Friday, 28 October 2011

give me strength

'the whole thing is weird and fucking difficult to understand'

lt col responsible for policing, discussing homosexuality in pashtun culture.


30% of world GDP, 15% of Shell investment.


Now to a point of course, they go where the oil is, but thats for production, for the more expensive refining tasks, they go where the money is.

I wonder if anyone has a percentage of world gdp : percentage of shell investment table?

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Germany has won nothing!

Hat Tip Ambrose

It is about "rigorous surveillance" (point 24 of the statement) and "discipline" (25), laws enforcing "balanced budgets" (26), and prior vetting of budgets by EU police before elected parliaments have voted (26).

The iPigs may have promised that.
The incumbant iPigs leadership may even truely mean it

But the simple fact remains, the Greeks will retire at 55 on generous pensions pauid by the state, or they will riot, and continue to riot, until such is handed over.
Governments will fall, new governments will replace them, and Germany will be told to **** off.
Until its willing to go in with tanks and put down riots, its dreams of "enforcing balanced budgets" are fantasy.

Merkel must know this, but her own job is on the line as well.....

suck it pundits!

the pundits say 'no write offs'
the raging tory says 57% write off.

Reality, 50%.

Shine my boots lilco.

More detail at ZH

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

When they give the wrong answer, ask again

Hat Tip Guido

The EURef petition has been resubmitted, do sign it.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Europe pulls an Enron

EUrope has figured out a way to save itself.
The money its set aside to bailout Greece and Ireland, will also be used to recapitalise banks across the entire zone.

Nothing wrong with that, take apot of money, spend it how you like, but EUropes stroke of genious, is that they shouldbnt only be allowed to spend the money once.
They've got a pot of about E500bn, so they should buy newly issued bank shares, but why shouldnt they still get to have an E500bn pot of money after that?

Its genious

Just continualy use the same money, over and over again, funny as hell when this strategy hits reality, but thats just detail....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

9/11 truffers

steel doesnt melt in fire!

tell that to my door handle....

pc troubles.....

would a short between the motherboard and case cause the pc to restart, and then simply do nothing?
Would there be scorch marks on the mobo/case?

Friday, 21 October 2011


Complete GTA collection on steam for a fiver.
Off to go shoot fat people and mug prostitutes

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sod the Danger Zone?

Hat Tip Yon

Yon poses (sort of) an interesting question.

"Should we just abandon the dangerous areas of Afghanistan and pour near limitless funds into the safe areas?"
Perhaps with the odd leafet drop to let them know what they are missing?

Sounds like an outside the box idea that could actualy work, reward the good, ignore the bad.
How quickly would tribal leaders sort out their hot blooded sons if they had their funds cut off in response to attacks?
Even if they dont, it wouldnt take many billions for the "good" Afghans to control 90% of the economy....

When they are wrong, punish them, when they are right?

The sensible parts of the blogosphere (IE stuff I read) seem to have lost their minds.

The Tories appear to finaly have had sense beaten into them, and are looking at scrapping ROCs.
Straight away, that knocks 12% of my electricity bill, and 4% off my gas bill, thats £91 a year. Not a huge amount, but nothing to laugh at either. Who knows what amount of business energy use is hit by the green levy.

And whats the general reaction?
"Took you long enough"
"Oh, its Labours CC act now is it?"

If you campaigned for green taxes to be cut, well, you won, at least pretend to be happy.
If you bite the hand that feeds you, expect to go hungry.

Train Seating, it has to be gotten right

It saddens me that my Englishmen need to be taught such simple lessons as this, but for some reason, they didnt simply know them from birth.

This, is a representation, of a train, empty.

This, is a representation of a train, full.

Everyone still with me?

This is a representation of the train last night, I am a charming light blue.

Now, a passenger alighting the train has a large option of seats, 26 in fact, but not all 26 of them are appropriate seats to actualy take.
One of them is truely serial killerie, Four are simply rude, One is a bit weird,
Where should the passenger sit?
If you chose red, you are a serial killer to be, get help, if you chose yellow, you are desperatly in need of lessons in etiquete, if you chose green, thats an odd choice, dont do it again.
That leaves 20 acceptable seats.

I trust I wont have to have this conversation with you again.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Elephants RULE!

I've been playing R:TW a lot recently, I never really gave it a fair showing because of its infuriating removal of the sea sections which reduced naval transport speeds to little more than a crawl.

Anyway, fancying another go, I decided to try again with Carthage.
My first foray with the bastard sons of purple slug juice wasnt exactly spectactular, I eventualy managed to drive the Greeks and Romans from Sicily, but the relative weakness of my Iberian infantry against Hoplites and Hastati meant I managed to depopulate my cities in the process. King Phyrus has nothing on me.....
This time, I tried Elephants, not even War Elephants, just regular ones, and they happily blundered through infantry units like they were paper.

Still not quite mastered siege warfare with cavalry armies yet, but its fun fun fun.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Damn you blogger, why dont you work!

In response to the lovely Ana

This was intended as a comment, rather than a blog post in its own right, alas, blogger is being a tool today, so it shall have to settle here.

Saying Religion caused the crusades is like saying Kitcheners "Your country needs You" posters caused the First World War.

The Crusades were nothing new.
Almost exactly a thousand years before the first Crusade from Catholic Rome massacred Jerusalem, SPQR Rome massacred Jerusalem.

The east has always wanted to move west, and the west has always wanted to move east.
The Crusades are little different than Alexanders great march east in cause.
Nor is the Turkik expansion vastly different from that of Xerxes.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

You big girls

Wahh Waaaaah, mummy, will you tell little jimmy off, he doesnt link to my blog and that makes me really really upset.

Hat Tip, my entire blog roll (with the possible exception of FF and GL)(and TD who occaisionaly links via twitter)

My Blogroll exists for two reasons.
Firstly, its less likely to delete itself than a favourites menu on a work desktop and a home PC thats currently 'Sans Case', and thats helpful to me.

Secondly, to provide a service to my readers over and above my ill formed rants, spelling mistakes, punctuation abuse and almost entirely accurate 6 month economic forcasts.

Link, dont link, I really couldnt fucking care.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Only an idiot fights a war on two fronts

Why I was fighting one on four, who knows.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

On Fox

I dont like Fox.
He is a vapid incompetant who delivered a random assortment of cuts and called them a strategy.

I have only one comment about his current troubles.
So politicaly partisan is the civil service, that senior ministers feel the need to bypass them through unofficial intermediaries.

Far from the villification of fox, his case should be cause for the crushing of the Civil Service.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Greece will default

I have already told you how

Talks of a 20% haircut make no sense.
Even if Greece did wipe out 20% of its debts, nothing would change.

There are three options
A complete default
A partial default returning Greece to the 60% EUro limit

And a new one.
A default that lowers interest and redemption payments by an amount equal to or greater than the current annaul borrowing needs.