Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Revolutions are not won by the poor!

For fucks sake they rarely even fight in them.

Revolutions are the process by which the middle class topples the ruling class and takes its place in opressing the poor. Perhaps better termed ruling ruling class, serving ruling class and the poor?

When the Barons revolted and imposed Magna Carta on the King, they had money on their side, enought to raise an army and impose their will

When the Cottoners revolted and brought down the Corn laws, they did so with an abundance of money.

When the civil rights movement in the US kicked off, they had the funds to pay the bail for their arrested revolutionaries, and a supply of lawyers to get the charges reduced to irrelevences.

If you want me to string up my MP, you better be willing and able to pay my mortgage when I'm arrested and on trial, and pay my legal fees until the revolution is over and you've arranged my pardon, and frankly, until I can get a new job and pay my mortgage myself. Not to mention support my family during all this.

Prove you can enforce the military covenant after the event, and you will have an army willing to sack whitehall.

Sunlit uplands are all very nice, but first you needs serious plans for the killing in the gutter, because that comes first.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

If the death penelty

Is state sanction murder
Why isnt taxation state sanctioned theft?

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Sometimes it just writes itself

Sep Blatter has broken his silence to defend the good name of FIFA and counter the charges that FIFA judges were openly asking for bribes.

His defence so far seems to be, we didnt do it, we arent corrupt, it wasnt me guv.

Quite why he chose to mount his defence from corruption capital of the world Africa is quite beyond me.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Tim Farron calls for in out vote

LimpDumbs playing good coalition partners?
Or genuine moves along the lines of the jedi?

Europe would be one hell of a dividing line between third or fourth party labour, and first and second party liberals and conservatives.

Does DSK really matter

The world seems aghast than an Aparatchik could be anything but a paragon of virtue, and that ragnarok is upon us now the IMF chief cannot save us.

Now, not some ill informed hippy assuming that because I dont know what DSK does, DSK does nothing, but surely, his day to day actions are going to be limited at best?
Strategic directionalising, maybe, number crunching, unlikely.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Telegraph is livblogging the eurovision again, although the short straw drawer looks considerably less cool than less year, I still have high hopes, see ya there

Thursday, 12 May 2011

David Laws?

Am I missing something here?
He quite clearly broke the rules*, in that he claimed for "rent" paid to his partner.
But claims this is ok, because he was in the closet at the time?

And the LimpDumbs actualy want this man in the cabinet?

The mind boggles, truely it does.

*To be fair, why exactly is it against the rules? Assuming the rent was reasonable?
I charge my partner for room and board.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Firesupport thoughts

I posted a bit of a request for information a couple of days ago, and the ever knowledgable Grand Logistics pushed me in the right direction.
The Airforce Harriers in the Falklands deployed around 150 (I lost count several times) munitions during the war, mostly cluster bombs and 1000lb bombs, with the odd rocket pod thrown in for good measure.

Thanks to work done by Grand Logistics, we also know that the harrier fleet peaked at 31, averaged around 29 for the combat period. 30 is a better number, lets use that.
If 6 Harriers loosed 150 weapons, it would at first glance be reasonable to assume the 24 Sea Harriers loosed 600 weapons. However they were, in my understanding, primarily there to provide CAP not Strike, its hard to make up a number, so, in the interests of fairness, I'll assume they loosed 600 ground attack weapons.

That gives us a total of 750 ground attacks.

An 8 cell Tomawhawk Battery is approximatly 3x4m (You do not want to know how I guestimated that!!!) giving us 1.5 square metres per missile.
The T45 is 152m long and 21m long giving is a surface area of 3192 square metres, enough for 2000 launch cells if you devoted the entire deck to it.
Now obviously, thats unlikely (can you walk on them?) but fitting around hundred would be fairly easy without removing equipment, you could probably fit 250 if you lost the helicopter/hangar or the forward gun.

Will the RN grab the bull by the horns whilst the C123 program is still under development? The plan is still 18 vessels. A 4x4 block takes up 12*16m of deck space and provides 128 missiles, that on 18 ships, even if only 6 can be sent with a tasl force, they represent a formidable capability, more strike than was performed last time, and damned better at it as well.

How will the Default work?

The Slog has pretty much confirmed the greek default is already being planned.
So, it seems a Greek default is certain, and a general EU wide default can be all that follows.

TrT is wondering just what such a default could look like. And I think we have a perfect explanation.

In the Maastricht Treaty
Government debt:
The ratio of gross government debt to GDP must not exceed 60% at the end of the preceding fiscal year. Even if the target cannot be achieved due to the specific conditions, the ratio must have sufficiently diminished and must be approaching the reference value at a satisfactory pace.

60% of GDP will be the allowable debt level, Greece is currently at 145%, so 85% of GDP worth of bonds must be written off, which I make to be a 58.6% write off.

How they would do that is of course interesting, it could be an across the board hit, everyone loses equaly, or they could hit the newest bonds first, so if you lent money to greece when it was already over 60%, you lose everything.
In a rational world, they would choose the second option, but it sepends who owns what dates I suppose.

Scottish Independance? Why Not the Independant City State of Newcastle too?

Originaly a joke on Ostrich Home

Ultimo Tiger said in reply to Frankland Macdonald Wood...
Maybe you'd like to get rid of certain parts of England that don't vote the way you want them too as well?
Reply Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 19:07

TheRagingTory said in reply to Ultimo Tiger...
Why not?
Surely the Independant city states of Newcastle, Liverpoool and Manchester make more sense than what we have now?
Reply Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 19:33

Ultimo Tiger said in reply to TheRagingTory...
Are you actually being serious?
Reply Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 20:16

At first, It was only meant in jest, but after a bit of a thought, why not?
Luxemburg has a population of 500,000, Estonia has a population of 1.3 million, the Tyne and Wear city region has a population of 1.65 million.
Its also been a solid Labour Block vote since 1935.

What sense does it make for Newcastle to be in political union with the southern counties, which have returned a Tory Block vote since the same date period?

Monday, 9 May 2011

Close Air Support in the Falklands War?

Was there any?

Seriously, I've been looking, I even read all the battle writeups on Britains Small Wars, yet cannot for the life of me find any mentioned.
I'm aware there was a rocket attack at Goose Green, and bombing of Argentine Forces around Stanley, but cant find anything related to air support being used in conjunction with a ground assault.

As part of my Cruise Missile Carrier thinking, I'd planned to map out the direct fire support needs of a Brigade sized landing force.

Although I suppose the field fortifications were such a nightmare during thwe war because the Carrier Airgroup could do little to reduce them.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Arise Men of Scotland!

The Fishmonger has finaly broken through Labours heartlands in far North and is promising a referendum on Scottish Independance in the next term.

Well met I say, finaly, after 305 years of being expensive pets / exploited workers (depening on your point of view), the Scots are preparing to strike out on their own, as good neighbours and honourable friends.

But as one disasterous bailout/hostile takeover comes to a close, another raft of them are descending, to trap northern and southern europe, in the same chains of mutual distrust.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Why did they replace Weir in stargate?

The chick from earth2 was awesome

Game of Thrones

Its been, nice, but does anyone else get the impression its just not that good, and youre only watching it because youre supposed to?

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Well, I'm Wondering if I Called it Correctly

It now seems clear that Gadaffi is being targetted quite heavily, as I said should be the case.
One hopes Cameron has an emergency addapairtome and bags the other two targets today or tomorrow, of course, with Gadaffi eating a storm shadow as well

Did Anyone Watch Prison Break?

Well, Series One, or Possibly Two, the Dude the Main Blokes Older Brother alledgedly shot, turned out to be living in a Cabin in Montana with no contact with the outside world?

Well, thats Osama.
Not world wide terrorism leader, but delusional princeling locked in the attic.

I do hope we can stop this nonesense now.