Thursday, 30 September 2010

i love me

as@part of its pledge to cut the national debt, the coalition has been running radio ads about how to feel happier, the suggestions were all shit and would take ages, so as a public service, trt has made his own lisr.

1. Drink a beer
2. See point one

Section Weapons

The wonderful minds over at Think Defence are having a to do about infantry arms in Afghanistan, and I thought it would be sensible to have a look at where we started, where we’ve been and where we are today.
In early 1980’s, the British Army section would have seven Self Loading Rifles and one General Purpose Machine Gun, both chambered in 7.62.
This were replaced in the late 80’s, with six L85s and two L86s, the L85 being the “standard” weapon known as the SA80, and the L86 being the same weapon, but with a longer barrel.

Now, that’s actually a massive change. In the previous setup suppressive fire was the responsibility of the lone machine gunner and accuracy was the responsibility of the rest of the unit, but now accuracy had been given to the two L86’s operators, and suppression was the responsibility of the standard weapon. This never really worked, because with all weapons being clip fed, sustained fire was never really an option, it would take multiple soldiers working in unison to suppress a target, ensuring someone was ready to fire as another was reloading.

There was an attempt to correct this, by issueing each section with two Light machine guns, which, for reasons that elude the sane, were procured with short barrels.
The “standard” section, now has two Light Machine Guns, four L85s and two L86s, everything chambered in 5.56 and with the machine guns having the worst effective range and the L86’s, now viewed as a marksman weapon, the best.

Before I started writing this, I was relatively happy with the equipment, but now, it does seem a little odd.
At every turn the complaint since the SA80 family was introduced appears to have been lack of long range killing power, and is true British Style, at every step of the way, we’ve added more and more short range killing power.
Is it that simple? Stick a longer barrel on one of the LMGs?

With thanks to William F Owen “UK Platoon Weapons and Weight Capability Myth”
I disagree (See ever increasing short range firepower), but it was an informative read.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Inflation Targeting, Currency Manipulation?

Is inflation targeting a form of currency manipulation?
Well, self evidently yes, so why dont we call it that?

Is it sensible for government action to be taken to maintain the general price level, when the general price level is wrong, as demonstrated by sustained trade variances?

Theres a lot of blogosphere activity about Chinese Currency Manipulation holding up western currencies, but its also been UK Policy to delay the fall in Sterling that would correct the trade imbalance.

We're Ready to do whatever it takes

Says a Regional Governor with a majority of two and three scheduled by elections.
Whatever it takes?
Round up everyone and take a kidney for export?

Somehow I dont believe a man who's about to be a minority regional governor can make those sort of promises and expect to keep them, especialy since he's busy throwing everything he can off the state guarentee bus.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Labour minister for three years claims he's new new new labour

A Labour MP who served as an MP under Blair and a minister under Brown has claimed he represents a new generation of Labour.
He was a fucking minister in the last government.
He also worked in the treasurey when Gordon Brown was Chancellor, as a fucking speach writer.
If, McRuin I abolished boom and bust and saved the world mclooney pants said it, Eddy wrote it, finaly ending his treasurey career in charge of long term economic planning.

How to tell if your currency is undervalued

How to tell if your currency is undervalued?
If you have had an export surplus for the last 5 years, your currency is undervalued.

How to tell if your currency is overvalued?
If you have had an import surplus for the last 5 years, your currency is overvalued.


Why do I mention this?
Brazil is whining its currency is overvalued, despite having an export surplus of $28bn (From Wolfram Alpha).
I've forgotten how to get Wolfram and Hart Alpha to tell me the historic numbers, but I figure it was a surplus every year.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Do people read what they write?

CFR has a reasonable piece on the planned US armed sales to Saudi Arabia.
But theres just one sort of shocking comment, that the deal could lead to an arms race.
Arms races need money, and Saudi has more of that than anyone else in the region, he mentions Israel, but they're heavily dependant on the US as well.
Iran could have a go, but I've got more disposable income than they do.

And the author doesnt deal with the biggest problem, if the US doesnt sell, the UK, France and Russia will be over there in a shot with brochures and discounts.
Would he rather Saudi bought 150 F15's or 150 Typhoons?

I'm having something of a to do

With the excellent Sven from Defence and Freedom

TrT's tip of the day

Drilling through concrete is hard
Drilling through tiles is even harder
Drilling through either is F-in impossible with your drill set to reverse.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Arsi speaks the truth of the Wisteria bunker, god help us all.

Arsi has sent out another dispatch to the loyal troops on the front line, we're winning, ignore the polls and the soviet annihilation of army group centre.

This weeks morale booster congratulates, whoever won the recent labour reshuffle, but calls on them to accept their part in creating the financial crisis, since they were an advisor to Brown 90's and a cabinet member in the 00's.

Obviously my point has yet to sink in, despite me repeatedly pointing out to the Wisteria bunker that in september 2007 they promised to match Labours spending plans all the way out until september 2010. The Conservative Party Leadership said in 2007 that Labours oversspending was correct, and that they intended to match Labours year on year increases.

So which is it?
Or do you need to seen which way the winds blowing before you speak?

Click to donate, you must be cracked.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

SOASE needs 4gb of Ram

I knoiw this, because I have lost 2 of my 4, and Sins runs quite slowly.
Not impressed

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Get Me Wrong

Some Quango for Nutters Time To Change is complaining that people are erm, loonieist, and its proof, is that it did an experiement.
The experiment involved putting an add in a newspaper, either in the dating or flatshare pages, and then putting the exact same add in with the additonal comment, "I have a mental health problem".
Rather predictably, somewhere between 50% and 80% fewer responses were received by the mental health problem adverts than the normal adverts.
From this, Nutters R Us has concluded that all normies must be loonieist.

I, am not so sure.
And to prove, I'm not going to conduct an experiment, I'm just going to call them morons and give an explanation.
"I'm the raging tory, I have a spare room in my flat I'd like to rent out, I'm 30, with a good sense of humour and I keep fit, ring xxxxxxx"
Sound good?
How about
"I'm the raging tory, I have a spare room in my flat I'd like to rent out, I'm 30, with a good sense of humour and I have a mental problem, ring xxxxxxx"
Not quite as good right?
How about
"I'm the raging tory, I have a spare room in my flat I'd like to rent out, I'm 30, with a good sense of humour and I have a crack problem, ring xxxxxxx"
Sound really bad?
How about
"I'm the raging tory, I have a spare room in my flat I'd like to rent out, I'm 30, with a good sense of humour and I have a child pornography problem, ring xxxxxxx"
Even worse?
"I'm the raging tory, I have a spare room in my flat I'd like to rent out, I'm 30, with a good sense of humour and I have a personal hygene problem, ring xxxxxxx"

Theres a word that keeps appearing

If you say, "I have a problem", people will think, "why should I deal with your problem when I dont have to?"
You cant say you have a mental health problem, and then complain when people think this might be a problem.

If its not a problem, dont mention it.
If it is a problem, dont bitch when people take this into account.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The BBC annoys me

Some tard on a gadget show has just informed me that the small frame of a micro PC means it uses less power.
No you effin moron, the size of the case means fuck all, actualy, a bigger case is marginaly better, because it will require less cooling.

He then went on to advise that I buy a £1269 TV, because it uses 85w not 160w. 75watts, about £800 over a similar TV.
I buy 3,600,000 (1000*60*60) watts for 7.716p

Even assuming 8 hours a day, 365 days a year, sod it I cant be arsed working it out with excel, but it'd have to last for like 30 years to paypack, god help it on NPV.

Also, if you want to save money, buy a Tesla Roadster.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Santander with begging bowl out

Well, not quite but Santander is planning a juicey IPO of around £20bn.
Well, its not like I've been saying for several years now that the Spanish Super Bank is out of control with seriously junky debts.

Still, Barclays got away with similar sized share issues in the teeth of a crisis at knock down prices, surely people must be asking why Santander needs such a massive amount of money whilst things are going, relativley, good?

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

whats this wet stuff that falls from the sky?

i dont know what to do, shall i turn my lights off and drive faster?
It seems those who used the m60 this evening thought so

11/09/01 or 08/08/08

It appears someone with authority has finaly got round to questioning wether or not we should really expect "Af-raq" "counter insurgency" warfare to dominate the world for another generation.

Now, cards on the table, I always thought the idea was a bit of a none starter in the first place, both because the UK was embroiled in several small wars by Blair before 9/11, and because although the second example, Iraq, is now a Counter Insurgency war, its first phase used the UK's Ist Armoured Division, and the US's 3rd and 4th Infantry Divisions, which are in fact heavily armoured.

But, if we ignore that little spat, the wishey washy is that since late 2003, the majority of "Western" combat has been light infantry counter insurgency, and those in authority have been of the opinion that this is likely to remain the case well into the future.
I think this is bloody daft, and have finaly found someone who agrees with me and has more to say than "this is the truth, deal with it", which is always nice.

DVP mentions two real world events to back up its claim, the most important in the short term, is the Russo-Georgian War, in which The West was forced to sit loudly as Russian forces wrecked a nation that we had firmly placed under our protection.
Although Georgia did very well, stonewalling Russia in the ground war, once its air defences were down, the army was bombed into retreat, losing all of its heavy kit in the process and Georgian Industry was badly damaged as well.
France issued a preemptive surrender just in case.
China hosting the Olympics is of course not a military matter in the short term, but I cant be only person to know Germany hosted them shortly before the second world war.

Neither Russian expansionism against the Ottomans Turks Ottomans nor Chinese expansionism anywhere can be countered with light infantry trained in peacekeeping.

The fact that the West has so singularly failed to bring the enemy to battle and destroy it in Iraq or Afghanistan, or even keep it bottled up should be evidence enough that the COIN strategy wont work anyway, or certainly isnt destined to work.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

My pc has eaten another psu

i'm not happy, i think it needs a proffessional, or a teenager

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Fuckin Hell Arsi!

If you insist on bothering me you election losing fool, at least dont treat me like an idiot.

I dont care if you've been out on the road "listening", because its damned clear you arent fucking hearing us.

You were elected, well, not you obviously, you've never won an election, but both parties of this coalition of ours campaigned on a promise NOT to have anything to do with the alternative vote system, because its shit.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Public Funding of Political Parties

A quite unexpected source, The Slog, has come out in favour of public funding of political parties.

Now, it shouldnt take a genious to have extrapolated from my previous posts, that its not a system I approve of, and sadly, the slog brings little new beer to the party.

The same tired old accusations that politicians are corrupt because they receive all their money from "dirty" sources and that the only cure is public funding and a ban on private funding.

Well, thats bollocks, and as the webs best bollocks deconstructer, I wish he;d have seen why, but here goes.

That is a graph from the Electoral Commision showing donations received every year by political parties.
I'd hazard a guess they average £35mn a year.
Now even if we assume that ALL of that money is "Dirty", its not worth a damn anyway.
There were 29,691,000 voters in the last election, a Turnout of 65.1%
Which gives a total number of possible electors of 45,608,000.

If everyone who could be bothered to vote, donated a single solitary pound every year to a candidate they approved of, they would, making a mild allowance for "clean" money already received, equal the dirty money.
If they donated £5 a year, they'd blow it out of the water.

The idea that "Big Business / Big Union / The Jewish Cabal / The Rothschilds/ some sort of shape shifting space lizards that replaced the monarchy" can outfund the British Public at large would be laughable if it wasnt so wide spread.

The numbers just dont add up.

The problem however, is that people dont care enough to donate, a third of the populace doesnt even care enough to vote.

"Aha", the fascists cry, "if people dont want to fund political parties with "clean" money, we'll make them!", but of course, this money is the dirtiest possible, because whilst Murdoch earns his wealth through free trade, public money is taken at the point of a gun.
How this money is then to be divided up is a chance for skullduggery of the lowest order.
Belgium, which has a similar system, divied up funds based on electoral support, fair you say? Well, to a point, it also cements the ruling parties hold on power, and at the very least delays the time taken for a hated government to be deposed.
Labours money ran out, imagine if they'd been able to outspend the Tories 2:1?
Even worse, is when the rules are changed to suit the real holders of power, those who divide the public largesse. When a Flemish Seperatist group made electoral gains in Belgium, it was denied electoral funds and died, on the basis that the Belgian state should not fund its own dismemberment.
Democracy? Where?

The current system is failing, but, as with every other issue, it is not going to be improved by government intervention.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hacking and the Law

The Law, unless changed, says that unless a system is "secured" it is considered public access.
The law also specificaly considered using easily guessed or publicly available passwords (IE written on a post-it note on the monitor) public access.

Is using the default code as your voicemail pin taking reasonable steps to secure the system?
Doesnt sound like it to me.

No one cares what you say, thats why its front page news

Thats the gist of an ST piece
As highlighted and mocked by the good doctor.

The whole scandal has shown Guido in a good light I feel, he goes after ministers like a rabid terrier.
Whereas ConHome / LabourLost close ranks and defend "their" team