Sunday, 17 May 2015

labours fucked

The head of the Scottish labour party (who refused to resign after the snp bloodbath), has announced he is to resign.

The soon to be departed leader took this as an opportunity to open fire on Len McClusky, head of the unite union, which is both the most militant union, and labours biggest funder.

The labour party has a problem, does it lose it biggest cash source, or does it throw in with the assorted loons who are protesting democracy.


So, I spent most of my Sunday trawling the labour sites up voting 'swing to the left' and 'kill the Tories' posts.
Twenty twenty has begun

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Labour is hell bent on losing the next election too

The monument to the women who supported the war effort during the second world war, vandalised by anti tories
A sex segregated labour party meeting.

Oh I'm going to have some fun with this in the years to come.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

random guess

The loony left will cost labour enough votes for a significant Tory gain
Tory/northern Ireland coalition and Scotland bail with an SNP totality

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ghost Tactics

For those who havent read the Dread Empires Fall, do so.
For the rest

The basic tentant of "ghost tactics" is that a mutually supporting layered defence works up to a point, and then it collapses with catastrophic results.

Former Spook

A single missile battery can deal with a single incoming missile
Ten missile batteries can deal with ten incoming missiles
100 missile batteries can deal with 100 incoming missiles?
Can 1000 missile batteries deal with 1000 incoming missiles?

Even if we discount the range issue, the attacker can pick the location of attack and defeat them in detail, there is still a co-ordination issue

The attacker can plot hit attack weeks in advance and mount it.

The defender has hours, minutes, or even seconds, to detect, identify and target / plot intercepts for those 1000 incoming missiles.
That plan, or at least some of it, has to be communicated accurately to every individual battery

Inaccurate, and some missiles are double tapped, others are missed,
Too slow, and the attack occurs before the defenders can respond.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Off Gridding it

Firstly, I have no practical experience of being off grid.
My food preps maybe run a month if I get creative, my pet food preps more like 6 months, my wood stores maybe a week. maybe 8 hours worth of batteries life in sex toys.

I am wildly interested in the subject, and quite well read.

So, my take.

My house is 9metres front to back and 6metres left to right and my roof is about 3metres tall, that sounds high but I'm reasonably sure.
4.5squared + 3squared = 30
square root of 30 = 5.4

So, 5x6 gets me 30sqms of useable roof space

There are two ways to go with solar panels, cheap panels that are limited by space, or expensive panels that are limited by cost.
I'll stick with space limited because I cant be bothered pricing up them all.
A 1.63515 square metre panel is rated at 235watts and costs £105

I can fit 18 panels, so for the cough low low cost of £1890 I can have a 4230w array,

But that isnt all of it.

If I dont go the Tesla route
I need a charge controller, A good one is £500, and two would be better, the controller stops the panels burning out the battery.

Either way I need an inverter.
The Tesla doesnt have one, inverters come in two flavours, cheap ones that will power the house lights for a few hundred pounds, and big ones that will power a house, a £5000

Cabling, frames, another £500

Plus batteries, the website I've been picking stuff off advises about a £4k bank,
20 batteries, 6v 350ah each
6x350ah = 2100wh

All in £11k

The biggest cost is the inverter, which converts the DC from the battery to AC for everything else
I've picked a big fat one, which can comfortably power a modern home, starter systems could use smaller ones, or you could use more DC power, stuff like heating, but you need the power first.
The second biggest cost is the battery, which is where Tesla pop up, now there battery isnt cheaper, so much as its better, significantly so.
Its only after that which we look at the panels, which is good in a way, huge arrays are available, for not much more money,

The problem is the same as the grid suffers really, peak demand.
Generating power is ok, I could, at the cost of a bit of back garden, double the size of the array above, I could sacrifice the front garden and get three or fur times the power, storing it is expensive but reasonable, but drawing it back out is hard.
If you are prepared to be a lot more conscious, you can half your inverter cost, but it means you can only power one big thing at a time, no simultaneous use of the washer, dryer, hairdryer and straighteners

The Tesla Power Wall

Pop over to here for the video

Tesla Motors claim to have solved carbon emissions (I didnt hear any actual climate change talk, beyond a muppet statement of atmospheric carbon has never been this high, which is patently untrue, because it bloody well came from somewhere)


Gives a slide of "typical grid usage" deomstrating peak is double trough.
I personally wouldnt use a texas summer for that, because I dont believe thats representative of manywhere else.

The UK sees a 37% swing in winter and only a 33% in summer

Summer trough to winter peak is 80%

Its a 10kwh battery, wall mounted, he isnt clear on what else is included, control wise.  Is it plug and play or do we need to add controllers and inverters to this?
My electricity usage is 14kwh per day
Its "only" $3,500 but thats still $7000 to cover me for a day,

You can stack 9, which is good to know, but despite what he says, 90kwh isnt a lot, I use an additional 67kwh of gas in heating, so 8 of these wouldnt get a day without power, I'd need all 9

No mains grid is of course the key here, and that is indisputable.  Out of the way locations that currently dont have grid power will be much better off with a couple of these sat between their current usage and their current supply.
We can probably expect mobile telecoms to actually be a huge customer, along with anything else that currently is backed up.

Found their website

Now we get some truth

The 10kwh $3500 model is a "weekly cycle" unit, designed for back up
The Daily cycle model is $3000, for 7kwh

$428 instead of $350 per kwh stored, 9 of those wouldnt last me a day uncharged, but would suffer through a lot more abuse.
The output is low as well, 2kwh constant load of 3,3kwh peak
If your wife and daughter both want to blow dry their hair at the same time, one unit cant cope.
And the Inverter isnt included, youre talking $5k for a beefy inverter.

He's wittering on about a different model now, no price so far, and a requiremenr for 2billion of them.

So, big hype, with not quite the facts to back it up.
Thats not to say he's wrong, he's just blowing his load a little early.

Glide Bombs

A modern "glider" can have a glide ratio as high as 60:1, that is, for every foot it falls in unpowered flight, it travels 60 feet forwards.
A glide bomb dropped from 50,000 feet could impact 3million feet away, thats 568 miles.

Now, I know nothing about stealth or gliding, but it does seem like there is something there?
A glide package added to an optical/gps/ins guided bomb would give you fantastic reach

Shooting them down would presumably be fairly easy, if they can be seen, predictable arc of movement, but they would be significantly cheaper than the missiles thrown at them, guns could hit them eventually, but they could always jettison the glider for the impact phase?

There just arent high altitude guns anymore.

I think its an interesting topic on anti access type discussions.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Can I have £4000 from the safe?

Them: Can I have £4000 from the safe?
Me: Erm, noooo?
Them: What do you mean?
Me: Do you have authorisation, budget codes, A CASH BOX
Them: Hmph

5 minutes later

Them: Its all right abcd got it for me

5 minutes later

abcd: I gave such and such £4k

And then I lost it and went on a killing spree, on the inside of course.