Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fun new game

Overpay and underpay your council tax by random amounts everymonth. Stay over the actual amount you are supposed to have paid, and it annoys the crap out of anyone who doesnt have an auto matcher.

Keep track and be 1p over at year end :)

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

6 days to go

and we get more game of thrones


Sunday, 25 March 2012

plenty of money

whats lacking is a reality based appraisal of our needs.

The uk has a military budget of sixty billion dollars
the usn has a budget of one hundred and eighty billion dollars.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sometimes Markets make me laugh

Gregs, a purveyor of low quality pies and pastries to us fatties North of Watford will now have to charge VAT on said baked goodness.

Its share pirce has fallen 4%

The company is doomed!
Its just had 20% slapped on top of all of its prices and you maniacs think its a 4% hit to value?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Oh what a tangled web I weave

What on earth possessed me to book three job interviews on one day?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Osbourne, Be Bold,

Osbourne is likely to release a Brownian budget.
There will complex formula, there will be jargon, there will be projections, but when it all comes down to it, there will be tinkering.

But what if there was boldness.
What if there was innovation.
What if there was simplicity.

It remains the view of TrT that Osbourne should do the obvious, but unexpected, and introduce a flat tax of 20% over £20k to replace IT and NIC.
A man on £20k would suddenly find himself with £336.47 more in the bank every month.
Labours rants that "Evil Tories" are "sparing the rich".

£10k Dave will suddenly find himself with 9% more in the bank, £192.31 a week instead of £176.20
£15k Dave gets a 19% increase
£20k Dave gets a 25% increase in his pay packet
£100k Dave gets a 30% increase

Are Labours voters going to be anooyed at 10-25% effective pay increases?
They didnt seem to mind buying council houses....

Monday, 19 March 2012

the roux brothers should have done comedy

the roux legacy is rather funny

Intervention Iran

I've been having an amiable chat at Slouching Towards Columbia about the futility of an Iranian Intervention, but a thought occurs.

Remember people, Iran is one of the worlds most ethnicaly diverse states, only a little over 50% of the populace are ethnicaly and linguisticaly persian.

Its not a massive stretch to think the US could organise and arm a Baloch, or a Turkman, or an Azeri Independance / Unification group.
Unlike in Syria, a rebellion would have an interested outside sponsor, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, could be rapidly shuttled arms by the US, and would greatly benefit from the Guardianistas intervention of choice, the no fly zone, that luckily allows for annihiliation of enemy ground forces too.

All three breaking out at once would draw the entirety of the Iranian security apparatus into the open, where the USAF can smash it to pieces.

Woohoo, GL is back!

Grand Logistics is back,
And its a stormer

I still question the reality of the Harrier / Storm Shadow, the Stormshadow weighs in at 2700 lbs, as far as I'm aware, the Harriers have carried nothing over 1000lbs.

However, frankly, the question is an irrelevence anyway. The question was never Harrier or Tornado. It was Harrier and Typhoon or Tornado and Typhoon

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Flog em, Deport em, Hang em

It might just be the cheese butty and the Dandelion and Burdoch Speaking, but TrT is drafting his Police and Crime 5 year plan....

Fiduciam in Romam

Or Trust in Rome, if Google Translate is crap.

TrT has long been of the opinion that commisioned and none commisioned officers *MUST* exist in absolute proportion to the enlisted strength of the army.
For a man to be called a Brigadier, he must command a Brigade, for a man to be a Colonel, he must command a regiment, and for a man to be called a lance corporal, he must command a fire team.

Some work done by Team Army shows that such a thing simply does not happen, in the UK at least. We have 360 Brigadiers to command 6 Brigades...

Whenever I've raised this before, anywhere, I've been roundly shouted down as "an arm chair general" demanding the impossible.
Now, I'm hardly a scholar of Imperial Rome, or its army, but everything (admitadly, little) I've found says the exact opposite.
The Romans managed exactly what I suggested.
There simply wasnt an officer corps.

Anyone have any proper knowledge on the subject?

So, Afghanistan

We've had Vietnamisation of the war effort
We've had a Mai Lai massacre

Its looking good for the Taliban being back in power by 2016.

Trillions spent.
Thousands dead.
Tens of thousands maimed.

For no gain.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

how fucked is this shithole?

colgate advert

pretty blonde lass says
'as a nurse, i keep people healthy'

small print says
'dramatisation of a nurse'

Interesting Read

At Slouching Towards Columbia

Not that I really expect the Euroweenies to accept they arent special, but, its becoming pretty damned clear they arent, or the American Establishment to have the capability to define its interests in a coherant manner, they cant, but still.

Interesting none the less.

Oh well, I shall continue my pointless quest to make the UK militarily relevent around the world over those who can see nothing but Soviet Armour in East Germany.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Your Sticks Biggerthan My Stick, but you're still deader than me :)

UKAFC has a piece on (amongst other things) the rather woeful range of the AS-90.

Its not ideal, but I'm not convinced its a problem, it certainly didnt help Iraq much.
A long long time ago, battlefeld guns were "long ranged", but nowadays, they arent, its not 1870 anymore, even the mighty GMLRS, ranged at 70km is pretty pokey when you compare it to a Spirit Lobbing Tomahawks, or even a Typhoon throwing Storm Shadows.

A "Gunline" hoping to sit still and pulverise an enemy who's 50kms away would be shafted by the first tiffie pair that flew over with Brimstone.

Thats not to say range is useless, but realisticaly, the biggest advantage of adding 20km to AS-90 Range, is shortening the supply lines by 20km, which is actualy a pretty bloody good thing.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Spain Rebels

So did Spartacus.

Spains PM has decreed he will not meet the FiscalNacht Targets, he will meet his own, higher, target.
Brave, sensible, but ultimatly foolish and pointless.

Spain can only borrow anything *AT ALL* because Super Mario at the ECB buys and holds Spanish Bonds.
If Spain gets uppity, Mario can begin selling those and force Spain back into line.
The only spainish weapon, is to quit the Euro, so the Bank of Spain can issue currenecy and monetise bonds.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Paul for VP?

Hat Tip Azizonomics
Ignore for a moment the spurious Obama data.
Lets look at the 4 Republicans.

Paul and Romney are the two most economicaly sane.
A quick wikipedia shows them with just over 51% of the primary votes.

I wonder?

Its not UORs that are broken, its the MoD

Go to Google
Type "Diesel Quad"

The first website is,

They sell three vehicles, two of them can carry 1000kg, one costs £12,000, the other £15,000.

You could have hundreds of them, in the next few days, theres no need to establish a training school in Yorkshire, because its a ****ing quad(!!!) not a jet fighter.
Who ****ing cares if they are written off in a month?
Buy another one.
£7mn gets you 460 of them.