Sunday, 4 October 2015

BBQ(ish) info - Lambs Breast

**This took place on an over head electric grill rather than an underneath charcoal grill**

Normally, lamb breast has to be cooked slowly, in a little bit of liquid, to melt the fat, and in my kitchen with a F*** ton of onions to gobble up all that yummy lamb fat.

Ever one to try something new and exciting (and cheap) I had a crack at grilling it today

As a piece of meat, its about £4 a kg, chicken breast is £5 a kg.
The night before, I put a big of Ginger paste in a flap, and heavily salted (pink Himalayan) and Peppered (Szechuan) each side.
30minutes in the grill, turning every 5 minutes, and it was done.

I assume pork belly would work the same way.
Next time I'm going to slice it in to pork rib size strips and marinate

Corbyn winning the media war

Owen Bennet is a HufflePuff
If Corbynites cant win the support of the Huffington Post who the hell is going to support them?

Saturday, 3 October 2015

If you really believe that Labour can win the next election.....

You can make a F*** ton of money....

40% return over 5 years seems like a pretty sound investment given the near certainty that, even if its not a Tory Majority, they will be the biggest party...

Friday, 2 October 2015

Things not to say in interview

If you export something to excel, print it, and then type it back in to the system, I should be allowed to skull fuck you.

Dont watch pitch black whilst interview prepping....

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Double Check Your Sums (or Spreadsheets)

TrT has had a good year and lost most of his fat lardassness

It has come at the cost of some muscle mass, so I've been back on my weights, being a good boy and doing full compound exercises, hitting every muscle that can be hit (essentially a deadlift in to clean and press with a behind the head tricep dippy thing, but no "explosive" movement)
I had an escalating weight level all mapped out, 2.5kg a week

It was really hard, which was rather sad.

And then I realised I was adding 2.5kg a week to each side
Under water knife fighters stop laughing and see how long you can add 5kg a week for, it took me a disturbing amount of time to cotton on (giving my job is playing with numbers)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

I hope no ones savings were invested in Volkswagon

The US has no reason not to ruin the company over this

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Americans, Keep Calm and Carry on!


Jeremy Corbyn is a joke, not a particularly funny one I admit, but he is a joke,

In, just his first week, fuck me its not even been a week yet, in just 4 days, he's had more disasters than Ed Milliband did in his final four months.

Its an old yarn that "A tyrant can survive hatred, but not mockery", usualy backed up by Nazi plans to arrest comedians following the occupation of the UK.

The Sun doesnt hate Jezbollah, they dont fear Jezbollah, they just think he's a walking punch line, they can fill the front page no trouble every day until he dies or gets deposed.

Just in The Sun headlines I've seen and remembered this week its been "Barmy plan to abolish the army" and "Court Jester"

Jeremy Corbyn has all the electoral appeal of the monster raving loony party.
ANYONE in the UK could pay £3 and vote for Corbyn,
85,000 people did
30,500,000 people voted in the UK GE in 2015

Ok, so, the General Election was more important, and its free to vote in, but, one in three hundred and sixty people who voted (or didnt) thought it was worth £3 to vote for Jezza

This isnt a man with huge support, this man is an utter joke, who appeals to tiny minority of firebrands who are going to drive the moderate centrist habitual labour voters out of the party.

Je Suis Tory Scum is the best written example of that I can find right now.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The 2016 local election leaflets are already drafted

Jeremy Corbyn, the man behind the myth

Described the death of the 9/11 mastermind "a TRAGEDY"

Image of WTC burning

Describes Hamas and Hezbollah, responsible for wxyz terrorist attacks as "my friends"

Image of blown up school bus

(Try and Find an IRA supporting quote, Manchester Bombing 80,000 death toll narrowly avoided by heroic police evacuation.)

Jeremy Corbyn
What more can be said?

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Friday, 11 September 2015

For a while, I was worried

The night of the election, there was denial, The polls were wrong

The morning after, there was anger, YOUR ALL TORY SCUM

But then in the next few days, the truth hit them, summed up best by one piece I read
"But I dont know anyone who votes Tory, oh, ohhhhhh"

For a while, I was worried (and a little hopeful, I do hope someone knifes Cameron after all) that Labour would realise that the working classes dont like paying tax, and fervently believe that the richest benefits scrounger should be poorer than the poorest worker.
A confident minimalist Labour, that backed the worker and the small businessman over the state would be a force to be reckoned with.

Instead, the Labour party has allowed itself to be hijacked by the "Tory Scum" crowd, rather than recognise that they lost the election and that (normal) people dont like Milibandism, they've doubled down, picking someone even Ed thinks is a loony lefty.
Anyone who doesnt see JezWeCan as the second coming is evil, theres no discourse there, no effort to convince, theres just rage.

Nuclear Weapons?
In October 1946, Attlee called a small cabinet sub-committee meeting to discuss building a gaseous diffusion plant to enrich uranium. The meeting was about to decide against it on grounds of cost, when [Ernest] Bevin arrived late and said "We've got to have this thing. I don't mind it for myself, but I don't want any other Foreign Secretary of this country to be talked at or to by the Secretary of State of the US as I have just been... We've got to have this thing over here, whatever it costs ... We've got to have the bloody Union Jack on top of it."
And yet the likes of "Bevenite Ellie" are suddenly of the opinion that Trident is evil and anyone who disagrees is Evil (and also that Iran should have nuclear weapons), any attempt to discuss just provokes frothing madness.

Nationalise it all!!!
Like old Labour?
Like new Labour?

They're going to "locally nationalise stuff" and let local areas control their own government assets
So will Suffolk NHS be allowed to refuse to treat AIDS patients?  Of course not, national guidelines will prevent such abuse by setting the standards.... (Like New Labour tried, worked well with banks?)

How will you pay for it all?
Quanitative easing
So borrowing?
So printing?
Shut it you fascist!!!!