Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Getting the Answer you want

My answer would be, "is a leading cause of domestic violence"

Followed by, "shit"

Monday, 27 August 2012

Awesome few posts over at

Defence and Freedom in the last couple of days, head over and check them out.

Wrong for my purposes of course, due to his inability to view anything out of his Russian Prism, but still, highly interesting.

Anyone who's played any sort of modern strategy game, should be familiar with "pinging", placing location markers for allies to attack, mass at, or even fall back to.

There is no reason, beyond "we dont do it that way" that, hell, a fucking corporal, should not be able to pull out his iPad, which will use GPS to display a map of his currentn location, tap the screen a few times to identify enemy positions, and a nearby artilery battery annihilate those positions a few seconds later.

Was the three stooges ever shown in the UK

I think I'm too young/sensible to remember the three stooges, but maybe not?

Was it ever shown in the UK?

If not, why is the remake getting such an advertising push?

Rocky and Bullwinkle bombed in much the same way.

Oh well

In all fairness to fifty shades of grey

Women frequently ARE ****ing stupid.

Mrs TrT was watching Beauty and the Beast last night.

TrT is culturally retarded and has never seen this film, and wasnt paying attention, but from what I gathered, the heroin (is that female hero and drug?) is kidnapped by some sort or werewolf thing, that she promptly falls in love with, mere hours after he tries to feed her to actual wolves.

I havent read FSoG, but based on Amberances awesome review, it seems to fit well enough.

Women, or certainly, a significant portion of them dont leave abusive partners, unless they are poached by a significantly more abusive partner.

Back in his youth, TrT went to a pub on a regular basis, as did a group of 5 girls (and lots of other people, there weren't just six of us).
One week, one of them decided to take TrT home with them, and much fun was had, until I left in the morning, making it plain I didnt want to spend the day together, nor did I want to meet up during the week.
The next week, this was repeated with girl number two, then girl number three.

By week four, I was just curious to see how long this could possibly carry on, and was seriously horrified that by week six, I'd be back at girl ones house.  Girl four was luring me home with promises of pizza, when her friends marched over, picked her up and carried her away.  Restoring at least a tiny amount of confidence in me that at least some women are sensible in some situations.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Bringing the Hammer down, 24-36

And the next twelve hours.
Following the same pattern, we pick a target, this time, the second armoured brigade, whos job is to protect the frontier with Uruguay.

They are divided amongst the above sites, again, no close ups (but I have followed image int if you want to see what I am incapable of), because locating airfields is easy, regimental barracks less so.

Not a great deal to add.
Again, the idea is to do as much as possible to destroy the 2nd armored as a fighting force in the long term, the tanks will no doubt be well hidden by this point, but if we can hit the spares warehouses, the engineering facilities (just guessing tanks arent serviced with a socket wrench and car lift).

The second armoured wont have any bearing on a fight on the Falklands Islands, neither will the 1st, but as I drunkenly tried to explain a while back, the point isnt to win the battle, its to force the enemy to surrender the war.

In the first 36 hours of our counter stroke, the Argentine Airforce has been destroyed, the government has been mauled, and its two premier land warfare formations have been shattered or scattered to the winds.

There are five potentially invasive neighbors who are going to be sharpening their knives as Argentina gets hammered, and its unlikely to take long for them to resolve some border disputes violently, well, aggressively anyway, theres not much likely to be fighting back.

This has been a fun few hours

After my rant about the unfairness of "Gay Marriage" not applying to any none couple relationships.

I thought it best to check if such actualy exist.

Apparently they do, and their hatred of each other makes the Israel / Palestine situation look civil.

The Polys (slags) dont like the Poly-Fi's (triads or quads)
Both hate Unicorn Hunters (mid thirties couples chasing a 20year old Bi Babe)

And Everyone hates anyone who actualy bags a unicorn, and unicorns are generaly deemed to be property of the collective poly world, seriously, one guy in a MFMF quad was yelling at a couple that had bagged a unicorn, that his quad deserved her, because they included two men.

Well, that was an education.

 The world hasnt gone mad, its just much easier to find the crazies
Well, you found this site

Why wont the Finns pull the plug?

There is a much repeated theory, that the Finns wont pull out of the Euro, because they need the EU as a protection against Russia.

Sounds reasonable.

When was the last time the EU stood up to Russia?

If the Finns want protection from Russia, I dont see gas hungry Germany providing that.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Shields up, the first twenty four hours

With the first day done,

Zero Hour
Zero to Six
Six to Twelve
Twelve to Twenty Four

I thought perhaps it was time to look back, and wonder what could go wrong or what Argentina could do to throw a spanner in the works.

Well, personally, I think my plan of attack was pretty flawless.

Obviously, Argentina will have some knowledge as to where our carrier group is, and the initial Tomahawk Strike will be in the air for at least two hours.
Could the Argentines prepare and launch a full scale strike against our carrier group on that warning?
Probably not, however we are following up our cruise missile strike with aircraft.

63 aircraft are in the contention to disrupt our bomber wave, however, its unclear how many are functional, and could be launched and remain airborne till the F35s arrived.
16 BVRs will be thrown at any incoming Argentine fighters, and then its down to guns and bombers defending themselves / each other.

It could be a problem, I'm not convinced its a realistic threat, but its there.

Air defences could present a threat, but I'm not convinced they present a serious one.
Argentina has large numbers of MANPADS
However, they are beam riding missiles from the seventies, more annoyance than threat.  Think Blow Pipe.
Can you track a jet flying at 1200mph at low level?

Not to mention, they have a flight ceiling of 5000m, and are slower than the jets they are supposed to bring down.

They have 4 Roland units, however these again are, old, likely to get hammered senseless by SEAD aircraft, the missiles are equally limited, with a flight ceiling of only 6000m and again, slower than the aircraft.

After that, its down to guns.
SEAD will keep the Radar silent, and at that point, infantry with assault rifles are more of a threat.

And even less likely, we have a war at sea.
To be fair, Argentina has a pretty respectable surface navy, plenty of ships, reasonably paced, and heavily armed.
But the UK isnt a surface power, (well, with carrier air we are), we are a subsurface power.
Our ships dueling with the enemy, trading missile for missile, really isnt the plan.  The submarines would be the first to get involved, and we should have 11 heavy torps left to get involved with.
Argentina has a T42 converted into an armed troop carrier, four MEKO Frigates/Destroyers, three diesel submarines, 9 corvettes and 2 fast attack craft, all missile armed, along with some gun and torpedo armed patrol ships.

Even if we get lucky, seven Corvettes and the two missile ships will get through, and its ships exchanging shots at that point.
Will they be prepared to take those sort of losses to hit us?  And of course, if we send three subs not two, its all academic, we'd have more than enough weapons to sink the lot.

So, trouble for them, not so much for us

I'm an ultra conservative?

According to Pew, which is why such things are shit.

HT Guido

Lets just look at these questions

• There needs to be stricter laws and regulations to protect the environment

Anyone who miss sorts recycling is to be gang raped by a prison gang, flayed, and then roasted over a slow fire till death.

That sounds pretty strict
Wouldnt "save the planet" though.

• Gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry legally

That rather assumes that there should be government recognition of marriage, and that it should apply exclusively to couples.
Why not triads?  Or lesbian covens?

• One parent can bring up a child as well as two parents together
Well thats just rubbish
One good parent is no doubt better than two abusive parents, but one good parent is worse than two great parents, or two good, even if you only consider the financial aspects, two wage earners are better than one.

And yet I'm an ultra conservative, because I care about Poly rights?


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Pragmatism reigns supreme I am afraid

The "leader" of the free world is likely to be decided based on the price of petrol the availability or abortion, and the aliens think BoJo is weird?

The Raging Tories are views are convoluted, but sensible.

If a mother does not "own" her child, and cannot legaly own a farm hand, she can hardly be said to "own" her foetus

Yet if TrT does not owe the parasite class a warm bed and a hot meal, thrice a day, why should a woman provide the same for the parasite squating in her lady parts?

But lets ignore the legal squabbles, anyone who wants to abort their child simply needs to whack themselves really hard, boom, instant "miscarriage"

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New Design

I have changed the design, pictures did not fit properly, they still do not, but I did not save the old template, if you prefer the old design, you may go fornicate a Carniv.

That is all

Learning the wrong lessons

The Habsburg Empire
The Soviet Union

All currency unions that collapsed in the last 100 years (just) with disastrous results.

The EURO cannot be allowed to fail

So sayeth Vox

Surely the correct lesson, is that the Eurozone should never have been formed?

That it cannot be maintained?

That it should be dismantled orderly before it is dismantled disorderly?

Hannan/Carswells Law in full flow

It was unthinkable, now its merely impossible.

How long until was pestons idea all along?

Rank inflation and maths

TrT has long argued that rank inflation has a simple, if somewhat brutal, solution.

Brigadier Generals Command Brigades.
If there is not a Brigade sat under you, you cannont be a Brigadier

If we cut out some of the ranks (to make my life easier) we get

Which means our army of 82000 or there abouts, needs twenty brigadiers (and twenty Brigades),

The Reality (H/T Think Defence), is that the combined services have THREE HUNDRED AND FORTY, even if we assume the army has only one third of them, is is over manned 6:1

Excel is the answer to all questions

Monday, 20 August 2012

I wonder George

Is it like an all access pass?
Or are you limited to the holes she was cool with when she was awake?

in response to.....

Emperor Feeder

The Raging Tory hasnt often "reviewed" on here, but on account of the the fact that he is sober, and likely to remain that way until his whisky melts, why not.

First complaint
It was missing most of the screws

Second complaint
Unless you have a supplier who provides the small pellets, the big ones get stuck sometimes and need to be "tickled" out
I'm testing beating the stuffing out of the bag before I pour it in, I wont tell you if it works or not.

Constructing it was pretty easy, legs just slotted in, and there were big plastic wedges to hammer in.

Thats about it, pretty damn chuffed, only have to feed my girlies once a month now

Wow, just wow

My freezer got stuck on fast freeze, and well

It froze my ****ing black grouse!!!

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Netflix Vs Sky, who cares about Amazon

Netflix CEO clearly on crack

He's gearing up for a battle with Sky.

Sky has flat out crushed every competitor who has dared rear their heads against it.
Nynex, C&W, NTL, Virgin, Santana, the letter head on my cable tv bill changed more often than my underwear.

Dont get me wrong, netflix looks very good, if you are used to renting videos.

I'm not.

Holy shit, I was expecting to say, I want to watch AGOTS the day its first shown, not six months on, but NetFlix is still pushing Lost!

What next, that all new show, mork and mindey?


The Free Sky on demand offers a bigger selection of TV than Netflix.

As for Love Film / Amazon, LF has far more content in the areas they share, and far more areas!

After a quick search,
Netflix posted $200mn profits a quarter.
Sky posted $300mn per quarter.
Amazon £13,180mn per quarter.

Sky position is by no means unassailable, but you would need national coverage, right now, you would need flagship shows, exclusively (short term, like how walking dead is on C5 three months after FX is finished with it) and you need to be happy to lose £5billion over the next ten years.
Probably cheaper to just buy sky.

Some have compared Hastings’ resolve with that of Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs. “He wants to reinvent the way people watch films and TV, just like Jobs reinvented the way people listen to music with iTunes and the iPod. He has this attitude of 'I’m going to dictate how films are watched’,” said one source.

And doesnt that just say it all, Apple has recently lost dominance of the smartphone market to Samsung.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

War (huh), what is it good for?

Making people do what we want them to do!

I touched on this issue during my recent pointless beating of Argentina, but feel it needs further expansion.

The UK, is not (and never could be(at least in the medium term)) a serious military threat to anyone, well, maybe, conceivably, Southern Ireland, or Iceland, or the Pharoe Islands, or Greenland, but apart from our fellow North Atlantic islands, theres more chance of me going upstairs and ploughing Kelly Adams (what, theres nothing weird about watching saturday kitchen at 9.30pm) than there is the UK occupying a foreign country.

Our threat is, and for years I have argued we should expand on this, is not so much that "you shouldnt piss us off or we will occupy you" but "you shouldnt piss us off or we will cut your armed forced to ribbons and your neighbors will annexe you".

The UK has a 100 year history of failing occupy foreign nations, topped off by the cluster fucks in Ghanners and Iraq.
But we have like a 500 year history of bleeding to death world powers.
The Spanish Empire, Napoleon, Germany twice, others around the world beyond mention.
Almost always, by never being the biggest threat, simply the most persistent, and hardest to counter.

We're never going to occupy anyone, but piss us off, and we'll give you such a kicking that your neighbors will, be nice to us, and maybe we'll deck your neighbors and you can occupy them...

Urgent message for Terry Goodkind

Not all badies are rapists.

eight or nine books in and the best way to tell who is and is not a baddie is to ask, "is this dude planning on raping the other confessor".

If the answer is yes, this person is a baddie unlikely to survive the book.

If the answer is no, ask, "raped anyone else"

Yes, could go either way, unimportant guy anyway
No, probably a goodie.

Bringing the Hammer Down, 12-24

In the first twelve hours, we have punctured the enemy runways, mounted follow on bombing runs to destroy their aircraft, fuel and munitions supplies, and leveled the legislature, presidential palace, and defence ministry.

The QE class can maintain this launch pace for another 36 hours.

If we maintain our CAP (better safe than sorry), that gives us 56 more sorties.

Next target, should be the first Armored Brigade.

They are spread out over the five locations marked above
This isnt one of those funey websites where they show you exact positions of trenches for mobile airdefences, mostly because I'm an accountant, not an image analyst, so those are just general areas mark.

Starting from the left, we have
The 2nd Tank Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Armored Engineering Company
The 10th Tank Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armoured Artilery Groups 
1st Brigade HQ, 1st Signals, 1st Intelligence and the Logistics Base.
7th Mechanised Inf, 1st Armoured Scouts
8th Tank Cavalry Regiment.

Obviously, the Logistics, Brigade HQ, Signals and Intelligence companies should be the main targets, the actual tanks and IFVs are of limited threat if they dont have the fuel / spares to move, and I think it good form to kill as many officers as possible on general principles.

But if we do manage to catch the tank regiments on the move, I'd consider it worth while to destroy as many of them as possible.

Loss of the airforce lets us in, Losses to the leadership hurts the leadership directly, but considerable losses to the Argentine Tank Corps puts Argentina itself at risk of being annexed by its neighbors.

Further piling on the pressure to accept whatever surrender is offered

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Science one, divining crystals a big fat zero

Radical is is not what we did yesterday with a Twist

Radical would be abolishing elections.

Every council tax payer gets a vote
Council tax is optional

Every CTP may, if they wish, nominate another to speak for them.

Anyone nominated by 0.1% of the CPT's, gets admission to the HoC.

Nominations can be given and withdrawn at any time.

Boom, 21st century democracy

Stop Moaning and you wont all be as depressed

Actual advise given to my co-workers by the Operations Director.

I shit you not.

Well, someone had a lucky night

Sadly, it wasnt me :'(

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

I may have a problem

It involved screaming "sweep the leg" during the hockey

Monday, 6 August 2012

TrT is man enough to admit he was wrong.

A long long time ago, in what feels like a land far away, a young TrT took an epic hump to the idea of paying athletes to train, using money raised via a tax on the stupid and desperate.
Morality aside, as I have no real problem with encouraging the poor to gamble (fairly), I said it simply would not work.

Well, colour me embarrassed as we are sitting pretty third in the world, and I believe winning per capita?

We wont know for another 4 years if this is the home field advantage of course, but I'll get my apologies in early in this case.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Looking for a "space opera"

Or a fun version of homeworld?

Ended up buying perimeter, had it, never finished it, GOG'ed it.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Is there any horror film that couldnt be survived by setting everything on fire?

Watching "Fear Itself".

20 minutes in, I suggested the hero set everything on fire.
60 minutes, its clear that was the way to go.

So there you have it kids, if theres ever a serial killer, zombie, daemon, vampire or a ghost hunting you, just start burning down random buildings.  At worst, you will summon help, but you might get luckily and introduce evil to the purifying flame of the Emperor.

Bravery at the Telegraph

Odone has done a piece on the recent "honour killing" conviction

The Telegraph has "bravely" banned us all from replying to this dross.

Let The Raging Tory make his position clear, so there can be no misunderstandings.

The fact that every year, thousands of 13-15 year old British girls are exported as "wives" for 45 year old pakistani men is not a justiofication for faith schools.

Its a justification for a ring of crucifiction pedestals around Birmingham.

But of course, as they make abundantly clear, the "sisters" of wimmins rights dont value their brown sisters.
So that would be racist.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

supernatural bitchez

what, the winchesters rule

The Strain in Spain falls mainly on the, idea of spain?

H/T Purple Scorp

Catalonia and Andalusia stood up the spanish treasury minister, the meeting was about regional spending.

Shortly before, they were referring to themselves as "the nation of Catalan".

Spain cant break up?
Like the USSR couldnt?

The BBC just preaches shit

TrT cant find the remote and Lady TrT has left it on BBC, one?

In just the last minute, I've been told that an art program for 6 year old children WILL give them the confidence to turn away from gun crime in Liverpool.
TrT would like to see the evidence.

I havent read Raul Motes suicide rant, but I doubt I'll find "and its all because I didnt have an art program as a lad" anywhere
I bet my left ball its not in there!

Apparently, the world cant get the olympic song out their head.
I honestly did not know there was one,
The snippet they played sounded like generic african music adopted by weird confused multinationals, like, heinz did this didnt they?

Has anyone worked out how many

Of our medals have been won by people who went to fee paying schools compared with state?