Tuesday, 30 November 2010

In Progressive Britain, Loyalty is punished

Boy George has announced a new policy, a 10% corporation tax on new products created in Britain.
So if you opened a factory during the dark days on the Labour war on employment, your're screwed.

In other news, The SuposiTories have made no effort to remove the Employers National Insurance Charge, the tax that actualy harms employeras more than any other, nor have they taken apart the ECHR or the equality legislation that leads any sane person to never employ anyone, ever.

In the end, it all comes down to wealth

UK France Germany Total
Greece 15 75 45 135
Ireland 188 60 144 392
Spain 114 220 238 572
Portugal 24 45 47 116
Italy 77 511 190 778
Total 418 911 664 1993

All figures in dollars and a year old.

But still, interesting none the less.

6 inches of glocal warming

There were 6 inches of global warming outside this morning, took 40 minutes to clear it, I knew I should have bought a better shovel.
Oh well, to B&Q!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Legaly Sound

I know I ask this a lot, but they keep giving me reason to, "just how out of touch are EUrocrats?"

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has repeatedly said bondholders should share the pain when a country hits trouble, but only for bonds issued from as early as 2011.

The first step would be to seek to "persuade" senior bondholders to participate in the bailout, the source told The Irish Times. "If that does not succeed, the question is how can you force them in a legally-sound way."

Legally Sound?
Legally, you can pass a law cancelling all bonds, Your the F-in Legislature, you write the F-in Law!!!

What the "source" obviously means is "how can we screw over our credititors and emerge smelling of roses?" You cant, end of!
Either you pay back your creditors on time, in full and they walk away with a profit or they walk away with a loss and wont ever lend you money again.

Like it or not, you said there would NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER be a default in the Eurozone, If there is, that makes your a liar, or a fool, either way, it means your word is worthless.

David - Guardian Of (the) Civic (thats intent on taking) Liberties

Police are to be granted a new power shortly in the North West Region.
That power, will be to order people to leave their homes and not return for 28 days if they are suspected of domestic abuse.
Wigan Today

This order cannot be breached, on pain of imprisonment, yet does not require the police to charge someone with a crime, never mind put them before a judge or an F-in Jury of their Peers!

So there you have it, piss off the local pigs and they can evict you from your own home with no evidence, no judge and no trial.
It must be nice to be judge jury and, lets face it, in this weather, executioner.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Raging Tory exclusive - Harriers up for Sale

The raging tory has exclusive evidence that her majesties armed forces harrier jump jets are up for sale at knock down prices.

Money Where Your Mouth is Moment

As part of The Raging Tories daily amble to Tesco and back, he has been known to buy a paper, the Telegraph. He's been a Telegraph man for quite a while, the Business section of The Times was just getting embaressing and forced his defection.

Today, I bought the Express, because its the only UK Daily that supports the UK's exit from the EU.
Therefore, everyday hence forth, until the campaign is dropped, fizzles out or I forget, I hereby swear I will buy the Express.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Who Cares About Korea?

Its ok.
David has said the UK wont need aircraft carriers for at least a decade, therefore the war in Korea will not hot up

But in all seriousness, North Korea doesnt have enough fuel for its tractors, does anyone really believe it can drive 10,000 Tanks to the southern coastline?
The south should just pumell a selection of its identified artilery bases and move on.

Monday, 22 November 2010

How can the wisteriabunker not get it?

CCHQ has sent out another begging letter, disguised as us of all their achievements.

Corporation tax cut.
True, but its still higher than ideal for growth and funded by other tax rises

The jobs tax axed
outright lie, the increase was axed, not the tax, theres still an 11% surtax on all pay.

Police targets
so, police now whatever they want, rather the home sec.

Immigration controlled
is it ****

The third runway axed
Growth? china has 100 fucking airports under construction.

Hips dropped
whoop di fucking do, who cares?

Fat cat salaries revealed
but not controlled

Id cards abolished
they're still an eu requirement, at best, they're sleeping.

The nhs protected
yes, that bloated monstrsity that costs the average man £130k over his life time? i'm sure all the young men who will commit suicide over debt are so happy you decide how to spend their money.

Aid expanded
and your fucking celebrating?

Quangos closing
but work being absorbed by other departments

ministers pay
personal photographer

bank levy
london is no longer ipo capital of the world, great for growth...

Cancer drug fund
sticking plaster for the broken nhs you wont touch

£6bn saved
£7bn given to ireland

which is completely worthless because the government ecides when its activated

200 new acadamies
but no parental control of scholl budgets

10,000 university places
all worthless courses

50,000 apprentices
as fucking brick layers not jet engine designers

too little too late

still regulated out of the country

brave armed forces
cut into an eu army whether you admit it or not you devious bastard.

Do you know what this leaflet shows?
The tories have a majority in england and wales and a coward without the will to use it

More on Banking

I wasnt really expecting anyone to read my piece on banking, there were no rants against Jews/Capitalists/Lizardmen nor were there any easily disproven crack pot schemes, but since people seemed to read it, and someone even commented, I'll have a crack at carrying it on.

The First Question was what about Inter Bank Transfers.
Well, really, its no different.
Inter Bank Transfers are simply one bank borrowing money off another. Obviously, the Bank Manager of Barclays Manchester doesnt run across the road Lloyds TSB and collect a stack of £20 notes, although it used to be the case that armoured transports would flit between the various head office filled with money.
It used to be the case in the US that they had large denomination (million dollar) "notes" made of gold and held in the Reserve Bank vaults, and these were physicaly moved around internalbetween the vaults of various banks as they lent money to each other. I'm pretty sure now, the "money" is just moved electronicaly between the accounts on the central banks computer system, much quicker and cheaper.

Anyway, that was a bit waffly, worked example.

A customer has £50 deposited with a Bank, which has in turn issued that £50 as a loan.

The customer uses his demand to request £50 in Cash, which the bank doesnt have, because it issued it as a loan.
The First Bank phones up a second bank, and requests its own loan, which is issued, the cash is transfered, and used to pay off the deposit.

And when Bank ones Loan is paid back, then Bank One will repay Bank Two

Secondly, what about defaults.
Well, they are of course a problem.
Primarily, they are handled by a Bad Debt Provision, all companies who extend loans (or credit) should expect a certain amount to never be repaid, it is quite difficult to show this on my little spread sheets, because you need defined time scale and such.
When Banks accept deposits, they pay an amount of interest, and when banks issue loans, they charge a higher amount of interest. The Difference, being their gross profit. Out of this, they should maintain a provision for bad debts. So instead of spending it all on expensive prostitutes and cheap champagne, they store some for future troubles, so if one day, a customer doesnt pay up, they have the money to cover it.
If the bank makes a serious mistake and its bad debt provision is overwhelmed, well, it simply doesnt have the money. You may demand it, but the staff you're demanding it from are likely too busy looting the office to make up for lost pay to care about your woes. Or the Government may "step in" and generaly make a bad problem into one of national bankruptcy.

The resulting system isnt so much complex, as it is just very big.
That is the basics of it, theres very little else specificaly relating to "Fractional Reserves", its any system in which a bank is required to keep only a fraction of its bank in reserve.
I may try and cover another topic later, possibly even bad debt provision if I can find my Frank Wood.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

ConHome Closes the Debate

ConHome has taken one more step in its quest to ensure that the rank and file get the voice the leadership wants them to have.

Someone made the suggestion that there should be seperate immigration quotas for different ethnic groups, so there might be 400 places for Afghans, but 800 for Pakistanis.

Now, thats not a policy I think is particularly valid, but ConHome were so terrified of it, they had to scream racist and cease to allow any comments to be posted without first passing the moderators.

Now, had Malcolm simply posted "Darkies should be murdered", deleting the comment makes perfect sense.

But it appears he did not, he simply stated an opinion, one the moderators didnt like.

Censoring political opinions you dont like is fascism.

Joke of the Day

During selection, potential SAS recruits are required to bite the head off a live ferret - except in Dog Soldiers where they have to shoot a live dog!

Stolen from ARSSE

TrT hadnt realsied the baddies were supposed to be SAS...

Why Dont People Get Fractional Reserve Banking?

This time, its the usualy sound Carswell.
Fractional Reserve Banking is in reality a simple concept. When you deposit money with a bank, you are giving them the money, and in exchange, they are giving you the right to ask for an equal sum of money back at a later date.
The money is no longer yours, it is the bank, what is yours, is the right to demand your money back.
Lets do a worked example
You have £100 in Cash.

You decide that you dont want to carry £100 around with you, so you deposit it in your local bank. In exchange for your cash, the bank gives you the right to Demand £100 in Cash

You had an asset, cash, which you have exchanged for another asset, cash on demand.

The Bank has gained an asset, your cash, and a liability, your cash on demand.

All with me still?

Ok, lets take the next step.
A customer comes in with a business proposal, and asks for an £80 loan, which the bank duely agrees to.
The Bank takes its asset, The Cash, and lends it to a third party, the Customer receives some cash, and in exchange, the Bank receives its own Demand on that cash

And that looks like this

Lets take another step, you see a nice coat on Bond Street you wish to buy, so you go to your bank, and demand £10 of your money back, which the bank then hands over, and you use to buy your coat.

So now we have

The aspiring businessman, flush with cash after making his first sale, repays his loan

And finaly, you demand the rest of your £100

Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Global Guardian

TrT managed to hijack one of Jedi's posts, sorry dude, and have a bit of a thrash out of the Global Guardian Force.
Along the lines of a "Company/Sepoy" force.

The biggest problem I ran into, was how to maintain the officer Corps provided to such a force.

But, probably best described en route.

Let’s say the UK decides to intervene in Somalia, a Sepoyised Global Guardian Force would raise an oversized Battalion.
The First Battalion of the First East African Sepoy Rifle Regiment.
The first building block would be the Section

A Rifle Section would consist of 6 Local Riflemen, a British Lance Corporal and a British Corporal
Four Sections would give us a Troop, and would require three more British Personnel, a 2nd Lt, a Troop Sergeant and a Radio Operator.
Giving us a force size of 35, 24 of them local, 11 of them British.

A Rifle Company could be made up of 4 Rifle Troops, (over strength Battalion Remember), with an additional 1st Lt, a Company sergeant and another Radio Operator.
Giving a total of 143 Personnel, 96 Foreign and 47 British

A Rifle Battalion could then be made up of five Rifle Companies (there’s a reason for the massive over sizing), along with an additional Captain, Battalion Sergeant and Radio Operator, and yes, I know Captains don’t command Battalions. This gives us a force strength of 718, 238 of which would be British, and 480 of which would be locally recruited.

Riflemen 480
Lance Corporal 80
Corporal 80
Radio Operator 26
Troop Sergeant 20
2nd Lt 20
Company Sergeant 5
1st Lt 5
Battalion Sergeant 1
Captain 1

So, we recruit our 480 Local Riflemen and our 238 British Officers and form the First East African Rifle Regiment and arrange the Men as the First Battalion and fly them somewhere isolated and miserably cold for basic training, Glasgow? Nar, we'd probably have to requisition one of the Overseas Territories, possibly just space on the Falklands, possibly something weird like Gough Island.

Anyway, wherever they end up, the first 6 months will be and extended basic training deployment to knock them into shape to fight as soldiers.
It’s after this, that we reach the first problem. The British contingent, a full third of the force, has just spent 6 months overseas, and is now supposed to be returned to the UK for the first part of a 30 month rest and workup rotation.
The Regiment would simply fall apart if the entire command staff was replaced overnight.
Well, here we need a bit of jiggery pokery, we reform the Battalion around 4 Rifle Companies not 5, and we promote 64 local riflemen into 64 local Lance Corporals.

Each Troop would now need 7 British staff, not 11.
Each Company would need 31 British Staff, not 47.
The Battalion would need 127 British Staff, not 238

That still leaves 127 British staff who are due a return home, however, although the Lances are the men who have replaced, they don’t have to go home, if a Corporal wants to go home, any lances who want a promotion and are willing to stay should be first in line for it.
That leaves 63 who are still in need of replacement.
Well, 21 of those are radio operators who sit above the Sections, so are unlikely to disrupt much if they are all replaced, which leaves us with 42 more to find.
Thats exactly the number of Commissioned Officers Sergeants. They can be newly minted, on the understanding that they will be deployed with the new regiment and that it is a long term over seas deployment.
If that still doesn’t pack out the Battalion, well, you can always let some staff go and bring in new ones, it does happen.

So, our new Battalion looks like this, with locally recruited forces making up the bottom two ranks, and 77% of the manpower, not 66%

Riflemen 384
Lance Corporal 64
Corporal 64
Radio Operator 21
Troop Sergeant 16
2nd Lt 16
Company Sergeant 4
1st Lt 4
Battalion Sergeant 1
Captain 1

And they are ready for their first operational deployment.
Now, I personally would advise against this first deployment being into the streets of Mogadishu, I think it would be best if they were deployed as “Fixed Points”, around which a British Force could manoeuvre.
Obviously, the ground that could be covered by a 575 Strong Battalion isn’t massive, using our earlier ratio, it could be a town of about 11,000 residents, but if we hadn’t just trained 1 Battalion, we’d trained 10, well, it’s a much bigger area, and yes, I know, this would require a further layer of British staff I’ve not included, but it could simply be a Major and a Sergeant Major.

So, after 6 months policing a small town, manning check points, holding ground and supporting/being supported by the ISAF, the low intensity deployment is over.

And its time for another reformation.
We lose another Rifle Company, maintaining 3.

The 48 best Lances become Corporals, and 32 more riflemen become Lances.
Each Troop now needs 3 British Staff, down from 11 (7)
Each Company now needs 15 British Staff, down from 47 (31)
The Battalion now needs 48 British Staff, down from 238 (127)

That leaves 48 British Staff who are ready for returning home, again, the radio operator trick cuts that to 32 promotions can take care of another 12, leaving 20 who will either need to be replaced or serve a second (or third) 6 month term.

The Third Iteration looks like this and the locally recruited forces make up 89% of the manpower.

Riflemen 288
Lance Corporal 48
Corporal 48
Radio Operator 16
Troop Sergeant 12
2nd Lt 12
Company Sergeant 3
1st Lt 3
Battalion Sergeant 1
Captain 1

By this point, the forces recruited should be able to actively support aggressive actions, to take ground, rather than just hold it, although still with British support, but moving side by side rather than following behind.

For the fourth iteration, I’d be prepared to wager that the 96 local men who have been detached by the two cuts so far will have finished their Officer/Senior NCO Training/Radio Operator/Special Weapons training and will be ready for sole operations as a 480 (minus casualties) strong Battalion without any internal British Involvement.

Well, that’s the best I could do.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Global Warming Scientists are Wrong - Proof.

(The Raging Tory has been having fun with the google stats and is playing around to see what pulls in the views, anyway.)

Climate Scientists are wrong
February 27, 2001
But in 10 years' time, if melting patterns change as predicted, the North-West Passage could be open to ordinary shipping for a month each summer. And the Northern Sea Route across the top of Russia could allow shipping for at least two months a year in as little as five years.
The new routes will slash the distances for voyages between Europe and East Asia by a third, and open up new fisheries.

Didnt Happen.
The North West and North East passages are still closed to ordinary shipping.

But, good natured soul that I am, I'll pop off an email to Claire Bowles, listed as contact at the end of the piece, and see what she says.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

One Step Closer to the end of the world?

Probably not, when it comes down to it, the Irish MP's will surrender their powers to Europe to keep the money flowing, they dont have a choice.
Whether or not the populace will like it is another thing, but the IRA's bombing campaign did little to destablise the British Government did it?
We might see a few Slum Estate Brigadiers rise up and achieve defacto independance from overt EU control.
But the EU will still control the water and the power, and it will still control those who arent prepared to live in the badlands.

Still, maybe I'm wrong, the EUcrats must be worried, they arent even hiding the agenda anymore.
However, the German government is expected to signal today that Ireland may have to accept a £77 billion bail-out, along with a loss of economic and political independence, as the price of preserving the euro. Mrs Merkel said the single currency was “the glue that holds Europe together”.
I suppose life an a thord world estate would suck, but you wouldnt be paying back the German banks either.

My Stance remains, the EU cant survive its first crisis, but when the plug will finaly be pulled, who knows.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

On Global Guardianing

TheRagingTory made no attempt to hide that he thought the best outcome for the UK was to reform its armed forces around the concept of smacking anyone in the world hard enough to hurt them and run like the clappers before they can hit back.

The outcome picked was a bizare mix of regenerate all capability and contribute to a coaltion.

What no one seemed to argue for global guardian, what could that have looked like?

Friday, 12 November 2010

On Critical Reaction

I was an early avid reader of Critical Reaction, but the content never matched what was hoped for, and it gradualy got worse.
Its saying something when the unofficial voice of the right has one good article, written by a Trick Performing Jedi Cow, THATS A LIB DEM!

But what started off bad has gotten worse.
Theres no focus, no quality control, no fact checking, its just the collected page long rants of people with axes to grind and sacred cows to kill with said axes.

Take This Piece
Its Called "Adapt and Survive", but within the first paragraph, you know exactly what its going to say, and its so constant that the Admin at Think Defence has even trademarked it, (cold war relics).

Firstly, we have an assertion that that never again will two nations fight a state on state war, which seems madness to me, since there have been half a dozen in the past few years just off the top of my head, hell, UK 1st Armoured massed 200 Main Battle Tanks and rammed them straight up Iraqs version of the M1.
Russia/Georgia, Israel/Gaza, must I continue?
Insurgency wars are the MINORITY even now, yet some people insist they're all that will ever happen.
Then we get a piece on nuclear weapons, apparently China and Iran are both developing them. Chinas developing them? I cant be bothered looking up the date, but they started blowing them in the 70's.
Then a nice suggestion that we should just have a few, which, well, is exactly what we have, we have about 40 warheads deployed which isnt really that many.

Then we get, an acceptance, I suppose, that after failing in Iraq and Afghanistan, we'll be trying the exact same thing in East Africa, Mercer doesnt seem thrilled with the idea, but he doesnt seem to understand he's an MP who should be working to prevent such madness.
Is the UK served by a pointless decade spent dieing in Somalia?

And then meat of the article, WE DONT NEED TRIDENT.
But we do Mr Mercer, we do.
What we dont need, is Afghanistan, wat we dont need, is Afghanistan writ large in Somalia.

Defence Policey needs new thinking, unfortunatly, Mr Mercer isnt capable of providing it

When I started this, I was angry, now, I'm just sad

The Irish Exodus?

The Irish Post is reporting that up to 100,000 Irish are planning on leaving the republic.
Thats more than 2% of the populace, assuming these people are all employed/employable, it could be 10% of the workforce.

They arent stupid, they've seen what the ECB has in store for them and decided to solve the problem by walking away from it.
What are they going to do? Attach the debts to the none resident Irish who will live in Germany or America?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

oh for fucks sake!

a 65% marginal fucking tax rate is not a fucking way to attract people to the workplace you fucking tossers.

I know i've yelled abuse at the wisteria bunker before, but come on, someone else must understand that £2 an hour after tax isnt going to work!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

As the Wisteria Bunker Burns...

As the Wisteria Bunker Burns, TrT wont crow about the fact that he told the buffoons in charge that you cant negociate with the left, no, instead he will at the idiocy of the rioters position.

The Rioters are complaining that UK Elite, the Russel group, will be allowed to charge as much as £9,000 a year for tuition.

Studying Architecture at Yale costs $37750

All the big american names charge about the same, more than double the proposed UK limit.
At the end of the day, you get what you pay for, bigger tuition fees mean better lecturers. They also mean bigger and better bursaries to attract the poverty stricken genious. The Truely gifted get tuition, room, board, books, clothes paid for and a bloody stipend so they dont need to worry about work.
Who can imagine a genious from a council estate getting that paid for by Manchester?

But of course, the NUS doesnt care about students, it cares about equality of outcome.
ManMet cant be improved to the level of Manchester, but by God Manchester can be beaten down to the level of ManMet.

Already, UK universities, even OxBridge, or seen as second tier.
Chinas rich and intelligent go to MIT, the rich and stupid go to Oxford

PTT hits one out of the park at last

For those of you who dont know, Phoenix Think Tank is a blog that aspires to be considered a Think Tank.

I've wished them well, but, and I'm not alone in thinking this, much of their output has been bitter, acidic and hate filled rants thrown at the RAF.
Finaly, they have done something worthy of their claim to "think tank".
Defence And The Strategic Deficit

Its much to long to summarise, but its a brilliant read.

Immoral Hazard?

The, Regional Council have, in their infinate wisdom, offered to increase the payouts to foreign criminals, in a bid to get more of them to voluntarily leave the country.

Now, on the surface, this is a good idea, it costs the government about £30,000 a year to keep someone imprisoned, so off the bat, it saves the government at least £21,000 if they will go be someone elses problem.

Now of course, the reason people dont like this jolly good idea, is that most people dont earn £30,000 a year, and if they can live and provide for families on less than £30,000 a year, what the hell is the government spending all that money on?
And of course, why exactly are we offering rapists and murderers a choice of plush accomodation?

The biggest problem however, is immoral hazard.

£1,500 is $2250 (ish)
The average wage of a low level Taliban fighter is $5 a day.
Or 450 days.
If Iqbal Taliban puts down his AK47, not only will he not get shot by Johny Para, he can travel to England, rape Jane Para (Johnys wife), be sent to prison, accept a transfer, bribe his way out of prison, still have a years pay in his back pocket and be home before Johny Para has finished his first tour.

If prison is too expensive, you make it cheaper.
With an upfront capital expenditure, South Georgia could hold the entire prison populace 10 times over.
There would be no need for walls or bars, because theres no where to escape to and it would be a genuinley unpleasent place to be sent to.

What do you say David?
I'd be happy to set up TheRagingTory Prison Holdings Plc if the government doesnt mind issueing a 10 year loan for the construction costs

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Going Rogue?

Fucking Awesome

I dont usualy link to CamHome, but that deserves it.

Does that smell Ratty?

As Ireland burns Ambrose does a Cookie Cutter piece on QE

That doesnt smell right to me.
It wouldnt be the first time the Telegraph has been gagged over EU finance news.
The Internet
Remembers All

Dont Start what you cant finish?

I'm struggling to come up with a reasonable blog post title, so it will just have to be something generic.

One of the few sites self destructive enough to link to my insane ravings has been abandoned after only a couple of weeks of activity, the last update was a "we know we havent updated but we will soon", in August.
Its a shame, because there appeared to be some quality there.

Admitadly, its not always a shame, another site they link to, Progressive Conservatives, which had the same good start, Devils Kitchen even designed the site, seem to fritter away into nothingness after saying the important thing about Disraeli was that he was a Jew.

Still, why start something and then just give up.
Even if your lofty goals dont come to fruition, set less lofty ones

Monday, 8 November 2010

The French and Napoleon

TrT is currently masterchef masterclass and the froggie has just done a little tribute to bonaparte.
Bonaparte was a french (ie incompetant) version of Hitler.
He was.

He was a military dictator who launched countless wars of aggression against his neighbours and ransacked his own populace.
Rape, torture and murder were thestandard weapon of choice against any innocent civillians unfortunate enough to live near a partisan raid.

The man was a genocidal maniac, yet we allow him to be worshipped on the bbc

2.9% Eurosceptic, 4.5% Conservative, 92.6% ****ed

Daves vague claim to a half arsed moderate defeat at the hands on the EU is quickly devolving into an all out rout.

The people actualy in charge have a mind to accept a mid point, that can be supplemented up to the full whack.
Now, i dont for a minute believe the tosser will resign following a peace in our time moment, but surely we cant be that far from another redwood rebellion.

Sarah Farage? Nigel Palin? Coffee Party?

Several Bloggers have got all excited by the return of Farage and are making all sorts of comparisons about UKIP becoming the new Tea Party.

Luckily for the Wisteria Bunker, Middle England isnt going to rise up and overthrow Camerons Chosen in open primaries, they lack the open primaries in which to rebel.

Unluckily for the Wisteria Bunker, UKIP dont require such a revolution.

They have already beaten David once, who then ran into the arms of his lover Nicholas.
Nicholas' tender ministrations have led to David running even further into his embrace, a bizare form of the destruction we visited onto the Liberals 80 years ago.

If Farage repeats the gain achieved in the last few elections, David will be forced deeper into the Liberals embrace, an alternative vote systems with all second preference votes going to the liberals would magnify this still further.

With only a modicum of effort, Farage can force David further into bed with the Liberals, leaving the Tory Right with a simple choice, topple the government in 2016, or we will publicly name and shame you as cowards, and stand a limited spread of candidates directly against you.

Will the Carswellians be safe from such a push?

Friday, 5 November 2010

On the Capabilities of the Frogphoon

Since it seems the UK will be buying a flock of Frogphoons some time in the near future, I thought it would be an ideato have a proper read up of what Wikipedia thought its Capabilities would be, and one jumped out at me.

The aircraft can operate from 400 meter runways.

The new class of SuperCarriers in the US have a deck length of 330 metres.

Would it have been possible, if this had all been done openly, for both France and the UK to operate a 400 metre supercarrier each?
The cost would likely have been a bit higher, and the availability would have been shot to hell, realisticaly they'd have to be kept at 3 months notice, but we'd have 70 high end aircraft without either the hassle of catapults or basing.

Instead, the great EU defence pact is being done secretly and in stages, so we get, rubbish.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Can the kermits be trusted?

In light of Camerons pillow government signing the pact of blood with france, its only prudent to ask, can we trust France to be there when we need them.
Never one to be prudent, except when required by the statement of principles, I thought I would ask, can the froggies rely on us.
suez was a disaster we cant excuse, but even the miracle of dunkirk looks different from a french point of view.

Happy to be alive?

Headline on a recent Telegraph article

Qantas passengers 'happy to be alive' after engine failure

It got me wondering, what couldnt you end that sentance with?

Qantas passengers 'happy to be alive' after uneventful flight

Party Goers 'happy to be alive' after great night

Yet they say it all the time!

Be Careful what you wish for

The Good Doctor has been catching up on his AEP, but I fear he's either mistaking honesty for hyperbole or has lost the plot.

When the Euro comes tumbling down, it will be catastrophic.
It will be people starving to death.
I will be soldiers shooting rioters/looters/criminals/the hungry dead in the streets as the only way of keeping order.
It will be electricity and gas running a few hours a week.
It will be, as he accepts in another post, people bartering the family silver for a bag vegetable. Worse, it will be people bartering themselves and their children for table scraps.

If the EUro falls violently, it will quite probably be the worst thing to have happened to humanity, ever.
The worlds largest economy (it is, just) cant revert to the barter system overnight without bringing the rest of the world down with it, it just cant.

I've seen the future and it terrifies me.

The EUro is going to fall, anyone who wants it to fall in anything but the most controlled manner we can arrange has gone mad.

****ing Madness!!!

****ing Madness

After a banking crisis caused by excessivly low interest rates leading to risky lending and a land boom, the CotE has decided that Bonuses at the State Owned banks will be dished out according to whoever can lend the most money to businesses.


At least under Brown bonuses were paid on some scale partly linked to what could be potential profits at some point in the future.
Now they're being rewarded for shoveling cash out of the door!

Probably the only US Elections post I'll do

Obama has accepted the electoral disaster is his fault, which is odd, because the last 6 months the news has been flooded with reports that this not in fact a referendum on Obama.
The Daily Kos even runs a headline "This is not a referendum on Obama"....
Clearly it is.

But then, the vanity kicks in.
He repeats that his policies are the right ones, and that its simply the people havent understood them, and havent yet benefited from them.

And of course finaly, he promises a new era of bipartisanship in washington, which again, a quick google search shows is exactly what he promised before being elected two years ago.

This is all about me, I'm right and your just too thick to understand why, I'll just repeat my same campaign promises, they got you to shut up and let me do what I know is best last time

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

heir to blair? Yeah right!

if theres one thing tony was good at, and by god thats probably the case, it was triangulation, saying whatever it took to get the majority on side, or off the other side anyway.
And then we have david.
In his recent elector farce, he managed to piss off the 'right' by bending over and piss off the left by saying he didnt really want to.

How does he put his bra and panties on in the morning?

Thoughts from elsewhere on the escalation factor

A fellow believer in the "We'd bomb Argentina flat if they tried anything" theory posted an interesting tid bit on The Phoenix Think Tank when challenged by one of their writers about his assertion that the UK would escalate a war over the Falklands to include the Mainland.

The War to Liberate Kuwait (The Falklands) began with massive bombing campaigns of the home soil of the Occupying Power, Iraq (Argentina)

First targets were of course air defences.
Secondary targets were Government/Military command and Military Industry.
Tertiary Targets were, everything, Water Treatemnt Plants, road and rail links, irrigation networks, bridges, dams.
Of twenty major power plants before the war, 11 were destroyed and 6 were damaged.
119 substations were also destroyed.
Electricity production was reduced to just 4% of the pre war total.

So, not only does the UK have the capability to expand a war for the Falklands onto the Argentine Mainland, we have a history of doing just that, in a manner that even I find excessive.

David is Angry?

No, He's Furious.

But he's not furious like you or I would be furious, he's not furious and going to do something.
He's just furious.

The ECHR has decided that the UK Government has no right to say who may or may not vote in the UK's elections.

But, rather than simply repealing the EHR and telling its court to get bent, he instead bows to the inevitable.
Like he bowed to the inevitable Post Lisbon treaty.
And like he bowed to the Lisbon Treaty
And like he bowed to the recent budget increase of at least 3%

Monday, 1 November 2010

On Music production

TrT was partaking in a debate on music at a TB, and has a few thoughts.

The premise was that £1 an albulm was not a viable price for the music industry, and was infact so low as to be insulting.
Now, I took a contrarian view, and came out with a pretty interesting fact.

The first is of course, CD's are incredibly cheap to make.
A run of 2000 with a 4 page colour insert costs a mere 56p per CD, from the first Mfg I found, thats before negociation, or even larger orders.

Now, Retailers Take 30-50% of the sale price, so if we take a top end price of £3, the retailer takes £1, leaving £2, after production at low levels, that leaves £1.50.

So why cant a garage band manage that?
Whats so complicated?
It took me ten minutes and all thats left is is to go to all the places your target market hangs out and pester the mamanger until you get him to a £1 purchase price and he talks you to 30 day credit and no quibble returns of unsold stock.