Sunday, 30 September 2012

Submarines, psycological warfare as envisioned by a sociopath

The Filthy Engineer made an excellent point that none deployed submarines are a bit of a waste, and I agree quite strongly.

If we ignore the obvious standing task of chasing russian submarines around the North Atlantic, they should be out there "flying the flag".

But unlike surface ships, they should not do so visibly.

How do you invisibly fly the flag?
(Note, I'm not sure if I thought of this, or stole it)

Arse, Channel 5 have taken the video down offline.
A few, months, maybe years (I dont track time well) ago, C5 did a show on HMS Turbulant, they also did on HMS Albion, on one of them (I dont track specifics either), probably Ep 3 of the Turbs one.
Turbulant and a Merlin ASW helicopter were playing hide and seek, the idea being the Merlin would find Turbulant and then Turbulant would try and break away and hide, again.
It was all a bit of a disaster, because Turbs ended up trying to be found by what I can only assume was the shittest (spell check keeps trying to change that to a cult/sect) ASW crew, who still couldnt find the damned thing.

Was going to link to the video but its no longer online.
Anyway, replicate that, but instead of our own ASW helicopter, follow around an enemy warship around, and film it being followed.
"Leak" the footage of the enemy flagship being followed around its home waters.

Obvious Advantage over a surface ship, is that they now know that we have been in a position to blow the back end off their flagship, but have no idea if we could do it tomorrow afternoon or not.

Standing Tasks

Scrap them all.
They serve no purpose and weaken our already critically weak military.

Unless they are of direct, concrete, military benefit, like hunting Russian subs in the North Sea, or intercepting aircraft en route to our airspace.

Fleets win wars.
Not ships.

The Falklands tends to have a "guard ship", but the reality is it could not influence a war in the region.
Last time the guard ship gave a good account of itself, but being armed with only two 20mm guns and two light helicopters.  No other RFA ship is better armed today.

If there happens to be a T23 down there, well, thats a little more of a challenge, but its not something thats going to be able to contain the argentine navy.  "Going down fighting" is rarely a sound plan, but a single frigate isnt going to survive battle against multiple enemy ships.  At best, it could force the Argentine ships to move as large flotillas, picking off stragglers.
Does it carry reloads for the harpoon?

If there is a T45, it would just have to run.  Lacking any surface and sub surface ability, and being so puffed up by the navy, it would be a primary target.  Maybe, if it had a proper theater AAW system, it could sit off in the distance and make itself known.  But it doesnt.

A Guard Ship will never be able to stop an invasion, a fleet (see bringing the hammer down) will be able to undo an invasion.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Anti Access, is it really that complicated?

Theres a lot written about how complicated anti access is to deal with, and how we need all these new fangled tools and that even then, capital ships will be 50 miles out to sea.

**** that!

(More for the US than the UK this)

Overlord faced serious anti access threats.
The general plan was simply to annihilate them en masse.
5500 5" rockets were fired at Juno beach alone, and thats not even the warships, three full battle ships and 11 destroyers were all but beached to get big guns right into the action.

The Japanese, tried, without success, to beach their remaining battleship as a defensive measure at Okinawa.

Why not see what we can do with a "breaching ship", designed to own the littoral.

Obviously, the front would have to be armoured to **** with multiple layers.
But a ship, no matter how well armoured, will sink if hit enough.  So dont get hit.
Stick 5 Goal Keeper CIWS on them,, or 15 or 50.
Rolling airframe missiles, a couple of those
Add some 4.5 inch guns, three double turrets ought to do it, one gun can fire something like beehive or canister to create a literal wall between the ship and incoming fire and the second can fire normal HE to destroy enemy firing positions.
Sunburn from back of truck?
**** orf!

Would a tank regiment knock that ship out?
How about 5 of them?
And of course, you could still land out of the way, you dont have to storm the beaches, nice to have the option though.

Friday, 28 September 2012

I'd say its a good piece, but its just depressing

Over at Yon

We were hearing this years ago from British Forces,

Orders are to patrol for given amounts of time.
Patrols are for the purpose of patrolling.
No end game, no defined goals, no authority devolved to accomplish those goals.

No doubt there is a power point somewhere that says people feel policing exists if they see a patrol twice a day, and another says a settlement takes between 2 and 4 hours to patrol.


But its ok, we're winning, just ignore the fact that our allies kill almost as many of our soldiers as the enemy and that despite killing the Taliban on an "industrial scale" for a decade there numbers havent lessened and their morale remains untouched.

"A few key points"

Agent asked if I could provide a few key points as to what went wrong.

I wrote 4 pages, and then just emailed back "No"

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Organising a Coup, first musings

TrT is musing the logistics of a coup.

Obviously, I'm not actually planning a coup, but its an interesting thought experiment.
And obviously, I'll be discussing a "counter coup" following a Labour election in 2015. 

There are 650 MP seats in the UK.
And 20,680 local council seats.

Currently, Labour hold 258 parliamentary seats, and its been as high 418 in the last generation, and currently they hold 7860 local council seats, oh, and 239 Lords


Sod seizing the BBC building, if you really want to spike an election, life adjust every candidate from the other side.

Thats a lot of targets.
Admittedly, on election night, most of them be nice and herd themselves into 650, or possibly fewer, sites, which would help.

My locality is probably one of the more extreme, but you would have 50 Cllrs and 3 MPs to "inhume".
Sending a fire team at such a target, would be asking quite a lot of the four men, 13 kills each, and would require 2600 people to be "in" on it.
Even if we sent a full section, thats still 6, inhumations, each, and we would need to convince 5,200 soldiers to travel round the country and kill people, without anyone blabbing.

See, this is why revolutions are called revolutions, you spin around, but nothing actualy changes.
If you just kill a few and the same old people lead the same old departments.

For our purposes, we need something else, we need a movement, we need a leader, we need Tyler.

May or may not be added too, depends on whether or not I'm dragged out of bed and taken to a secret prison

After someone at Think Defence had a hissy fit over my use of "Demographic Enhancement" in place of genocide, I'm trying the flavour of others.
Inhume isnt mine, points if you get it :)

Build Strawman

Knock down Strawman.

Its got it all,
Air Sea is expensive
As opposed to armoured divisions, which run on fairy dust and cost pennies.

Another Bloody Omaha
There were five beaches stormed on D-Day, only one of them was a bloody disaster, because it was commanded by a bloody idiot, who refused to use Hobbarts bloody useful armoured engineering vehicles, and instead decided it would be bloody daring if his bloody unarmoured engineers got cut to bloody ribbons trying to blow defences with satchel charges!

No one ever mentions "Bloody Weserübung", or Bloody Torch, or Bloody Dragoon, or bloody Inchon, or Bloody Musketeer, Or Bloody San Carlos, but I bet they all know Dieppe...

Need to capture few defendable places like ports
Build a ****ing port.
Self deploying barges that can offload ISO ships already exist!

No ally wants a fighter wing a year
They want 100 fighter wings for that 1 in 100 event.

What Part of "My way or the highway" did you not get?

TrT was supposed to start a new job.
He isnt doing.....

It may surprise some of you, but TrT can be difficult to work with, others may say I'm intransigent, I'd say I'm mad as a box of fucking frogs.

Tell me what you want.
Tell me when you want it.
Get the hell out of my office.

Only way I can work, or the only way I will work anyway.

So imagine my surprise when, after repeatedly saying in interview, "I will not be micromanaged" and forcing my soon to be departmental director to say "you will not be micromanaged", I get 150 pages, appendices to be sent seperatly, explaining in great detail how I am to be micromanaged.


And just to piss me off more, their department of wellness and coaching, or something else disturbingly orwelien, still cant grasp why I wont be at the meeting they have arranged
Because a wellness and coaching department department wants to sit down and discuss my feelings!
Thats Why!

Good job I'd not said my good byes at port deperate.

Bombing Argentina to resume in the near future

Monday, 24 September 2012

Does this strategy have a name?

After spending several long months reinventing the mobile defence, I thought I would just ask this time :)

In the early days of the 20th century, Germany prepared for a war with the UK.

Reasoning (wrongly in my view) that it couldnt beat the Royal Navy, Germany decided it would be better, to concentrate on making any Royal Navy Victory Pyrrhic.

All I can come up with is the Pyrrhic defence?

The relevance should be obvious to those who have been following "bringing the hammer down".
The UK will never have the ground forces required for occupation, but we can ensure that anyone who picks a fight with us will suffer such losses that its own position collapses, and its neighbours eat it.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Why dont missiles and fighters look more alike?


Now, I know, missiles are rockets, that is, powered entirely by thrust, whereas fighters use wings to increase lift.
And some missiles have wings, like the storm shadow and tomahawk, but even they come across as an after thought.

Is there a reason you couldnt make a "flying wing" version of Meteor for sustained really really long range air to air?
Or imagine it on a ship killer, or fire shadow?

Bringing the hammer down, day 5 - Air

Since hitting them from the air hasnt had the desired effect, perhaps its time to go in on the ground.
Obviously, we are going to go back in the air too....

As the amphibious forces are getting into position to go prisoner grabbing, the F35s go back in to provide a distraction, and do what damage can be done to the 9th Mechanised.
Why the 9th and not the 11th?
Well, the 11th is not even a remote threat to the ground forces being sent after it, so the raider force wont need much in the way of air support.
The 9th is closest force to 11th, and so the force likely to try and reinforce the 11th.
It piles further political pressure on the Argentine position in the south, in a potential war with Chile

9th Mechanized Infantry Brigade

9th Mechanized Infantry Brigade HQ (Comodoro Rivadavia)
3rd Light Cavalry Regiment (Esquel)
9th Tank Cavalry Regiment (Puerto Deseado)
8th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (Comodoro Rivadavia)
25th Mechanized Infantry Regiment (Colonia Sarmiento)
9th Armored Artillery Group (Colonia Sarmiento)
9th Engineer Battalion (Rio Mayo)
9th Mechanized Signal Company (Comodoro Rivadavia)
9th Intelligence Company (Comodoro Rivadavia)
Logistic & Support Base  (Comodoro Rivadavia)
9th Army Aviation Section (Comodoro Rivadavia)

Puerto Deseado is the bottom right
Comodoro Rivadavia is the middle right
Esquel is on the top left, leaving Colonia Sarmiento in the middle

Given the CVF has just had two full days to rearm, refuel, repair and rest, I'm thinking it should be back near the 110 Sorties per day it was designed to surge.

If we aim for a  modest strike of around 18 jets, to allow for lost/damaged airframes and a CAP to be maintained over the fleet.  Anything of the enemy airforce that survived the initial decapitation effort will likely be back in the air now, not really a threat, but better safe than sorry.
We should be able to manage the CAP, a ready reserve, and 4 strikes of 18 jets each during the first day.
Strip out 2 dedicated BVR Air Supremacy aircraft, two SEAD aircraft, and we are left with 14 C's with self defence short range missiles, and 6 2000lbers each, 84 in total

The idea being that before the landing force is spotted, the first strike his the Comodoro Rivadavia.  Whats left of the higher echelons of Argentinas military leadership interprets this as an attack on the 9th, and when our ground forces turn up to attack the 11th HQ, likely wont have a clue whats going on.
The next wave of bombers hit the 9th HQ, the third hit the 11ths tanks, either at Puerto Santa Cruz or on the road to whichever site they decided to reinforce and finally, the 9ths HQ/Logistics hub is hit again.

So, by the end of day 5, we will have given every armoured argentine force a kicking.

And its at this point, that it becomes a struggle.
Yes, I am saying that planning the first 5 days of a war is not a struggle.....

If, for example, the Argentine Airforce has relocated to civillian airfields, we get to activate my "blur the line between civillian and military targets" protocol, and set about demolishing civilian airfields, which Argentina was nice enough to militarise for us.

Same deal as the opening strikes, hit runways with heavy penetrator bombs, earthquake bombs, or two stage bombs, the aim being lasting, difficult and expensive to repair damage, not to mention, any fuel dumps at the airports we hit, and the fuel pipes that bring it in.

If they dont, well, we cant really claim its a valid target, well, we can, but we dont need the bad press.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Why are the proles misbehaving?

Dan Hodges, left weirdo, wonders why hattersly is a shit hole.

Well, its simple.
They put a load of unemployable scum in a field at the edge of town, they provided  nothing even resembling aspiration and made sure public transport links so people could leave the area were none existent.

50 years on, you have a sub nation.

Seriously, you too can go to hattersly, using the magic of google maps.
Its as near to hell as I've seen.

The slate mine spoil I once drove through was more vital.

Bringing the Hammer down, day 5 - Land

With luck, the surviving Argentine Government will have come to its senses and realised that pissing off the UK is rather likely to result in their deaths, either at the hand of a heavy bomb, or an angry mob, and that it is best to get us the hell out of there before anyone takes my list of crazy demands seriously.

What?  Of course the UK wasnt really suggesting it would militarily support a Brazilian invasion, or demanding 95% of Argentinas territorial waters, the first was just a drunk blogger and the second a warning of possible consequences....

Anyway, since this exercise is over if they surrender, we shall assume they do not.

Since hitting them from the air hasnt had the desired effect, perhaps its time to go in on the ground.

The 11th Mechanised Infantry Brigade
11th MIB HQ (Rio Gallegos)
11th Tank Cavalry Regiment (Puerto Santa Cruz)
24th and 35th Mechanised Infantry Regiment (Rio Gallegos) (Rospentek)
11th Armoured Artillery Group (Commandante Luis Piedrabuena)
11th Engineer Battalion (Commandante Luis Piedrabuena)
11th Armoured Cavalry Scout Troop (Rospentek)
11th Mechanised Signal Company (Rio Gallegos)
11th Intelligence Company (Rio Gallegos)
Logistic and Support Base (Rio Gallegos)
11th Army Aviation Section (Rio Gallegos)

The 11th Mechanised Infantry Brigade is both on the coast, so "gettable" and very isolated from other formations.

The far left, is Rospentek, The 35th Mechanised Infantry and the 11th Armored Cavalry Scout Troop.
The top left, is Commandante Luis Piedrabuena, The 11th Armoured Artillery and the 11th Engineer Battalion.
The top right, is the 11th Tank Cavalry Regiment
And bottom right, is the 11th MIB HQ, 24th Mechanised Infantry Regiment, 11th Mechanised Signal Company, 11th Intelligence Company, Logistic and Support Base, 11th Army Aviation Section

The Rospentek units are too far distant to be of any threat, and well beyond where we could hit them.
The Northern two, the Artillery, the Engineers and the Tanks should probably be viewed as one.

So, that gives us a small armour, artillery and engineer force to the North
And a large mechanised infantry and support force to the south.

There are (from my point of view) very valid reasons to hit both.
The goals of the war are primarily political in nature, to force the Argentina government into a surrender.

That goal would be advanced by either target.

A showey victory over an enemy armoured formation will look good.
However, when attacking an enemy who can fight back, well, it always leaves the opportunity for things to go wrong.
Argentina lacks a proper tank, its MBT is more an upgunned IFV than a Tank, the Challenger Two should tear through them like, well, a Heavy Tank through medium armour.
But 155mm guns two miles away will kill tanks, and supporting none tanks.

So I personally, would say go for the "soft" target.

At best, the Mechanised infantry regiment is going to be riding medium armour with 20mm guns.
We can safely ignore those if challies are leading the way, that leaves man portable anti tank weapons, and clerks with rifles
A force somewhere in the region of a MEB, (would it be pushing it to hope for two?) should have no trouble landing, over running the forces at Gallegos, taking a few hundred prisoners and be back on the boats in 12 hours (with sufficient landing assets, I'd want the entire force landed in one drop.)

The Argentine Government now has to explain to its own populace, why a brigade HQ being over ran isnt a set back, why the UK grabbing a general and a gaggle of majors is ok, and to the Chileans that the captured battle plans we release are fakes.  If we dont capture any, or the ones we do capture are boring, we can always release some nice fakes.

Air will be covered in the next post

Police should have 9mm? **** that

Inspector Gadget wants all police armed with 9mm handguns.

**** that!

You shouldnt take a baton to a knife fight
You shouldnt take a fucking knife either!!!

No No No No No No No No No No No!

NO! No! Ten Thousand Times No!!!!

A Free Market does not need regulations to keep it free.
Beyond courts capable and willing to enforce contract law.

Even that isnt essential, break the deal, face the wheel, I mean, face being shunned by all other traders, except the other shysters and the desperate

The Good Dr is of course correct when he suggests that a banana buyer and a banana seller should agree a set of standards.
I'm not sure why he then believes that the only way a banana seller and a banana buyer could possibly agree on a standard, is if the EU Commission creates and enforces it.
Presumably half a bottle of scotch?

If costa rican grade A's are shit, people will stop buying costa rican bananas, or costa rican exporters will use the much tighter jamaican grades.

This already happens.
The Soil Association has its own farming standards, carries out its own inspections, and grants its own awards.
The same goes for fair trade.

The problem with the TGDs view on "benign regulation" is that, well, its wrong.

Going back to my first example of a costa rican banana farmer, the only reason he couldnt use a tighter standard and sell his crop for a higher price, is because regulation said no, all fruit MUST use the government standard.
And as we see in EUrope, standards dont just act as grades to inform shoppers, they also act as limits, preventing the sale of "ugly veg" or indeed, "Novel Foods", which are just outright banned.
Even if it wasnt novel, and has been eaten without break in the UK for millenia.

Computing has almost no government intervention, thank the emperor or we'd still have a national computer.
Yet Intel said "Let there be AGP" and there was.
And then Intel, Dell, HP and IBM said, "Let there be PCI Express" and there was.

VHS, Beta Max, DVD, HD DVD, Blue Ray.

All exist without a government inspector picking the "right" standard and banning everything else.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sherriffs - answer to every question

Simple truth, if I were the elected sherriff of Manchester, the two officers would have been armed, and the scum bag dead.

Cut it anyway you want, if you dont want a repeat of todays actions, or raul moats, or the cumbria shootings, you should support elected sherrifs, because no one else can put armed police on the streets

A reason not to keep harrier?

At last, a solid reason against keeping harrier.

We'd have been utterly ****ed if they got ours and not the marines

What red line?

Over at In from the cold, they wonder if Assad will "go chemical", and point out he is testing his delivery systems

Will he?
Yes, of course he will.
Why on earth would he not?

Assad and his supporters* have three choices

Lose a conventional war to the rebels, be tortured to death.

Win a chemical war against the rebels, be killed by American Bombs

Win a chemical war against the rebels, be bored by an EU letter writing campaign.

Only one of those is a real loss, and its the one that doesn't involve going chemical.

If he chooses option A, his forces will be worn down eventually, he and his inner circle will be executed, and his supporting ethnic groups will be driven out of killed (see Iraqs Christians)

If he chooses option B, his forces will win, his enemies will die, and their supporting ethnic groups will be, still a majority, but a much less absolute one.  He may die, as may some of his supporters.

If option C happens, he wins, he stays in power, all is good, for him.

Even IF it all goes to shit, he buys himself a better death.

You might see a red line, I doubt he does.

*By supporters, I mean supporting ethnic groups, rather than individual people
If Assad loses, they can look forward to a UN commission saying "never again" and a nice memorial over whatever mass grave they are dumped in.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Spains about to POP

Somewhere between 600,000 and 1.5million Catalans took part in a protest march for independence.

There are 7.2million Catalans.

That means somewhere between one in ten and one in five people marched.

Occupy managed 250 over nighters and 3000 at peak.
Thats one in 17,000.

Guess which got more news coverage?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Ask the impossible, get my resignation

Well, I'm finding another job first, but I'm off on the next train out of here.

Usually FB would get these random outbursts, but work infiltrated it one night, and I'm not sure I purged them properly.
You may all ignore

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

TrT was under the impression

That failing to protect an embassy was an act of war?

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Bringing the hammer down - Days 3 and 4

Operation "Give Peace a Chance"

With Argentinas airforce, political establishment, armoured formations and main naval base badly mauled, its time to offer Argentina terms of surrender.

The first part of the terms of surrender, should deal with Argentinas neighbors
Every border dispute argentina has won over the past 200 years should be challenged and if feasible, overturned.

Uruguay is unlikely to be our closest ally, until as part of surrender, Argentina must hand over the Rio De La Plata to Uruguay.  They have an ongoing dispute over dredging the canal, Uruguay wants dredge deeper, so ocean going ships can dock in its ports.  Argentina is blocking them, so ships must dock in Argentina, and then Uruguay must import the goods from Argentina (or export through).

Lets see how long South American Solidarity lasts when we start handing out sweeties to everyone Argentina has ever pissed off.

The second part, should deal with us.
Obviously, we would want them to surrender any claim they believe they have to the greater south atlantic area, including the Falklands Islands, the South Sandwich Islands ect.  We would also want their claim to the antarctic, and we would of course use some of it to settle the chilean dispute.
And finally, we want their territorial shelf, they surrender everything further than 10 miles from their coastline to us.  The Falklands fishing license income just jumped.

Thirdly, and this may be a step too far.

Assuming they survived, Argentina must surrender all of its Naval Ships, with the exception of the patrol boats and the tugs to the UK.
All of its fixed wing aircraft, except its Pucarras and Pampas.
And assuming this war started over an invasion of the Falklands island, all kit, with the exclusion of officers side arms, actually no, they can take home pistols, but not swords, to be left on the islands when the the surrendered soldiers are repatriated.

Throw in a threat that, thus far, the UK has viewed this as a war launched by the Argentine Government, against the wishes of its people.
Failure to accept the surrender will be viewed as support by the Argentine populace for the war, which will blur the distinction between civilian and military targets.

And of course, that the battle group will be rested, rearmed, and ready to rain down hell in 48 hours.

Bringing the Hammer down - 36 to 48

And for the final twelve hours of our first two days of "surge" operations, its time to shake it up a bit, and hit the third target, The Puerto Belgrano Naval Base.

Now, assuming the Argentine navy has confined itself to port, this could actually be a surprisingly tough nut to crack.
The four destroyers all have, well, old and probably inneffectve, air defence missiles, and everything else has a fair few cannons.
Probably nothing that can threaten an F35, but, why take the risk?

Anyway, in order to avoid risk, its time to go in with the million pound missiles.
Our 55 strong waves of C's, losing 12 to SEAD and fighter cover, gives us 43 bombers.
If each can carry 4 Storm Shadows and they can be launched well outside of any range the F35s can be detected.

That gives us roughly 160 hits.
Assuming the sales fluff is correct, its not a problem to load a selection of targets into the missles.
Roughly, I'd hit ships, highlighted in pink, and the "neck" of the docks highlighted in red, to try and trap any surviving ships, and the port buildings, highlighted in yellow and the dry dock gate, highlighted in teal.

Unless we miss the ships, for reasons I will discuss in the next post.
But if we do miss them, its important that they are locked in port.

Recover the aircraft and its time to fall back, pull the surface fleet back into the south atlantic and allow the crews to rest and the ships to be rearmed, which is why its important to trap or sink the Argentine fleet, cant have them sneaking up on a ship RASing.

So, after 48 hours of pretty extreme violence, lets give peace a chance, in the next post

Friday, 7 September 2012

You cant out train a poor diet?

TrT is just back from kicking arse at the gym.
After running up a 6* incline for half an hour at various speeds, TrT had burnt off 390 calories

Piss Wet through, but not really tired, and just fancied some weights before the 'other finished her zumba class.  The weights were a bit sad, mid 60ks on the chest/shoulder press and I buckled after 15 reps, serious, 16 just wouldnt start, i might as well have tried to push the planet.

390 calories in half an hour
Reckon I could have held that for an hour.

Thats 30g of butter, more or less, about half of the office workers RDA.

Thats ten of my girly 2% lagers.

I can out train a bad diet, therefore, am ordering pizza

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Bringing Judges under control, why we need Sherrifs

What a wanker

If I were sherrif, I'd be on TV right now, with a picture of this, and his family, and their address, and I'd let the world know that my coppers wont be attending their 999 calls.

12 hours on, when the judges family have been raped and murdered, the rest of the judges will have learnt a very important lesson.
Release criminals on to my voters, and I'll set those same criminals loose on your daughters.

But we dont need sherrifs, because everything is fine......