Thursday, 28 April 2011

Missing the point

TrT doesnt often risk taking a shot at the big boys, but in this case, he cannot restrain.

Although its a very nice video, those outside the guidosphere aint gonna see it.
Now, if you'd bought 2 minutes of advertising on the Britains Got Talent add break.....

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

a better example of the bias at the bbc?

watching masterchef.
Narrator: new york is an international melting pot and so has some of the best food in the world.

So wall street money has nothing to do with it?
Tokyo has more michellin stars than any other city, hardly a melting pot is it?

Front Lines?

Defence and Freedom has a nice article on "tactical defence in a low denisty reality".
In which he explores the difficulty of holding a front line with insufficient manpower.

I pretty much agree, but I dont think it matters.
"Front lines" are a relativly new concept, and rarely existed pre first world war, there simply wasnt the manpower, not even during the napoleonic wars. Individual cities and objectives may be ensieged, but a front line is in effect the seige of an entire nation.

If the borders were manned, they would be manned by light cavalry detchments, whos job was to raise the alarm, gather intelligence and harrass the enemy.

The concept is simply outdated.

Monday, 25 April 2011

I dont follow the logic

The Co-op reckons its quicker to 'drop in' and buy what i need every day than to do a weekly shop.
Its a 5 minute drive each way, so an hour and ten minutes travelling.
It takes me an hour to do my shopping, and because tesco deliver, i can shop in my underwear whilst drinking beer, hmm, i wonder, should the asa intervene?

Friday, 22 April 2011

We're going to get slaughtered

The elections are mere weeks away, and every Tory TrT knows outside the inner party bubble has effectivly given up. Going through the motions appears to be in full swing.

Thinking about "the swing" just makes me feel ill.
How did this happen?

You can say that again!!!

David Cameron's outrage over the few black students at Oxford shows how much the Tory party has changed

You can say that again KB.
Once, we were a fact based meritocracy.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

*Can* does not mean *Should*, especialy when we in fact *Can't*

Does it matter what this links to?
Is it the misguided cack handed effort in Libya?
My intent was to roll off a list, but it was depressing, so screw it.
Some bomb disposal bird was recently blown up trying to diffuse a string of bombs.

Now, being able to dispose of a bomb is a very hand tool, one that I would definatly want were I attached to a bomb, or stood on a land mine, or whatever, but that was not the case.

The bombs that killed Captain Head were not attached to a gaggle of Afghan school children, they were not surrounding a patrol with team members quickly bleeding to death.
They were in an alleyway, in a dead beat village in the middle of fucking no where.
And there lots of them.

As The Narrator Reminds us, over a long enough time line, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero.
Had she risked her life, perhaps a dozen times, and defused all of these bombs, she would have cleared a path for a few days, until they were relain.
Had they lobbed a grenade round a corner, she would have cleared a path for a few days, until the mines were relain, at no risk. Admitadly, with a loud bang.

How is that a tough choice to make? We risk the lives of our best and brightest so we can avoid damage to walls that shrug off direct hits from 30mm cannons?


This doesnt even call for intelligent thinking, like flattening the sodding town with bulldozers and rebuilding it as something other than a rat warren designed to kill paras.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

its eurovision again

some dude from blue said he wants to do britain proud.
Deck the winner.

eurovisions coming up

vote greece, bring down the eurozone
or ireland

Friday, 15 April 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

That Fibre Optic Network

Skys utter inability to answer wehter they will send me a new wireless router, or if I should just go and buy one, despite several phone calls and several hours looking for phone numbers has pissed me off to the point of quiting (and just buying a new sodding router).
However Virgings fibre optic TV isnt at my post code yet.
Do any of our more tech savy readers know of theres a way to find out when they will?

Is the "Link" Cashpoint System Working?

I've noticed several building society cashpoints arent allowing me to withdraw cash on my debit card, which is not overdrawn.
Could just be a fault with the specific machines, but I wonder....

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

When does a Commonality Compromise become Capability Compromised

The ever wise Think Defence community are debating a solid piece on the F35.

It kinda got me thinking.
My usual opinion is that a single multirole aircraft will work out a better aircraft in the long term than multiple single role aircraft. Both through lower research/development costs and ongoing repairs/spares and the like.

The problem is best viewed in Maths.
Lets say it costs £1bn to design an aircraft, and it costs £50mn to build an aircraft.
If we build 1 aircraft of a design, the cost is £1,050,000,000 per aircraft.
If we build 10 aircraft of a design, the cost is £150,000,000 per aircraft.
If we build 100 of a design, the cost is £60,000,000 per aircraft.
If we build 1000 of a design, the cost is £51,000,000 per aircraft.

Its a classic diminishing return problem, each successive aircraft saves a smaller and smaller amount than the preceeding one.

Using my workings above, you can have 8 fleets, each of 100 aircraft, for a total cost of £480,000,000,000 or you can have 1 fleet of 1000 aircraft for a total cost of £510,000,000,000.

Now, I havent "proven" anything, because I just made up some numbers, but I hope it will at least make people think.

The Italian Empire went so far against commonality that its airforce struggled to equip even front line squadrons with a single aircraft type.
In the F35 program, are we now seeing the other extreme?

Monday, 11 April 2011

And The Morons Just Keep Right on Walking

UK banks forced to keep "risky trading" away from retail deposits

And the Raging Tory asks again, what UK bank was brought down by risky trading?
Every UK bank that failed, failed because its Mortgage Arm blew up.

Has a UK bank even made a loss from risky trading yet?
I realise the market is rigged in their favour, but I thought the only thing keeping the banks solvent WAS supposedly "risky" trading?

Friday, 8 April 2011

We Need a Warmaster!

The Good Doctor writes a good piece on Afghanistan. Although I dont agree in full, I think he puts far too little weight on the pressure the military was under to spread out in 2006, which was more a flat order from the civil leadership, "provide police for these towns, now," than a gentle request to see if the British zone could be expanded somewhat. And of course, whenever an extra battalion was routed to theatre, there was always a new target to occupy with it, hammering any attempt to "thicken" the line. But thats beside the point.

What is clearly missing, is a Commander of the Afghan War, or even just the British forces in it, and a supporting staff.
Its absolute madness to expect the army to function as it did in the second world war, with many soldiers out of the country from 1940-1946, there be a mutiny.
But a Warmaster and a supporting Corps of Officers should have been appointed to prosecute the war from day one till completion. With full powers to spend the armed forces budget as he (or she)(nar, definatly he) sees fit.

KI am again drawn back to my global guardian idea.

Flash of Inspiration from the Morality Hole

Zero Hedges house window lickers are running with the idea that Israel is going to Bomb Gaza tonight, which I suppose means about 12 hours ago, which means they arent.

But my first thought was, I wonder if we should lend them a few ground attack capable Typhoons, cant be bad for export sales.

You dont make friends with Salad.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Portugals Latin American Trick

Portugals state social security fund is rumoured to be dumping overseas assets to buy Portugese Government debt.

If memory serves, Portugals holdings are mostly in Spain. And Spain has already pulled this trick...

Meh, at least the chickens are delivered...

Monday, 4 April 2011

pointless cliches

i'm watching a scifi film i skyplussed on syfy

i can deal with the post apocalypse zombie hordes.
I can deal with people forgetting bows but mastering detachable spear heads
i can deal with detachable spear heads with lines attached used to hunt three ton sloths.

But why oh why does the nerdy viewer hero feel the need to watch the muscley tribe hero plough the babe senseless?
Dude, roll over or go for a walk...

Libya 2

Its being reported that 600 Royal Marines are going to Libya to protect a port and distribute aid.

One wonders if that port will be Ras Lanuf, a large oil terminal....

Such a force would easily be able to provide a secure logistics and reformation hub for the rebels, and provide an impenetrable barrier for the next Gadafist breakout.

5 weeks to go.....

Sunday, 3 April 2011

sots is sweet

it is a very cool game.
I've been playing the hive a lot.
Slow on offence, but instant teleport on defence, its seriously twisted.
It has got me away from turtling as well, which is nifty.
Heartily advise it.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

theres probably a lesson here

the worst roads in my la are right outside the engineering operations hub