Thursday, 30 December 2010

Modern Family

Its growing on me. I'd give it a go.

nightmare in the water

i had a nightmare that unsettled me so.
That i awoke from sleep, thought for a short while and checked the time to be 3:03 was unhelpful

Friday, 24 December 2010

The Telegraph Blogs are now editing comments

update to follow, i'm off for a curry

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

The American Civil War

Hannan has jumped me into posting a few thoughts on that dreadful war.

The South had every right to decalre Independance from the North and maintain slavery. However, the North had every right to invade the South in order to free its captured citizens.

Any slaves who wished to remain in the south could have done so in slavery, any who wished to be free should have been allowed to relocate to the North.
Simples really.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Madness of Centralisation!

My Partners Laptop didnt work, so I took it to a shop round the corner, he took it apart, rebuilt it, and it worked, £40.

My Department Directors Laptop didnt work, so she phoned the IT helpdesk, who arranged an engineer to come out, who accepted it was broken and took it to the repair centre, who took it apart, rebuilt it, and returned it a week later, at a cost of £200.

Monday, 20 December 2010

Final fantasy, the Beowolf within

currently watching beowulf on five hd (sky plus), why are the graphics worse than those on final fantasy, a film thats about 8 years older.

Crap film, dont bother. Beowolf, not Final Fantasy.
ff was hardcore

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Seems a bit excessive, only trying to help...

Yet suicide is the order of the day

Its quite an interesting read, although I dont really agree with much of it.

Now, I agree, somewhat, that the overblown levels of faux praise heaped on soldiers can be a bit much some times, in many cases, I'd argue its actualy got most of them killed, God help you if you a question a soldier who, after losing both his legs, still preaches "Skills and Drills" saves soldiers, not correct equipment, but to say they're no different from a member of the post office is going a bit far the other way. Both have a good chance of a job for life, only a soldier has a chance of that life ending before he's 25....
I know Policemen, Doctors and Teachers, all of them are in it for the money, they wont say it so plainly of course, but its the truth.

Most ranking soldiers are poor and badly educated, who's choices are limited to crime, unemployment, minimum wage or the armed forces.
I dont see why its a bad thing if a barely literate waster signs up and gets knocked into shape. I actualy know quite a few of the above, who arent exactly stars even now, but all of them are better off their friends who didnt join up.

At the end of the day, you always have a choice, they may not be great ones, but the men the author is currently looking down on chose to get out of a life of crime, and used the army to do it. Would he prefer they chose crime? Many men do, and I really dont have a problem with those who chose not be a thug.

Dropping standards is dropping standards, theres plenty of conscript armies where the standards were dropped because they just ran out of capable men, rather than capable volunteers.

Drafts can have uses, but Iraq isnt one of them, they worked in the second world war because, perversely, they were so big, add in that the war was relativly popular, the draftees understood the aims of the war and the draftees were in it for the long haul
They didnt work for Vietnam because they were relativly small drafts, there was very little support for the war, no one really understood the goals and the terms were much to short.
Which sounds like Iraq?

Perhaps I just dont get understand, but, well, I just dont understand.
The essay seems to free wheel from the draft, to the over republicanisation of the Marine Corps.

If anything, a draft would jsut make the current isolation of returning troops even worse, currently, if his records are right, they all come from the same neighbourhoods and are 60% Latino. Unless you drasticaly increase the size of the forces, increasing the diversity just increases to atomisation.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

If I made it up, it would only be marginaly less sane.

Joe Mceldry, the nice working class jack the lad from poor deprived south shields, has been on a ski holiday with his family every year for the past 7.
cant help but think we were lied to there.

We dont need a protest!

We need a really big protest!

Todays round the blogosphere seems to be ideas on how we can make government change.
Unfortunatly, putting 1 person or 10 million people on the street with a placard is little different in the end.
Governments dont change a bunch of sheeple stand around outside, they change when they are changed.

In the most obvious way, they change when the hard men walk into the head office and shoot anyone who disagrees with them now being in charge. It wouldnt be enough to do over the Men in Westminster, since they're effectivly powerless anyway, the Sir Humphries would have to be rooted out as well, and depending on who's leading this rebellion, much of the local government as well.

The slightly less violent method, is to simply set up a parralel state and ignore them, as is done in Aghanistan and the Borderlands of Pakistan today, and has been done in many other places throughout history. Starved of funds, the former government simply fades away.
"Free Derry" is probably the closest example of such a thing in the UK, however given the prevalance of electronic money transfer, its unlikely to be that effective.
Do the Pols actualy care? Well, its not like they did much to end free derry.
God help us if they take us up on our offer, grant "The Peoples Republic of West Yorkshire" independance, and then close the border.

There is of course a problem with this. One of the uses of elections is that they provide a pressure gauge and an emergency vent. It is the opinion of this blog, and many others, that the gauge has been disconnected and the vent sealed, but we dont know that, and we wont know that until we wake up one morning to the news that 400 MP's are dead, the rest unaccounted for and local councillors being hunted down.

All a protest does is say, look at us, we will probably vote on election day if you convince us you care about our concerns.

At best, obviously the current student protests are just acts of violance, they're never going to vote Tory, Coalitioned or otherwise.

I'm King Canute!

Screams the Eurocrat

The delusions of granduer and rank stupidity of these people is overwhelming
Bankers have argued that the tough pay rules will encourage stars to leave, making London in particular less competitive. However, Mr Barnier added: "[They] have every interest to stay here in London because we are at the heart of the largest European market. It's in their interest even if they are paid a little less."

Why would it be in my interests to based in London when I could realisticly earn 10 times as much in Singapore?
The safe streets, the vibrant populace, the quality food, all things you would benefit from if you left the hole of shit that they called London.

The Fact Factor

The X Factor have taken the unusual step of releasing some of the facts and figures behind the show.

The most striking result is obviously that Matt won every week except the first week, in which he came second.
But, lets play with the numbers and see what we can see.

Judges eliminations
There were 9 Judges elimations, in two of them, they went to dealock, so we can discount those, which leaves 7.
In 6 of those 7, they over ruled the public vote and saved the weaker of the two contestants, the only time they accepted the public vote, was with Wagner, who lets face it, would be gone anyway.

A sum of their positions each week, divided by the number of weeks they were in, gives us an average ranking, which is surprisingly accurate.
Belle Amie should have gone out in Wk 2 two weeks earlier than they did, before both Diva Fever and John Adelaye. Wouldnt have done Diva ever much good, they went the next week anyway. Week 4 TreyC should have gone out before John Adelaye, who really deserved to make it to Week 5, poor bugger. Wk 6 should have been Kaite, who held on till Wk 8, at the expense of Aiden.

The biggie is Mary, who averaged 3rd place, but came 5th, although it was quite close.
Matt Stormed ahead with an average of 1.08
Rebecca managed 3.16, Mary 3.33, One Direction 3.36 and Cher was way behind with 4.5.

Chers best performance was by far Stay, with which she got second place, a mere 1% behind The Matt, the only time anyone was even near to knocking him from the top spot.
The Next closest being Katie Wk 7 at about 1.7% behind.

The Rule of Law Breaks Down in Ireland, May God Help Them

Because they've just lost the chance of anyone else doing so.

In a highly political decision, the Irishb Government has ordered its banks to break their employment contracts and refuse to pay bonuses to staff who have earnt them.
Now, I know what some of you will be thinking, how can anyone have earnt a bonus in a bank that lost 40 billion Euros last year.
Well, quite simply actualy.
TrT is told that a fairly standard contract for a bank trader involves 10% of all profits made by the trader, being awarded to him as a bonus, so, if Trader A losses £1million one year, he doesnt get a bonus, if Trader B makes £1million one year, he gets a £100,000 bonus.
The amount blocked is £40mn, so the traders receiving bonuses are doing so, because they made profits of £400mn.
These capable staff have just had their contracts shit upon and been robbed of large sums of money for political expediancy, any of them with half a brain will be on the first flight to London, or Dubai, or Singapore, or Hong Kong. Can the Irish State really afford £400mn of extra losses a year, which will only skyrocket as things improve and these talented staff do better?

Of course it cant.
But it gets worse.

The Heads of the International Companies that use Ireland as a European Base must surely be thinking that if the bankers can so easily be robbed by the state, their legal protection is equaly useless.
Its unlikely that the big pharmas are going to rip out their current viagra lines, but are they going to be adding new ones?
I wouldnt.

Monday, 13 December 2010

The Paupers Recession

A little birdy has told TrT that the waiting time on a Q7 is seven months.
I wonder if theres been a flood of new orders since the cancun package was passed, or dis the bankers never stop buying them for mistresses?

Some Interesting Graphs

from The Mad House

Most interesting being 9. Consolidated Statement of Condition.

The Fed is still on the hock for over a trillion dollars of Mortgage Backed Securities, hence my arguement that the banks balance sheets are no where near repaired.

The Banks Have Not Rebuilt Their Balance Sheets!!!!

Its not just The Slog, although he;s the one who really should know better, its everyone, the world seems to have accepted this mad idea that ZIRPs have allowed the banks to rebuild their balance sheets.


At best, the banks have managwed to cover their short term cash needs.

Using myself as an example.
I owe 4.25 times my (pre tax) salary on my mortgage, when I bought my house, I took out a 90% mortgage.
I've probably spent 10-15% of the sum of the mortgage on repair work, but apart from the roof, none of that was undisputed value added.

My fixed term draws to a close in 20 months, and at the moment, I will struggle to remortgage, and if I cant remortgage, my best option would be to gut the house and default.
Now, I'm not the highest quality debt on the banks books, but I'm sure as hell not the worst, I have friends who still owe 8x their combined salary.

We are the balance sheet, the people who have already defaulted are cash flow problems.
ZIRPing has, in most cases, covered the defaulters, but its not made a scratch on the people who are muddling through, and we outnumber the defaulters 99:1.

If we start dropping, oh boy.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Are you going to pay?

A great many of the great unwashed are currently that cheering that much of the UK's financial services sector is looking for other shores to base itself from.
"Let them go" they cry.
Well, theres a problem, you see, the UK's high finance sector pays some £70bn in tax each year, directly, through corporation tax and PAYE taxes.
Throw in VAT, Council Tax, Petrol Tax and the like, and that number is unlikely to be far off £100bn.

If the banks go offshore, they stop paying those taxes to the UK Government, and instead pay much smaller taxes to foreign governments.

HMG is expecting to spend £660bn this year, and will need to borrow £160bn of that.
If you cut taxes by another £100bn, you either need to cut spending by an equal amount, which would entail closing down the NHS, or you would need to increase borrowing by the same amount, would simply not be possible.

The bankers pay for half your precious welfare state you fucking morons.

And to think, I thought the looters straping John Galt into the Death Machine was a bad ending.


A lot of people have come down again wikileaks, some of them should know better.
Its easy to argue that "diplomats" need "off the record" conversations, but dont we all complain when the EU does that?

The British Army managed to paint a picture of victory in Iraq.
Were the truth widely known, that we ejected from our area militarily by Iranian insurgents and politicaly by the Iraqi Government, what effect would that have had on the recent elections?

Diplomats are hired help, not divinely appointed oversears.

Thursday, 9 December 2010



Now, even if you accept The Cameritions claim that we just cant afford to operate them currently, thats no reason to scrap them.
They should be stored until finances permit their operation, unless of course, as we all know, this isnt about finances, its about stripping capability to make the UK reliant on EU military support.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

One more step in the EUros fall

And this one has to be a biggie.

Employment intentions are rising too. When asked what the biggest risks to the German recovery are, businesses tend to answer that it is not the crisis in the fringe economies of the eurozone, but lack of a sufficient supply of skilled labour and rising commodity prices.

German businesses are starting to complain about rising commodity prices, they are starting to complain about rising inflation, which can ONLY mean that very soon they will be demanding the ECB raises interest rates.
The Euro, ran by Germans, for Germans.

Much of EUrope is falling apart when faced with 0.5% interest rates, imagine what will happen when they rocket up to 5%.
The nations that are currently financing on 5-6% will be looking to pay 10-11%.
Theres no way they can survive that!

Its ERM all over again, the Germans are saying and doing one thing, the rest of EUrope are convinced they will be riding over the hills on shiny white devaluation.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Peace Time Army

I've been having a bit of a chat with Sven over at Defence and Freedom regarding the German Armed forces, and what there funding levels and peace time footing should be, and sicne I'm quite liking the fact that my traffic has doubled for the last three months, fancy running through it here not there, and I also dont like clogging others comments with my witterings, but its mostly the vanity.

Anyway, my knowledge of the Hunish Hordes is pretty miniscule, so please ignore or correct any errors.

So, the brief is an army that can rapidly grow into a vast unstoppable juggernought and costs pennies.

The first problem then, is rapid growth.
Rapid Growth, has to be *very* rapid, a large scale war could, should and probably would be won in two months. I'm relativly young and relativly fit, an hours training and I can hold a rifle and shoot someone with it, I'm at least three months away from running 20 miles with a Bergen.
To enable your army to field 400,000 additonal light infantry troops, you'd need 400,000 people who've been through light infantry training and maintained that level of fitness, or something close to it anyway.
The only way I can see that happening, is to put people through a standard light infantry course, and then dismiss them from the army, but keep paying them a set amount, say, 1,000 Euros a year tax free as long as they maintain the fitness level, and maybe go on a week long exercise once a year.
In the event of a war, these men should all be able to drop whatever they're doing, head to their local meeting point, be armed, uniformed and in the field within a day and in combat, well that depends on how far the lines are and how quickly they move.
You can then set about running fatties like me into shape.
1,000 Euros tax free is an extra months pay for a lot of people...

The second problem, is unstoppable juggernought, 400,000 light infantrymen are not such a thing.
The Force would need both an armoured fist, and a "line" force.
The Armoured Fist would have to be a fully professional force, but the "line" Force would not.
The Line force could be made up of units, each consisting of, say, 1000 reserve riflemen, and since I'd hoplessly wrong with my inital estimates, machine gunners and such, supoported by a cadre of 50 full time soldiers who would handle the newer and more complex equipment, like Anti Tank Missiles.
The Line thus requires only 20,000 full time soldiers, but has an effective strength of 420,000.
The Armoured fist would be the Shock Force, hundreds of Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles and thousands of professional Mechanised Infantry, lets say an all in strength of 20,000.

That leaves merely cheap.
Well, its half the size of the current army, which is a massive saving in wage costs alone over the current Gwerman Army, which seems unfeasably small as it is.

Another inch of global warming

Another inch of global warming fell last night.
If this cold snap keeps up until March, I wonder how many of the proles can afford to feed the gas meter?

TrT has been around the house with a candle and a silicone gun...