Saturday, 31 January 2015

Chastising Russia

Ive been sat scratching my noggin as to how we can pile the pressure on Putin, without resorting to blue on red violence.

Drawing a blank

We can pour money in to Ukraine, but fundamentally, its cheaper for Russia to burn Ukraine to the ground than it is for Ukraine to secure its borders.
The same goes for Georgia

Chechnya is as mad as ISIS so although we could food them with arms, they'd point them as us equally.

Japan could possibly be goaded in to striking out, enough to split the Tsars attentions, but in the long run, that just opens doors for China to walk through.

So, I wouldnt expect Ukraine to get better soon.  The resources required to protect Ukraine are hundreds of times above those required to burn bits of it to the ground, Russia doesnt need the rule of law, it merely needs to prove that Ukraine cant sustain it. 


Twist ruins it,

I get why the earth part was added, lazy writers can always add whatever chars they want on earth, thats harder on a spaceship, but a generation ship could easily have dozens of crew, more than any TV show, thousands even.

But then the final twist
No no no no no no!

Make no mistake, this isnt about financial discipline, its about EUcompliance.

Greece is being threatened with malicious and deliberate destruction.
The ECB and the other arms the EU tyranny believe they can get away with this, because they have firewalls in place to prevent contagion.

What are these "firewalls"?
Why, they a trillion a euro slush fund that can be used to bail out states caught in the cross fire when Greece is taken apart.
So, they can afford to destroy Greece, who's only crime is expecting the ECB to do its job and end the deflationary nightmare that has brought Greece to its knees, because they will do what Greece asks only after it has been destroyed for daring to defy the EU....

The problem is, they are wrong.
The threat to the Euro zone from a Greek departure is not that a few French Banks will fold from the losses, its that Greece will undercut Europe.
Most people immediately jump to tourism, and its a factor.  I havent holidayed in the zone for nearly a decade, Turkey is only four or five hours away, Tunisia even less, easily half the price of holidays in Spain for much better quality and service,
But far more importantly, light manufacturing, things like dishwashers, freezers.

Greece redenominates its debts in to new drachma on a 1:1, then devalues to 2:1, gives everyone a 50% pay rise and uses its euro reserves* to prop up the ND at that rate.  Suddenly its a place to do business again.

*Whats EUrope going to do, refuse to accept the old Greek Euros?  That'll do wonders for contagion, suddenly the ECB has legislated the German Euros are different to Austrian Euros...

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Cameron might get his treaty after all

No current treaty has a mechanism for expelling Greece from the euro, EU or anything else

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Ebola keeps on trucking

I haven't ceased tracking Ebola, there just isn't much 'new's

Recorded deaths remain at 200 per week, which doesn't quite track.
I believe this remains either a testing bottleneck or a politically expedient number.

Infectious diseases just don't hobble along like that.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Not sure if anyone spotted this, RBS vs ECB

The European Central Bank has, for the sake of arguement, decided to print 1.1trillion Euros

RBS predicted that printing of 4.5trillion Euros would be required.
Best case scenario, the ECB is short 75%, worst case, 96%

Friday, 23 January 2015

Russians would Starve for putin?

We Demand McNeil!

Arse, I cant find the clip, its when President McNeal does his "we will never surrender" speech and Zap sacks him....

Osbourne just ran himself up the flagpole, The Raging Tory is saluting

George Osborne has told Europe's elites in Davos that large parts of the eurozone are unfit for EU membership with Britain

super Mario fires his bazooka, well, his pistol, 20% of his pistol, or at least promises too

Headline figure, 1.1trillion
But some of that is renamed old money
80% of that will come from national central banks, who get their money from national governments, so doesnt exist
Only 20% actually comes from the Ecb
Over 18months

So at this point we are down to 200bn for the entire zone

Not enough to do anything, except piss off Germany

When your attractive daughter is a little bit pregnant you can marry her off quickly and hope for the best
When your ugly daughter has 8 kids by 8 different dads you are well past fudging the dates

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Getting back in shape, again, seriously, for real this time....

The plan

5 Situps, 5 Press Ups, 5 Squats, 5 Burpees per day
Increasing by 5 per month, so I should be doing 60 per day in December and just under 12,000 of each by year end.

Missed a few days so far, but for the most part sticking to it, and catching up when I do.

Im also aiming for a 30m, possible even a 25m 5k, 36:12 at the moment