'training' mobilisation, foreign trainers have been spotted at key staging areas and the UK has quietly begun buying and forgiving the Ortmanian national debt.

The ortmanian air force begins flying the border.
'Lost' Ortmanian infantry patrols are increasingly intercepted inside Svenia driving new trucks, carrying modern radios and weapons.

Svenian ground commanders issue increasingly dire warnings that they cannot possibly defend against an imminant Ortmanian invasion without the return of 'their' ground attack aircraft.
Royal Navy submarines begin attacking C4i links along the ortmanian border.
Civilians begin a bank run and riots break out in supermarkets as the shelves are stripped bare.

Or does Svenia capitulate and undo whatever it did to piss the UK off?"

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chastising Russia

Ive been sat scratching my noggin as to how we can pile the pressure on Putin, without resorting to blue on red violence.

Drawing a blank

We can pour money in to Ukraine, but fundamentally, its cheaper for Russia to burn Ukraine to the ground than it is for Ukraine to secure its borders.
The same goes for Georgia

Chechnya is as mad as ISIS so although we could food them with arms, they'd point them as us equally.

Japan could possibly be goaded in to striking out, enough to split the Tsars attentions, but in the long run, that just opens doors for China to walk through.

So, I wouldnt expect Ukraine to get better soon.  The resources required to protect Ukraine are hundreds of times above those required to burn bits of it to the ground, Russia doesnt need the rule of law, it merely needs to prove that Ukraine cant sustain it. 


Twist ruins it,

I get why the earth part was added, lazy writers can always add whatever chars they want on earth, thats harder on a spaceship, but a generation ship could easily have dozens of crew, more than any TV show, thousands even.

But then the final twist
No no no no no no!

This was written after Ep1
But fits Ep3 just as well