Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Santanders Brazillian Operations

Dont suppose anyone has a handle on the scale of these?
Last time I got some solid figures was maybe two years, and just their second hand car finance book was huge.

Cant really find much updated info.

Empress Newlove the Thrice Matyrd, Camerons House Commoner?

Am I the only person to note that Miss Newloves proposals are pretty much the same shit we've had to deal with for the past decade?

There are two things that could have saved her husbands life.

A Police force and judicary that responds to low level terrorism.
An Armed neighbour that could have walked out and shot the feral animals attacking him.

We've already had 101 none emergency numbers suggested.
They were in the same raft of fucking shit that saw gangs commiting acts of extreme unprovoked violence given a cup of hot soup and good talking to.

"Lady Newlove said: "For too long now, too many people have either not known how to get involved, have not been listened to when they have tried to speak out, or simply
felt that it wasn't worth it as nothing would ever change. "
And on friday, when I see the local scum harrassing a neighbour, what will have changed? Will I be confident trhat I can leave my house and confront them? That the police will support me? Anbd that if they turn their attentions to me, I, and my fellow neighbours, will be capable of surving, let alone winning the confrontation?

Miss Newlove
The Next woman who watches her husband beaten to death has you to thank.
I do hope your proud of yourself.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Its good to be proven right

A map of the oil fields in Libya.
Now, I'm not sure about the relative contents of each field, but it seems likely that a Benghazistan that holds everything east of and including Sirte holds 60-70% of Libyan Oil.
If the South revolts as well (didnt the Taureg throw their lot in with the Bengazi?) that could easily reach 90%.

My view from the start has been that Benghazistan cant control Tripoli without the same methods Gadafi used to control Benghazi.
But they dont need to.

Declare Independance, we have a couple of hundred Chally2's going spare you can buy and use to hold the border.

Its just nice when it all clicks into place.

Now, I dont actualy expect this to happen, we dont "do" Independance for some reason, but its by far the best solution.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

I cant help but wonder why

I've just been watching some of the gun camera footage the RAF has released, and apart from feeling some sympathy for the viewpoint of the good doctor, that this is little more than an execution, it just baffles my why Libyans are still sat in those tanks.

They dont want to roll over and surrender, fair cop, but this makes going over the top look positivly fucking sane.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Is Swords of the stars any good?

Sounds a litle bit like a turn based Sins of Solar Empire, or Total War in space, £5.50 on impulse

Friday, 25 March 2011

I wonder who else they're targetting? UPDATED

A thought occurs.
I'm fairly sure Ghadafi isnt going to survive the conflict, even from exile, he'd be a pain in the arse.
But what about this oxygen thief?

That would be quite a coup wouldnt it?

Obviously Cameron could never admit to settling scores with the Lockerbie Bombers, but that doesnt mean The Sun couldnt scream it from the rooftops.

6 Weeks to go....

Fletchers killer held by rebels
Whats the better victory? The Libyans Hanging WPc Yvonne Fletchers killers, or handing them over to face trail and prison here?

Come on Dave, we need an "all scores settled" headline....
Preferably with a sleeves rolled up / collar open / leaning over a balcony with a can of red bull photo...

Thursday, 24 March 2011


How About Redward Miliband?

All for One and One for All

You will have to forgive me, I've had this post tumbling round my head for months, its desperate to get out, but I'm struggling to give it form beyond that of a crazed rant.
But, its broken free, so get your rant goggles out.

It is the received wisdom of "prestige" that we must respond to aggression in a manner that is proportional, restrained, and can be justified on a very limited cost benefit analysis.

I disagree with that in the strongest possible terms on almost every front.

It makes absolutly no sense for us to pretend we will not go as far as we are in fact prepared to go. Far from making us look reasonable, it simply makes us look weak willed, virtualy all wars have come about because one side has been convinced that the other lacks the very will to fight, even if it has the capability.
Argentina invaded the Falklands, primarily because it was convinced the UK would not fight to defend them. Japan attacked Pearl Habour, not because it thought it could win, but because it thought a show of force would force the Americans to back down.
As a counter, the US took such a hard line on Japan in the first place, because they didnt believe Japan would dare a war.

But once at war, it makes even less sense to fight that war with both hands tied behind our backs. Now obviously, there are practical considerations, it makes little sense to turn a spilt drink into a nuclear war, but losing a war, because you dont want to use Tanks if just insanity. If you can open up a second front, and your hand is strengthend by doing so, then damn the diplomats and do so!

Lastly, we have cost.
The cost of defence can always be rigged so that it is a waste of money to defend, simply by lowering the territory to be lost.
People often say defence of the Falklands was a waste of money, and if you take the cost of the war, and the taxes reclaimable from the islands, they are probably right. But the Argentines could simply have seized a single farm, and then they would definatly have been right. But what if the next day they seized another? And another, and another? It would never be cost effective to fight a costly war over a field, and field by field, house by house, metre by metre, the Overseas Territories would be taken. Not to mention, Scotland, Northern England, Wales, field by field, all surrendered, because its not worth the cost of defending them.
Thats obviously something of an exageration, but much of the support offered by our allies, especialy France, is much easier to explain if they think, first them, then me.

Nations, at their heart, are collective security pacts, I will die to save him, because he will die to save me.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Whats Libya Really Costing?

Theres a lot of wild estimates going round as to how much the Libya raids are costing, usualy enough to build an aircraft carrier....

I'm not quite sure thats a realistic way to measure.

The Tornado is said to have operating costs of about £45,000 an hour. So, reasonably, a 10 hour flight costs £450,000.
But does it?
A NATO pilot is supposed to fly 20 hours a month for training purposes.
Would a flight to Libya and back not displace half of that flight time? Leaving the pilots who made it needing only 10 hours training flight time this month?
Obviously, a pilot couldnt make 2 flights to libya and back long term and remain sharp, but he could probably do one a month.
Estimates for the raid vary between 3 and 9 Tornados, assuming we maintain this pace for a month, thats between 90 and 270 pilots who could each make a single run at Libya. I dont know how many Tornado pilots we still employ, but I'm fairly sure its over 90
Its not beyond the realms of possibility that the aircraft costs can be entirely covered from training, and rightly so, for weeks, if not months.

Aircraft Depreciation is also a factor, and Cameron chose to use the clapped out Tornado, which will be retired with plwenty of airframe hours left.

That only really leaves weapons deployed.
We only have a handful of tomahawks, so they will be replaced, at some cost, but we bough 900 stormshadows, and have yet to use 100.
Then Libya fired ones may need replacing at some point, but certainly not today, and its very likely, that they will never be replaced.

Just a thought, I may be wrong, but I thought it was worth mentioning

Monday, 21 March 2011

Given the rather poor showing of the Benghazi forces

Perhaps we should have a crack at turning a few thousand of them into a proper army...

Horn tooting over for the day, probably...

Its Easy to Underestimate Cameron

But he isnt always thick as two short planks.

The locals and the AV vote are 6 weeks away, neither are issues that really matter in the day to day lives of people.
Is Cameron trying to turn them into referendums on a short sharp strategic raid into Libya, replete with glorious headlines in the Sun about our brave boys shoeing Gadafis baby killing thugs....

At the Moment, Camerons is being praised for his calm collectedness when without notes, whereas gadaffi is "terrified" and "hiding".

Since most people neither understand, nor care about, AV, they will vote as the man who impresses them most says to.
And I cant imagine Labour doing well when the man monster they cozied up to is blown apart by a storm shadow...

Sunday, 20 March 2011


i did pick a daft time to be unavailable.

Friday, 18 March 2011

what are the comic relief phone answerers doing?

they all have funky headsets, but they dont seem to have a computer of a notepad or anything....

Looks we're in then

With basing in Italy, bombing Gadafi back to Tripoli suddenly looks a lot easier.

I wonder, will we use the more economic Tornado, who's airframe life we have little reason to care about, or will we use the Typhoon, because its new, flashy, and nothing wins export orders like combat usage?

Bizarely, Dave appears to have fallen on his feet here,

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Dont worry, it'll still be there in the morning

Is that the most useless advice in the world?

I wouldnt be sat at my desk for 16 hours if I thought as soon as I left the magical Cash Float Reconcilliation Brownies would be at my desk to complete it for me!!!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Spring is in the air

just done my first mow of the season.

Quick blast of weed killer on some new beds, be ready to plant my mini meadow next week.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

No Fly Zone? You and What Bank Account?

I've done some back of the fag packet numbers on a No Fly Zone over Libya.

The closest Territory to Libya are the Sovereign Bases of Cyprus and Gibralter. Both are far enough away that we would need onsite fighters, rather than in Iraq, where we could launch Alert Fighters from Kuwait, Saudi or Turkey.

We would need to keep at least 4 fighters on station, the risk of a fighter needing to leave early is limited, but possible, and a single fighter maintaining a CAP would be very vulnerable. Not to mention, two fighters could be attacked and destroyed, four is much less likely to be attacked, and could probably smack around everything Libya has.

The Eurofighter can maintain a 3 hour CAP out to 185 miles, which is no where near enough to reach Tripoli, so a three hour CAP would need a Tanker.
Assuming an hour there and back, and a three hour CAP, and you already have a fairly long flight, so realisticialy, you'd want 8 such patrols. Although they could probably share a tanker, being tankered in, and the tanker leaving them with full tanks and escorting the on site fighters home.

So, thats 8 flights of 4 fighters, and 8 Tankers.
If each Typhoon is in the air for 4 hours a day, and it costs £90,000 an hour to fly one, that gives a cost of £360,000 per day for each Typhoon. We want 32 of them.
Thats over £11mn a day, plus Tanker, and probably an AWACS.
Does the UK even have 32 active Typhoons? Even if we loot the Quick Reeaction patrols of the UK? Or would we have to shut down the OCU as well?

Feel free to correct my maths, youre better at this than me :p

Oh for a sensible AI!!!

It is often my complaint that the AI on computer games is woefully stupid. Now, I dont expect my computer to match a human for ingenuity, but, theres very little original think required.

Most of you will have played games like Command and Conquer or Supreme Commander. The way the AI is these games function, is it creates a pre set "army", it will usualy have several for different stages of the game. Once this army is completed, it will send it towards a way point, often simply the centre of your starting location.
Now, forgive me if I'm wrong, but that sounds extremely lazy. Its certainly not how I plan my attacks.
The most obvious idea, would be for the computer to look at the forces of yours it has seen, calculate the force required to destroy it, and do that.

I was back on The Russian Front again last night and the enemy rather disappointed me.
I hid an Anti Tank gun behind a hill, and destroyed a German tank as it tried to pass, planning on fleeing the battlefield once I'd knocked this out.
But since my AT gun didnt appear to be in any danger (my half squads of partisans on the front line hadnt been overran yet), I waited to see if I could hit something else. Sure enough, another tank trundles past, and another, and another.
Over the 3 days I held the sector, I destroyed 15 tanks, assault guns and armoured vehicles.
One after the other, 5 times a day, for three days, the, generaly highly aclaimed AI, threw away its armoured fist. Out of morbid curiosity, I didnt even move the gun.
By the third day, The AI appeared to make a bad attempt at overwhelming my gun, but no, the MkIV at the bottom of the screen engaged the partisans giving my emplacement chance to destroy the STUG threatening it, and them destroy the tank, direct hit to the side armour.

Am I really asking too much?
An AI that actualy makes a decision, rather than following a script to the letter?

Also, 120mm mortars rule...

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Words are not Deads

Russian president orders military rearmament

Thats from 2009.

In 2010, much the same is reapeted
In 2011, much the same has just been repeated.

And 10:1 odds are that in 2012, much the same will be repeated.

What will not happen is, the Russia state will not actualy buy 1000 helicopters, 650 combat aircraft, or 100 warships.

It will simply repeat the pledge that its going to, then order 10, because the soviet people worked sop hard and made such wonderful planes, thats all they need.

Its Green to be Against Fuel Taxes!!!

Stolen from elsewhere, but worth repeating.

Lets take a bog standard (slightly old) hatchback.
It gets 30mpg.
Lets take a bog standard annual commute.
Of 10,000 miles.

That gives us fuel usage of 333 gallons per year.
Which is 1,516 Litres.

At current prices, thats £1,971
Of Which £1202 is Tax and £768.95 is Fuel

Now lets take a none bog standard hatchback.
Lets take a SEAT Ibiza Ecomotive
It gets 80.7 mpg
Same bog standard commute
Of 10,000 miles

This gives us fuel usage of 123 gallons
Or 563 Litres

At current prices £732
Of which £447 is tax and £285 is fuel

The ecomotive saves 209 gallons of fuel a year, and £1238, of which £755 is tax and £483 is actual fuel costs.
With an additional £125 saved on Road Tax, for
A Total saving of £1363

However, the Ibiza costs £13,490.
Even over a 10 year life cycle, the purchase only just breaks even.
Take into account finance costs, and it doesnt stand a chance. At 5% interest and over 10 years, the Car costs £142.90 a month, the saving is only £113

So, what do we do?
Well, if there was no road tax, the Ibiza fuel bill would be reduced to a mere £285.85, a saving of £1685.51, or £140.48. Still a little short, but almsot certain to pay for itself when fuel goes up, and £2 a month to trade an old banger for a new SEAT isnt exactly steep.

Obviously, the cost of the old Banger would drop as well, it would save £1202 in fuel tax and £125 in Road Tax, so the sensible financial action remains the fuel burner, but for the poverty stricken greenies, the lack of fuel tax would allow them to cut fuel usage massivly.

But thats not the only option.
What if there was still fuel tax and road tax, but instead of paying the wages of the diversity awareness officers, it was spent solely to reduce fuel usage?

You could use the current fuel tax to provide a 100% VAT rebate to cars that emit under 100 CO2 g/km.
That would reduce the Ibiza cost to £11,195.83, you could provide 0% financing on cars under the barrier, reducing the monthly cost an ibiza to £154(including fuel), £10 a month cheaper to the user and 79 litres of fuel a month easier on the greenatics.
You could provide a Tax Credit to cover the deposit, usualy about 35%.

All of these measures would have a massive effect on fuel consumption in the UK.
But equaly, they would wipe out a massive source of government revenue.

And of course, in the real world, green taxes are nothing to do with green, and everything to do with taxes, so this idea, will go no where.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

When censorship doesnt work

I've managed to get spotify back working, and, well, out of curiosity, downloaded S&M by Rhianna.
Maybe its just my perverted mind, but I placed far dirtier words in the censored version....

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards London to be born

The worlds local bank is rapidly coming to the conclusion that it has no ability to enforce payment on its US mortgage book.
Zero hedge have been hitting this for a while, now its gone mainstream.


I was really hoping

Ireland would get a fine fail coalition