Monday, 28 February 2011

This is just getting beyond a joke

why is my biggest traffic source the ultimate source for anabolic steroids?
What on earth am i writing about?

Sunday, 27 February 2011

And so it is done

The Reticulan menace and the biomass they fed were destroyed by the elite phoenix squadron in a daring raid on the moon.
After an extremely unproductive saturday spent screeaming, let me land on the fucking biomass!, we were finaly capalbe of obtaining a sample this morning.
After a short break for roast pork belly, the aliens were destroyed.

Next week, part two, where it will be retconned that we did the deal and allowed earth to be giant brainified

Friday, 25 February 2011

Using Tanks as Infantry Support

As my regular reader will know, I'm a big fan of the "mixed Brigade" and even mixed Battalion model.
In that, the Armoured Units of an Army should be dispersed amongst the army, probably to level where each Infantry Company comes with its own tank.

I've been replaying the Close Combat Series recently, and used the Russian Front as a test bed for my ideas.
Now, theres no offer of mounted infantry in the game (to my knowledge) so, Its simply been Infantry and tanks (and assault guns).

All in all, I was rather impressed with my tactics.

An all Armoured Force simply struggled to locate the enemy, except at point blank range, there the enemy infantry won maybe 40% of the time, and its expensive to lose my Panzers to conscripts at that rate.
An all infantry force, just rifle men and machine gun teams actualy did rather well, all the way to Moscow, where Soviet Tanks battered them senseless, they didnt even accept my truce, they forced me to retreat!!!

So last night, I tried the mixed force, although heavily Tank (and assault gun), so it was more an armoured piece to each infantry section, rather than one to each company.
The infantry were simply ordered to run forward, until the enemy opened fire, at which point they dropped and the tank following behind returned fire.
Obviously, not the best tactic for the real world, but the preponderance of tanks left me impatient. Tonight I'm going to double the infantry contingent and see if that gives better results, the tanks can then have a larger area to cover, and be less held up.
The main guns, although effective against buildings, were less effective against infantry hiding in crop land, which left the Stug3's at a particular disadvantage, having no machine gun.
I'm rather impressed with this outcome, because the model I suggested for the British Army (Or anyone) would have this hole covered by an IFV carrying an autocannon, somewhere between 20-40mm, and possibly even a couple of tanks with much the same.

My orginal model was that the "leading edge" of a Brigade would be Two Mechanised Infatry Battalions, each of 5 companies, or 10 Warriors, and a tank and SPG Battalion, each of 20-30 hulls.
So 100 Rifle Sections, 100 IFVs, 20 MBT's and 20 Artilery pieces
Scaled down, thats 5 rifle sections, 5 IFV's and a support weapon.

Mightily impressed I am.
Now of course, the road to Moscow isnt exactly the hardest battlefield to prove your metal on, but the concepts at least worked rather well.

So thats what happened to Porshce

Just yesterday, I'd been wondering what had happened about the rathjer ham fisted attempt at Geckoism byt the Porsche Board.
Basicaly, they're being shafted

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Be Wary of 40/20 Hindsight

The sound as a pound, erm, of silver, Grand Logistics over at, Grand Logistics, has a very intersting piece on what could have been in the Falklands.

Its very interesting, but its also a little bit unfair, because we know what in fact happened, but the people making the decisions didnt.

The most well known example of a glorious cock up, was the Black Buck Raids, which were mounted in place of tankering the remaining Harrier force south, they sailed on the Atlantic Conveyor.
In reality, they turned a perfectly servicable C130 airstrip, into two perfectly serviceable C130 airstrips, and donated a shrike missile to the Brazillians.

But in the planning room, they turned an Air Superiority Airfield into a cargo field.
The Americans considered retaking the Falklands a military impossibility, because they assumed the Argentines first action would be to turn Stanly airport into a fast jet capable base, something they had the time and resources to do.
Make no mistake, the Sea Harriers won because the enemy was fighting beyond its operational range, if the Argentine Airforce had been flying from The Falklands, the Sea Harriers wouldnt have stood a chance.
I cant find the quote right now, but a rather tactless RN officer told the families of the pilots not to expect to see them again....

Another is leaving behind a force to defend Ascension.
The Argentines didnt attempt to "take the fight to us", but they had a Navy, it had a carrier, a better one than we had.
We know that Argentina wouldnt attempt to sever our supply lines, or god forbid, bomb the UK, but they are possibilites. Well, bombing the UK was never in the picture, but our supply base could have been hit, and that would have caused serious of damage to our campaign.

And finaly, we should have waited till we were ready.
Again, in reality, that probably would have been better, if we delayed another week,the Argentinians would have sat around wondering when we going to stop playing silly buggers pretending we were gearing up for a war and accept joint sovereignity.
But we didnt know that.
10,000 men with shovels can dig a lot fire pits and trenches in a week, they can lay a lot of mines, in reality, they huddled in the mud and slowly starved.
Delaying a week might have broken them with less fighting as the winter took its toll, however those effects would have been equaly felt on our side as well.
Hermes and Invincible were both wrecked by the conflict, could they have lasted another week?

Its easy to see how events unfolded and spot mistakes, but its useless unless those mistakes arose from poor judgement in the first place.
Mistakes were made in the War, but its questionable how many were easily avoidable.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Remember everyone, when Jack Boot Jacqui asks

It wasnt just porn her husband was watching, it was gay porn.

According to the Telegraph Hack James Delingpole, and he would know, since the graph had the expenses forms, the two films were "By Special Request", of which my ten minutes of googling, and "Raw Meat 3", which a quick google will reveal, involves men penetrating men.

It seems to have gotten rather less coverage than such a juicey story really should

What happened to no ring fencing?

£100mn of additional gov money going out to local authorities, to fix pot holes.
So much for no more ring fenced grants eh?

Revisiting Kursk

Some time ago, I wrote a piece on why killing Hitler would have been bad for the allies, opining that the assault onm Kursk could have gone very differently without Hitlers Meddling, it was the last chance Germany had to break the Soviet Union and he fluffed it.

Well it appears I'm not alone after all
The blokes at War and Game had already done a piece that argued much the same, far more eloquently.

The German losses were far lighter than generaly accepted, and the Soviet Losses were far worse than generaly believed, and well beyond what what their qauntative advantage could offset. The Soviets had more tanks to lose, but they couldnt wuin a war suffering 6:1 losses, and thats possibly what they suffered at Kursk.

They are careful to note that even if Operation Citadel had ran to the end, the forces wouldnt have been able to intervene against overlord, and thats no doubt true, but I'm not quite sure its relevent.

Citadel had a chance to destroy the Soviet Army as a mobile, agressive force, if that had been accomplished, The British and Americans would still be threatening France and West Germany, but the Soviets would have been, for all intents and purposes, knocked out of the war.

If the German forces in France (and Italy) had been denied reinforcement, could the German push have moved onto Moscow before the allies reached the East/West border? Berlin?

I may have been playing CC3 recently....

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

To Lexx

An admirable attempt to turn Sci Fi into soft core porn

France is back in play

A while back I said in the comments that I didnt believe France would be the "big one" that brings down the EUro.

Events have rather overtaken me.
I still dont believe they are the most likely candidate, but ruling them out at this stage is foolhardy.

Thursday, 17 February 2011


Only to the terminaly stupid

Lets keep prespective here ok?

Ghurka smacks around none ghurkas

anton wrote on 31 January, 2011, 7:03
This man is the greatest badass on earth. attacking 40 men with a kurki… and winning…. this man should be legend.

But what did you expect? He is a Ghurka...

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Xcom for the 21st Century

I'll assume for a moment all of my readers are aware of the Xcom series, those who arent, go beat yourself with a stick, buy them, and then come back.

For Me, UFO:EU is one of the timeless games of the computer world, up there with The Settlers, Civilisation, Super Mario Brothers 3 (world is better, but less ground breaking) ect.

There were two follow ones, although neither were really worthy of the title, Terror from the Deep was just a reskin or the original with the difficulty set to are you insane and Apocalypse was simply unfinished (The ground vehicles existed but to no purpose).

There have been several follow ons (The UFO : Aftermath game prompted this post) but all have taken the "Movie Star" route in which a small group of elite commandos are all you can employ.
I could, and did, deploy 20+ men with armour support in Enemy Unknown, taking horrific losses as a matter of course(if I need a live commander I need a live commander, I can always hire more men to replace the 10 I lose charging him with stun rods), it seems deeply wrong to me that almost 20 years on, I can deploy seven.

If we consider for a moment, If an Alien fleet arrived in our system, and one of the space ships landed, abducted locals and shot resistors, I find it hard to believe that a single jet would be sent to shoot it down, and a single section would be sent to the wreckage.
Brigades would be sent, and indeed needed.
If we assume transport speed and firepower scale equaly, an enemy capable of even a 10th of light speed travel would have tank (Battleship?) killing hand guns.

Strategic Screen could stay more or less as it is, and replace the Tactical Screen wtih something more like the close "Close Combat" series or an enlarged Dawn of War Two (Or whatever that was nicked from).
If we managed to shoot down an enemy battleship with a crew of thousands, or god help us, a troop transport lands to invade, Close Combat would seem to be a brilliant way to represent such a scenario.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Good Old Games

I'm considering downloading UFO Aftermath from Good Old Games, I have it, in fact, its in my hand, but its $6 to buy, and my CD drive is unplugged, really, it should just let me download it.

Friday, 11 February 2011

I'm not sure how to feel

I wrote a piece a while back mocking some daft "I earn £90k a week on the internet, give me $50 and I'll show you how".

I'm fairly sure about 5% of my traffic is coming from that website.

Now, thats good, because I'm educating retards, but its quite sad that its the source of a massive chunk of my traffic.

The IMF appears to have sunk back into quiet insanity

“When we worry about the deficiencies of the international monetary system, we are mostly worrying about volatility,” he added. There is “a sense that money sometimes flows around the globe in too-volatile a fashion and that countries need a more stable, more predictable external environment in order to prosper”, he said.

I'm a career politician and civil servant with no real experience of business, but I think if I were allowed to plan and control the markets, the world would be much better off.
Now I know this didnt work in the two thirds of the world that tried it, and to this day, bring suffering and death to billions of people, but the new centrally planned economy will have something the others didnt, me.
Because I am so awesome, I instinctivly know the worlds paper clip requirement for 2025-2030 and the "Fair" price of a nurse in new zealand and a shoe shiner in Sau Paulo, its 1:10.
Not to mention how many pints of dark mild in a Doncaster working mens club a dirty martini in Miamis hippest haunts is worth.

For I am Dominique Strauss-Kahn, chosen one.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Does Cameron want a new election

Cameron appears to be stoking a fire, to little obvious purpose.

I doubt this is the case, but here goes.
"The Cuts" have yet to take effect, there are no few police on the streets, no fewer fire brigades.
We're out of Sangin so Afghan Deaths are through the floor.
The Lib Dems are argueing that rapists and kiddie fiddlers deserve to elect their own MP's.

Liars to left of me, lunatics to the left of me, at least I've stopped getting "Our Brave Boys" tm blown apart in Sangin.

Ireland follows

Property loans are being sold by the banks at a 58% discount to face value.

Bank takes an E100,000 deposit
Issues an E90,000 Loan
Sell the loan for E37,800

Have E47,800 to repay a deposit of E100,000

Will the liquidationists accept this of an example as why the savers are screwed no matter the path?

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Eurozone Depositors take a bath

And By God its a dunking

Depositors and Senior Bondholders in a failed Danish Bank have recieved a mere 59% of their holdings from the Deposit Guarentee Scheme that insured 100% of the amounts invested.

People, this is absolutly massive news!

Edit, less big news, its only on amounts above the E100,000 Limit.
Even so, it applies to all Senior Bond Holders, ie Pension funds.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ebay is stupid

Ebay decided that because I put three bids on three seperate but identical items, my account has been hacked.
So I had to come in work this morning and jump through hoops.
After jumping through hoops, it said I'd taken too long and gave me another set of hoops to jump through, which were also rejected, however I was given the option of jumping through some more hoops.
In the end, I decided to fuck it and never go to ebay again.