Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bringing the Hammer Down - T minus 0

Picking on everyones favourite punchng bag, and everyones favourite theoretical warzone.
El Palo Airbase Home to the 1st Air Brigade (Transport) A 2110 metre long airstrip, complete with two shorter taxi ways.
Justo Jose Airbase Home the 2nd Air Brigade (Transport) A 2100 metre long airstrip, complete with a full length taxi way
Reconquista Military Air Base Home to the 3rd Air Brigade (Puccaras)
Francisco Gabrielli Airport Home to the 4th Air Brigade (Training) A 2789 metre long airstrip, with a slightly smaller taxi way
Villa Reynolds Airport Home to the 5th Air Brigade (Fightinghawks) A 2400 metre long airstrip, with a roughly equaly sized taxi way, and a considerably smaller one.
Tandil Airport Home to the 6th Air Brigade (Mirages) A 2500 metre long airstrip with two fairly short taxi ways
Mariano Moreno Airport Home to the 7th Air Brigade (Transport Helicopters) Long Airstrip with long taxi way
General Enrique Mosconi International Airport Home to the 9th Air Brigade (Transport) A 2827 metre long airstrip with taxi way Above, is a map of every Argentina Military Airfield (I think, there may be one missing) Highlighted, are sections I would target in a 0 hour strike, 49 of them.
And final picture, each of those airbases, with a 1250km and 1750km overlay Only one airbase can reach the islands without refueling, a couple more can reach t with, and only one could reach out and touch the fleet wth refueling. Given our current capabilities, it would require almost our entire stockpile of Tomahawk missiles (50 something), and almost the complete carrying capacity of the two submarines we could probably send down south, two trafalgars could carry 60 weapons, so 49 tomahawks and 11 spearfish. Not perfect, but 11 spear fish remains enough to seriously **** up the Argentine Navy if it comes out to play, and 49 Tomahawks would shut down the argentine airforce for more than a few minutes. Modest improvement would be to rehead the Tomahawk with a BROACH warhead, should be a link Rather than scratching the surface, blow a 10ft deep/wide crater, which will not be fixed with a couple of bags of postcrete. A rather less modest improvement would be to increase the number of submarines sent south, or the warload of those we do send, or indeed, both. 4-6 of the "Basilisk Class" each with a 6x7 cruise missile module would give us 5 times as many missiles for land attack, and plenty of heavy weight torpedoes.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Maybe not then

Argentina is moving to steal a spanish oil firm.
Spain being their only probable ally on ths side of the pond, escalating to an all out war seems less and less likely.

As I've said before, a war between the UK and Argentina is a fairly dicey affair unless the UK is prepared to act with some brutality. Couragous Restraint and an unwillingness to sink cruise ships loaded with children and materiel for the occupation forces.

Spain still has a light carrier with BVR carrying harriers, along with a pretty respectable landing force, and a few decent escorts, not Darings, but respectable.

A Spain smarting from being robbed, and an embattled broke government looking for a victory boost, we could have extra warships rather than votes aganst us...

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Just Throwing it out there

A Song of Ice and Fire takes place on a ring world

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Camerons got a stiffy and its confusing him

Wont somebody think of the children!!!

Cameron wants download restrictons on "raunchy" music videos.

google the letter between w and y, and a small rodent from syria.

All the "raunchy" videos anyone interested could one, and I found that in under 90 seconds.

And "Dave" is bothered about Rhianna videos?

get a clue....

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Suicide isnt the way to go, Opinion

I'm going to do something I've never done before, I'm going to point out this piece is an opinion piece.

A Greek man has commited suicide on the steps of the greek parliament, to send a message to the government.
I dont believe they will have received it.

Its not that they dont care, although someone, somewhere, will have a folder demonstrating the national gain from old people suicides.
Its that they dont care enough. They cant, you arent one of them.

They wont care until its MP's, Sir Humphries, Council Chief Execs and Solicitors who start eating bullets.
Real People.

We might care about your death, you're one of us, but they dont.

Be careful though, my nomination papers have already been entered, not all prospective councillors are scum, even if most are.

But then of course, the arab spring blew up when a fruit cart vendor set himself on fire, so maybe its one of those emotive issues I dont get

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

But he is a fucking liar!

The opinion formers think Red Ken has got under Boris' skin and is winning the race.

Ken has been publicly called a fucking liar, thrice, its all over the papers, and no one is saying its untrue.
Wall to wall coverage of ken being a liar and a tax cheat.

Thats ken winning?