Saturday, 22 December 2012

iPad Warfare

With Thanks to Navy Matters for providing the push to post this

TrT is a huge fan of a Revolution in Military Affairs.
The problem is, the military are not.

Fundamentally, they wanted an evolution in military affairs, and thats what they got.
Doing what they did yesterday, a little bit more.
I think thats, expected, but wrong.

What if we really did have a revolution?

This, is an extreme close up of Picadily Gardens in Manchester.

This, is a view of the city as a whole, well, rougly 2.3 miles across and 1.2milies tall

There are four other views between these two.

And thats just Google Maps.

Imagine an army in which battlefield officers, NCOs even, had an iPad.

Squads would walk in to battle with highly detailed, pre annotated maps.

But why stop there?
Its doesnt have to be static or commercialy available.
Those are just sattelite images, we have satellites.
We could have significantly better ones.

There would be a highly effecting "cocking of the gun" effect if we were to launch a recon satellite over and enemy capital if they were getting "uppity".  Far more so than sending a poorly armed guard ship to "fly the flag".

But thats still semi static, my knowledge of satellites is miniscule, but I am fairly sure that one orbiting at 200miles, capable of resolving individual people, would be over head for only a few minutes every few days?

So tie in aircraft, and drones.  In the early stages of a war, it would be few specialist aircraft who could operate overhead, but by the time ground forces are involved, its not difficult to see a situation in which hundreds of drones are overhead, all beaming live footage to the troops below.

Another close up, this time to demonstrate scale.

Full screen that on your ipad or such, its one hell of a lot of detail, and it could be live.

Utterly useless if the other guy is in a building of course, but the fields and the streets and rooftops become killing zones.

But even that isnt a revolution, its just evolution

Now I've marked my fire team, two friendly fire teams and two enemy fire teams, the enemy would have to come from eyes on, perhaps with a timer to indicate when they were last seen? (You've all played Sins of a Solar Empire right?)  Maybe a CEP to show where they could have moved since last seen, with various colour graduations.

Merged in to blobographical information as you zoom out.

Ok, that sounds pretty advanced, but really, its still just the next step on the path we were already following.

So what else could we do?

How about request support fires?

Need to call in a 500lb bomb, drag and drop, and away the order goes.
And because the pilot and the infantryman are looking at the same screen, there should be far fewer instances of the wrong building being bombed.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Fancy a little upgrade?

Richer Sounds saw fit to offer me a £900 TV, or perhaps a 3D version for £1100, or perhaps a 103" tv for another £74,300......

Yeah, because one dude is going to seriously consider those three TVs........

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gun Control Part 2

Ok, so, I couldnt get out of my table on the previous post, and so after getting angry and shooting up a school full of children, I decided to start a second post.

So, if I reference the table, its over here

So, Lines 2 and 3 pretty much fuck gun control advocates and gun liberals equally.
DC, the area with the tightest gun control laws has three times the national average of gun deaths, and 50% more than the next highest.
Alaska has the loosest gun control laws, and the second highest deaths, at double the national average.

So, gun control laws dont work, but Alaskans, who lets face it, are mostly mad anyway, shouldnt be allowed them either.

California, the Doyen of the gun control nuts, is 30th, six places behind Florida, who has the 41st strictest gun control laws.
Thats right kiddies, you are more likely to be shot in California than Floriduh!

And only ONE place above UTAH, who is joint 50th!

Lots of correlation there...

And for the third one, I have inverted the data.

There are a few that stack up,

  Rhode Island:
  New York:
  New Jersey:

All fit pretty well, Hawaii has a slight uptick, but there are so many that are truely off the scale,

This is only piece on gun control worth reading

Because I actually bothered to do some research.

Strictest Gun Laws
Deaths Per Capita

Shooting Deaths Per Capita Ranking Brady Ranking Area
1 0   District of Columbia:
2 50   Alaska:
3 47   Louisiana:
4 39   Wyoming:
5 50   Arizona:
6 29   Nevada:
6 39   Mississippi:
8 39   New Mexico:
9 39   Arkansas:
10 17   Alabama:
11 22   Tennessee:
12 39   West Virginia:
13 47   Montana:
14 22   South Carolina:
15 12   North Carolina:
16 22   Georgia:
17 47   Kentucky:
17 47   Oklahoma:
19 39   Missouri:
19 47   Idaho:
21 39   Indiana:
22 15   Colorado:
22 7   Maryland:
24 41   Florida:
24 19   Virginia:
26 39   Texas:
27 11   Michigan:
28 15   Oregon:
29 10   Pennsylvania:
30 1   California:
31 9   Illinois:
31 39   Kansas:
31 50   Utah:
34 27   Vermont:
35 25   Ohio:
35 15   Washington:
37 18   Delaware:
37 47   North Dakota:
39 41   Wisconsin:
39 29   Nebraska:
41 39   South Dakota:
42 25   Iowa:
43 25   Maine:
44 17   Minnesota:
45 27   New Hampshire:
46 8   Rhode Island:
46 4   New York:
48 2   New Jersey:
49 5   Connecticut:
50 3   Massachusetts:
51 6   Hawaii:

Friday, 14 December 2012

The Fact Factor Three

With a vengeance.....

Well, the obvious difference from previous years is that the winner struggled for a lot of the competition.
James managed third in just weeks four and six.

I liked sweet dreams, but dont really remember the adele song?
But he dominated the last three weeks, taking a greater vote share than Matt or Little Mix.

Special mention must go out the Jahmene, who managed to be second best every week except for week 8, which was when James came out front, but before Chris self immolated.

Judges Eliminations
There were 8 judges eliminations, FIVE deadlocked.

All three times, they agreed with the public vote.
Usually I complain this judges ignore the public, this year, I complain they are pointless :P


Christopher Maloney 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 3 1.5 3
Jahméne Douglas 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 2 2 2 2.090909 2
James Arthur 6 6 6 3 6 3 5 1 1 1 1 3.545455 1
Ella Henderson 3 4 3 6 5 4 6 4.428571 6
Union J 4 7 8 8 4 6 4 4 4 5.444444 4
Lucy Spraggan 5 5 7 5.666667 9
Rylan Clark 12 3 4 7 7 5 3 5 5.75 5
District3 8 11 5 4 3 7 6.333333 7
Kye Sones 7 8 10 5 8 7.6 8
Jade Ellis 9 9 9 9 9 10
MK1 10 10 11 10.33333 11
Melanie Masson 11 12 11.5 12
Carolynne Poole 13 13 13

The first four eliminations all seem "fair" based on my average system.
Lucy Spraggan committed career suicide for no reason to finish 9th, when really, she could have held on till 6th.
Ella went home before Rylan and Union J, despite having better averages, and the final three were reversed, but apart from that it was all fairly standard stuff.

Is Glayva an acceptable mans drink?


I dont care about your opinions, it is.

Its like someone distilled a WKD :)

Pardon Turing?

What about the rest?

Cameron is thinking of pardoning Turings conviction for "gross indecency".
Which begs an interesting question.

What about the rest of them?
If he only pardons Turing, surely the logical conclusion is that Cameron thinks homosexuality is grossly indecent, but Turing should have been above the law?

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Intelligent Foreign Policy

If our foreign policy was based on fact not wishes.

We would be hoping Assad expends his chemical arsenal on the rebels.

Up sides
Our enemy (that would be expansionary militant muslims) die in massive numbers.
Our enemy expends his limited chemical stockpiles.

Down sides.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Smartverts are just winding me up now

The only new website I have visited recently, is Dilbert.

My smartverts selection if now exclusively diverting me to some sort of fashion website

Now, if asked to describe it, I would struggle, if pushed for an answer, the best I can come up with is

"If you want to role play molesting your fourteen year old stepdaughter, we have the perfect dress"

A quick google leads me to believe thats exactly what they were going for, except it was twelve year old step daughter.

Thats fucked up on more levels than want to deal with

That it exists of course
Its brazen enough that I cottoned on to it

Does Dilbert have a large following amongst those who want to molest their step daughters?

Fishing Policy isnt hard!

The Good Dr over at EURef is again arguing that leaving the EU will be "complicated".

No it wont.  Fisheries Policy in 5 lines

Divide the UKs waters in to however many fishing zones is appropriate.
Set Target fish levels within those areas.
Sell Monopoly fishing rights within those areas via ebay.
Sink any ship illegally fishing.
Hang any monopoly owner whos fish stocks fall below the target.

Boom, fisheries policy in 5 lines.
All the government needs to concern itself with is how many fish there are, how many there should be, and who dies is A is smaller than B.
How fish are conserved becomes someone elses problem, someone who actualy has a stake in the issue, rather the Donkey in the appropriate coloured Rosette for a land locked safe seat

Friday, 7 December 2012

Military Readiness

ThinPinstripedLine has an interesting piece

I have a childish one,

What spends more time at sea than an Argentine Sailor and more time in the air than a Russian Fighter Pilot?



Tuesday, 4 December 2012

That annoying picture thing is on

Spam comments are getting through googles filter, and I deleted most of the actual comments by mistake, so, prepare to guess random words :)

Monday, 3 December 2012

May have to go on a killing spree

IT fucked me.

I said that a Dumb Terminal system was inappropriate, I explained why 1,500 people couldnt share 8gb of Ram (because its 5 fucking mb each!!!)
I convinced the board of such

IT brought in a "Thin Client" system.
It does not work.
It can not display scanned documents, because there just isnt the memory
We scan, all of our documents.

IT released an FAQ,
Question Three
"Why has my system sped up".

Words fail me.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Fucking BitCoins again!

TrT has been sent more fucking drivel on bit coins written by economically illiterate fucktards.

£Sterling have value because they can be used to pay tax.
That value fluctuates, as the supply and demand ratios fluctuate.
But there will always be some demand, since we all have to pay our Fremen Fees, otherwise called council tax, and (reasonable situations only) be some supply, since, well, it aint all gonna be taken in tax and never spent.

BitCoins have no Value.
That there supply is limited is irrelevent.
Yes, each one represents a given amount of processing power, so?
Its not reclaimable power

£Sterling can be used to pay taxes, bit coins, I cant break them down to play quake!

There is a finite supply of my fecal matter, each pound of TrT Shit represents a given level or calorific intake, and the BoE has LESS capacity to create it than I do.

Anyone fancy being paid in poo?