Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Do You Shift?


The Raging Tory wonders

who ever stood up and said, let there be LIBOR and let it not be rigged?

TrT really does get annoyed when the ignorant complain things were not as they believed, and get out the pitch forks

Monday, 25 June 2012

On relocating the deterrent

Above, is a 7000 miles radius around Diego Garcia
For those of you who don't remember random numbers, 7000 miles is the stated range of the Trident Two Missile.
Apart from the Americas, and a tiny bit of the Russian east which contains piss all, they can hit the entire world.

And now we have Diego with 500m, 1000m, 1500m and 2000m overlays

There is simply nothing within 1000 miles, Southern India is within 1500 miles and Madagascar, Somalia and a bit of eastern Indonesia are within 2000 miles.
Madagascar, Indonesia and Somalia simply aren't a threat, and given the fantastic range involved, even basing rights for a proxy enemy would be of little use.
Trying to run the legs off a typhoon squadron at 2000 miles would be, resource intensive.

India apparently has a problem with us being based on DG, why, I cant fathom, but they have enemies enough to the North without picking pointless fights to the South.

So, we have covered what it can hit, and what can hit it directly.

What about the safety of the submarines.
The best defence the SSBNs have in atlantic, the GIUK Gap, ruskies are picked up and tracked well before they can threaten the Vanguards.
A base on DG would have no such geographical barrier, however, the nearest Russian submarine pens are over 5000 miles away and the Chinese 3000.
Thats quite a distance, and although *we* dont control the barriers between DG and Russia/China, there are barriers, and they are controlled.  A small amount of ASW sales and training, and they can be effectively closed.
If the French nukes stay in the Atlantic, and the Americans the Atlantic and the Pacific, it would force the badly stretched Russians to operate in a third ocean, the Indian, something they simply are not capable of.

If we could work India and the US in on the little scheme, we could impose the same overstretch on China.

That would be of real strategic value to our allies, unlike a couple of battlegroups in a desert....

Saturday, 23 June 2012

I'm obviously missing something

A Turkish Electronic Warfare fighter playing silly buggers in Syrian airspace was shot down.
This somehow means NATO is at war with Syria?

I'm sorry, no.
The Charter says, and I quote

Actually, no I dont, go and read it yourself you lazy buggers.

Pay attention to article 6

Friday, 22 June 2012

the black grouse

not bad, prefer the snow grouse, but for £16, not bad

The Raging Tory needs some help

Mrs TrT keeps taking the bottle opener out of the fridge where the cold beers are, and putting it in drawer, next to the steak knives.

We've discussed this, but she cant seem to grasp it.

We're Winning, Part 927

We're winning

Despite signs that the Taliban’s influence is spreading throughout Afghanistan, international military efforts over the last 12 months have not been fruitless, as changes on the battlefield are becoming visible. This can mainly be attributed to prolonged ISAF/ANSF operations against the Taliban’s (and other anti-government elements) logistic chains and, more importantly, their mid-level commanders. These commanders, with their years of tactical experience, are crucial to the Taliban’s battlefield strategies, and their loss has significantly affected the Taliban's ability to continue the same level of intensity and effectiveness that characterized their campaigns from 2009-2011.

Circa 21/06/12

We're Winning

Not surprisingly, this unprecedented level of special forces activity is having a devastating impact on the Taliban's effectiveness and morale. British commanders have reported a significant drop in their casualty rates, while the number of roadside bombs has fallen by a quarter.

Circa 24/09/10

We're killing their officers, they cant plant bombs, blah blah blah.

No doubt this time its different, I'm an armchair general ect...

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Just FUCKING sink something!

Once again, Argentina makes threats, and Cameron does nothing.

Give them a slap and send the Hercules under the waves

Insurance Warfare

From the DT

And it appears legit

A Russian cargo ship carrying attac helicopters to Syria is currently immobile off the scottish coast.
We've cancelled its insurance cover.

I'm not sure who has halted it, presumably the Russian government could if it so chose insure the vessel, but theres talk of a warship possibly being assigned as escort.

Perhaps behind the scenes, theres talk of sinking the ship if it tries to keep going?

Anyway, bloody funny

London will have a golden summer in 2012

Is now illegal to say/print.

So is 2012 board games convention.

Games and 2012 (and derivitives thereof) are now class A protected, sayinmg both in a sentance is illegal.

London, Medals, Sponsors, Summer, Gold Silver and Bronze are now Class B Words.
You cant say a Class A and two Class B's either.

Zil Lanes, Zil Words, Zil Lithuanian hookers.

What will the IOC monopolise next?

Thursday, 7 June 2012

If your happy Germanys ****ed clap your hands

Sober Look was wondering why Germany is in the top five on CDS trading.

The answer is simple
They arent "pricing in" another German bailout.
They've just woken up the fact that Germany, through the bundesbank, has already done a "bailout" to the tune of E650bn.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

expect hell for 8 days commencing friday

TrT will be out of the country from friday.
He's going to turkey.

If past form is anything to go by, Greece and Turkey will be in a full scale war by lunch time on saturday, Cyprus will be a blood bath, and every airline in the world will fold