Thursday, 29 September 2011

So the Eurozone wants to implement a Transaction Tax?

Awesome, I say we give them every encouragement.
Paris and Frankfurt might not have massive financial centres, but London could use any extra business the EU wants to drive out.

Whats the chances they could be convinced they need a patent tax?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

You know its over when

You have to go an TV to argue that you arent weird.

TrT hasnt kept a close eye on the Labour Conference, but his key pick ups have been "End Freedom of the Press" to deal with the expenses scandle and, well, "I'm not a crook weirdo"

Friday, 23 September 2011

TheRagingTory wondered

why all of a sudden, vulture credit had been circling.

Apparently, direct line have decided that, even though I cancelled my car insurance long before it was renewed, I owed them the first months payment.
I obviously didnt pay, nor did they ask me too.

So here we are, months on, angry letters from debt collectors and a ruined credit rating.
When the enemy lays siege, I intend to ride out and slaughter them.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Logistics always amazes me

In order to keep the performance of Israeli soldiers high in the heat of the Sinai desert, the Israeli army ordered that soldiers be supplied with one liter of water every hour, rather than the previous one liter per day.

From Wiki on the 6 day war.

24 litres per day per man.


Not as sexy as Stealth Fighters, but pretty damned impressive.

To make the Sheeple feel important whilst emptying their coin purse

"And the point of the Lib/Lab/Con Conferences is?"

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fantasy Fleeting.

A throw away comment on Think Defence caught my eye last night.

Search for "If it was up to me" (I have no idea how to link to comments, I leant Delphi, not HTML)

Anyway, I intend to steal this idea, mwahahahahaa

1st Fleet
Made up of two flotillas, the purpose of which is to smack johny foreigner for misbehaving. Each flotilla is identical, and they they rotate in and out of service, say, every 6-8 months, one in service, either hanging around the UK, or smacking johny foreigner, or hanging around johny foreigner pointedly implying we can smack him at any point.

Flagship would be the Carrier, either QE or PoW (I'm fairly sure these will be renamed Invincible and Ark Royal before they are launched, the french are unlikely to want to share Queen Elizabeth are they, but never mind that for now). Carrying the proper flight group, 36 fighters, almost certain to be Rafels, but again, lets maintain the fiction that they will be F35c's, and 4 airborne radars, no doubt the E2.
Provides CAP, Strike and ISTAR.

Costs, well, it looks to be about £4bn for the Carriers, and about the same for the airgroup, lets call it £10bn all in.

The next group, would be troop landers, now, theres a lot of ways you can go with this, but in my view, although the ability to offload heavy gear would be nice, the essential part, is off loading the troops. The quickest, easiest, and safest way of doing that, is by helicopter. Luckily, most current ships are very capable in that regard, the French designed Mistral has 6 chinook landing spots, and a capacity of 900 on overload or 450 on standard running, at a cost of £400mn.
Now, I'd want it capable of operating the really heavy lift CH53K, not so much for extra trop lift, but to allow the troops lifted to be very well supplied.
6 Ships each carrying 550 deployables and supplies and 36 Helicopters should come in at around £5bn.
Probably less, as the French Mistrals are very "warship"y

The next group, would be vehicle landers, I'm quite a fan of the Bay/Rotterdam/Galicia Class, I think the flat deck remains useful, although would probably add a crane and fill it with ISO boxes.
6 of those would be more than capable of landing a serious armoured (and motorised) componant to go with the infantry already helicoptered to landing sites.
'm sure the bays were only £100mn each, but lets say £200mn, gives us a total cost of £1.2bn

Big stuff done, we move onto the shooty stuff.
Given the T45 was originaly developed as, a family of multirole specialised ships, I think its criminal that we are developing another such family to provide half of these roles, so, all my escorts would be T45 derived.
A "common" platform would be built, 15 such units, each with a basic AAW/ASuW/AShW/ASW capability, each hull would then receive a specialised addition, so 6 would receive SAMPSON and more, larger, missile tubes, 6 would receive towed array sonar and ASW helicopters, the remaining three would receive addtional land attack missiles and anti ship missiles.
Since the seventh T45 was offered at a mere £650mn, and SAMPSON is by miles the most expensive part. I'm confident this is a "fair" price for the class as a whole, so 15 ships, for £10bn.

Finaly, Submarines.
3 Astutes, which should in theory have a cost of about £1.3bn each, £4bn for the lot.

3 Astute+s, stretched in the middle, to fit a missile module, carrying either 4 Trident Replacement, or Cruise Missiles, lets say £2bn each, £6bn for the lot.

Now, all that, that truely awe inspiring fleet, the likes of which the RN has not known for a generation, costs £36bn.
So both Flotillas would cost £72bn. A huge sum of money you say?
Well, not really, even if we give the vessels a very short 20 year service life, its £3.5bn a year, less than 10% of the Defence budget.

Friday, 16 September 2011

The NHS accepts I exist!!!

Only 5 years after my last Dr burnt my medical records (seriously) the NHS has accepted I exist and assinged me a Dr.

Into the Docs I go for a check up with a nurse, High Blood Prssure.
So, TrT asks, "so I need to lose weight?" (I have porked up a bit recently).
Nurse responds "No No No, we'll start you on this this this this this and this"

After a good 5 minutes of increasingly direct questioning, the nurse finaly admited that weight loss, increased areobic exercise and a moderate change of diet can all have an effect.

The raging tory is interested in cures, not treatments thank you very much.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Its the Euro or War!

Says the fool at the Telegraph

Didnt Germany join the Euro becuase its scum stood in front of Camera and said much the same?
"Its the Euro or war, anyone who doesnt want the Euro is obviously a azi who wants to restart Roasting Jews?"

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Please, oh mighty government, protect them from themselves

And the DT claims to be a paper of record?

Tut tut tut

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the crazy one?

The Good Dr is making war on his local councils enforcement outsourcers.
Allies have popped out of the wood work to provide legal help.

But do people not realise, the magistrates are not on your side?
What the law says is irrelevent!

The police, the council, the balifs and the courts will act on what they *THINK* the law says, or even what they *THINK* it should say.

The Baliffs have no right to force entry, very true, so, when one of them kicks your door down, the police wont come when you ring 999, if anything, they will simply join in your harrassment for wasting their time.
You may go to the courts, but the courts are not your allies, they arent even impartial arbiters, they are golfing buddies with the higher up police and the baliffs you'll be in court against, they wont give a flying fuck what the law says, they will ruile on what they think the law should should say, and that will be, that their mates are free to do whatever the hell they want.

It cant possibly just be me whos sat and watched this happen.

If you play their game, they set the rules, and you will be safely contained.
If your prepared to throw the rules out the window, you can get a reaction, but I doubt it will be a nice one.

Monday, 12 September 2011

What comes first?

The Greek Government runs out of cash three weeks from now, remember, that thing I've been warning you about for months, where its unable to pay its employees Euros and instead pays them Neo Drachmas?

The only question now is, will that be the first, or will something else buckle first?

What could buckle first you ask?

The ECB. Seriously.
The numbers are of course, sketchy, but from my understanding, the ECB is only still functional because of the E160bn and a bit deposited there on overnight terms by EUropes banks. If they ask for that money backm it will be unable to pay off its creditors, and so they could, at least in theory, petition the courts for bankruptcy proceedings.

I realise its a bit left field, but there it is.

The ECB is ofr course in trouble anyway, it holds a lot of Greek debt, which in theory will be offloaded onto the EFSF, but theres little chance of Greece lasting that long.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Swiss go to War

Economicly at Least

Now, Switzerlands reaction is understandable, wrong, but understandable, they'd be far far far better retooling, well, everything.

The SNB had aquired some SF230bn last year (if anyone has more up to date figures please feel free to post) in its attempts to hold down the Swissie.

Imagine that instead was spent on capital improvements to swiss industry.
SF230bn is enough to dominate any sector of the global economy, imagine that invested in microprocessor design and fabrication? Or Nuclear Power, the government may not want more nuclear reactors, but the people clearly do, a sliver of that would build the worlds most advanced steel mill and churn out single piece reactor cores with ease.

Investing to be profitably exporting at parity is a lot better in the long term than trying to hold up the Euro....

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

David Cameron - The Wrong Thing at the Wrong Time, Everything, Everytime

He just cant help himself

To make a single currency work, either you need all of the countries to behave in a more Germanic way... or you need to have some way of transfer between countries.

Now, I know you cant fool all the people all the time, bnut its usualy best not to piss off everyone in a single sentance.

Any talk of transfer union will immediatly shut down German political discourse, and yet any talk of the iPigs being more German is an insult. Quite undeservadly, because miost of them are in this position not because they were prolifigate, although they were, they are in this position because the Germanic ECB through the rule book out the window and let rip with M3 to nurse Germany through recession, pooring petrol on already flaming real estate down south.

Once upon a time, in my heart of hearts, I would have believed it was a cunning ploy, drive a wedge between the two to break down the EU.
But Dave lacks the brains for that, never mind the balls.

He's just an idiot that has no idea what anyone else thinks, or what the facts are, so he mouths meaningless platitudes

Default Insurance on Nationalised Banks?

Isnt that kind of like default insurance on the nation?

I remain of the opinion that a UK default is off the radar.
Our debts are primarily sterling, so its easier just to monetise our way out.

That pretty much leaves the worry that the current government will reverse gear and leave the banks to fail, which seems, unlikely, if not unwelcome?

Monday, 5 September 2011

So, Hari was Rose.....

Hat Tip Guido

Since Hari has admitted to being David Rose, who's only contact details seem related to quite extreme adult material even Jack Boot Jaquis husband would have balked at.

Has anyone thought to ask about Johans involvement?
Writer? Director? Star?

Black Swan

TheRagingTory is looking to the future and asking what unexpected event could go wrong next.

Now, despite peoples protestations to the contrary, a big EU bank failing, or even the collapse of the EU, is not a black swan, both are widly predictable, and predicted.

My favourite black swan at the moment, is a declaration of Independance.

Italy, is an interesting case, the Lega Nord is the third biggest party in the House of Deputies, and almost big enough to break the ruling coalition if it left.
It has 150,000 members, do the Tories have that anymore? Labour and the Limp Dumbs sure as hell dont.
And Independant Northern Italy, based on old Genoa, Venice, Milan and Bologna, would be relativly debt healthy after a couple of years, even if it took debt based on size of the economy.
But, Italy is central, and Italy is, well, Italy. Its a bit, Peoples Republic of West Yorkshireish...

My favourite, is Crete.
Economy is good, with high wages and low unemployment, economy is functional, and its an island. Independance already is, by virtue of geography.

Just a bit of a ramble.

Doomed, Doomed I say!

Hat tip EURef
EU bailouts, from another angle

I mentioned a while back that funding the none punative rates at the EFSF was becoming impossible for all but the Scandies, whom are too small to be significant, because French and German borrowing costs were rising above the bailout rate.

Another point that I missed (mostly because the rule was thrown out the window) is that the Bailouters are also already above the EU's debt limit.
Only Finland is below on that list, and $28bn will see it over 60%.

Now, the only way Greece can possibly salvage some semblance of a functional economy is if vast quantities of its debts are written off.
Some time ago, I predicted a write down to 60% of GDP, a write off of some 57% of its debts. But that would pile vast losses on French and German banks, who must bail out their depositors, but France and Germany are already over the limit, so the governments cannot borrow to make good their natives savings losses.
In fact, They would both probably demand to write off thweir own debts down to the 60% window, or perhaps, they would push to write off 57% of their debts?

Again and again it comes down to Uncle Trickey will run the printing presses, or be strung up and his replacement runs thems.

What follows?
I cannot say.
I wont be booking my hollibobs anytime soon.

Friday, 2 September 2011

How easily we forget

TrT has now been carless for a little over a month.

I had a great clunking beast that required manly actions to operate, the clutch required pressure, and pressing some distance, the gear stick, solid motions, the accelerater, had a good three inches or travel from flooring it to rest.

As such, I always despised driving my partners like fiat, in which a forceful fart could lead to an accidental gear change, and there appeared to be 3 millimetres between rest and redlining.

Moved it over the weekend, without thinking, drove fine.
It took a month for my body to forget how to drive my old car, so much so that I could drive a car with entirely different controls.

In the back of my mind, I'd always wondered, do pilots *really* need 20 hour a month flight time to stay sharp.
It seems they do...

Shipping flashes red again

Cant have been much more than a week ago I was suggesting that the crisis cant be that bad, because the shipping indices havent got much press.

Right on schedule

Euro banks are borrowing dollars by the barrow load, on weekly repayments, so one assumes letters of credit for trade are gone.

And people still doubt QE three is round the corner?

The next leap is monetisation, you know it, I know it.
Not saying its the next step, but I dont think anyone at number 11 is considering dollar parity a problem right now.

The way this is mirroring 2008 is truely startling.
Europe falters, the ECB jacks up rates, Europe falls and the ECB is forced to backtrack.