Sunday, 29 August 2010

TrT has crossed a line.

The good doctor North has a bee in his bonnet about state kidnapping.

I've decided I'm going to try it out on the neighbours kids who, despire being 10, are bplaying knock a door run with no adults in the house.

The Evil Bastard Tory?
One name at a time

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Change of plan

One post, just editted

Sugar Bullet
Oh I knew these would be fun.
Aw that was rubbish.

She wasnt bad looking, but that was a disaster
Green dress lady, never quit your day job

Tesco Lady, if your staff mates tell you to shut up, you aint good
This is hard work
Didnt realise that was a TJ song, Katherine Jenkins does a good version of that, I think its KJ anyway.
What a rubbish sob story
Of course she has the best voice, shes the only none joke entry so far!!!
Someone explain percentages to Louis!!!
Yep, KY: Rejoice, that album Rawk!s

Beer Time

TrT is losing the battle of the sofa

A singing tradesman, thats unheard of, bit odd that he thinks being a popstar means no more hotel rooms.

Oh My God
Yep, he's more than a singer, he's a kiddie fiddler
Was that dude on Derek Acora takes the piss out of some idiots?
Defend the outfit but not your singing, go on!!
Thats not true, I love laughing at the mentaly ill,
That was a negative, hehehe.

Well, we had a "real life" camera follow, so they were obviously going through, but they sucked, but lets face it, any none ear bleeding boy band goes through.

Apparently you need people to make gaga sound not terrible.
But they were crap

Original song choice, but you were crap

Eh? WTF!

Beer Time!
Whoops, should have got the lamb out an hour ago, BBQing tomorrow, if the weather holds, fuck that, I'll BBQ in snow

Suck Up
The Suck up sucks
Take your shoes off dear not flash your kecks

Doggies, stop looking in the windows across the street and barking at people

We were promised the punch tonight!
You lieing bastards!

This new birds rubbish, bring back Holly!

Well, I'm bored, I'm gonna go do something productive, drink beer and, damn, I dont know.

Rock out with your cock out

X Factor Explanation

I had intended to live blog, but I spent the day replacing my radiators and trying to get my hot water working, so didnt figure out live blogging, so went with multiple posts.
Beers on

The Shorties

Was that a scream in the background?
Katy Rules

Temple Fire

I'm John I'm 22
I'm Glen I'm 21
I'm Mark I'm 21
I'm Evan and I'm special

Apparently, they were all special

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Madness begins again?

Have you considered a great investment in real estate?
18% returns, plus capital appreciation.
Whats not to love?

God Help Us

Saturday, 21 August 2010

bring back holly

this ones rubbish


Trt is going to figure out liveblogging for xfactor next week

why does it exclude northern ireland?

'it' always does, wonder why?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Run To the Hills

Run for your Life

The Spanish are coming and they're bringing dodgey debts for you to buy.

Monday, 16 August 2010

TrT advisory

Watch better off ted.
Some fat overpaid lunatic cancelled it, but its still awesome

Saturday, 14 August 2010

I've converted

Its pointless maintaing the pretense any more.
I prefer asda to tesco

Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Windows Lickers have a new, erm, window to, erm, lick

Apparently some wise man has figured out that if you take into account the costs of future promises, the US is bankrupt.
Thats not news, thats not even olds.
It also applies to every other country with any form of welfare under the sun.
You see, governments make promises, to give everyone a pension, medical care, unemployment cover ect, even if these people have never paid a penny for it.

The scope, and so cost, of these systems usualy starts out quite low (The UK state pension was pitched at average life expectancy) but as time passes, politicians begin to offer ever more. So a health plan that started fixing broken legs ends up happily performing gender reassignment surgery 3 times on the same person.

Time goes one, everyones happy and promises for the future are no ones problem today, so retirement benefits and end of life care costs mount up (currently 80% of ?NHS costs are the final two years of life) and this works fine as long as we have a nice pyramid shape, lots of workers paying the costs of fewer pensioners.

But no western nation has that model.
All of us have a few retirees, a big arse chunk of late middle aged and a few youngers, and every year, those late middle aged get a year closer to retirement, and those smaller number of youngers arent paying anything like enough taxes to, well thats irrelevent, arent creating anything like enough wealth to balance out the growing number of old people.

The US has finaly admitted that the system is about to snap, the people who have paid "social security" for 40 years are about to have a very rude awakening. Their social security payments were spent on now dead people, in the years that had surpluses, the surplus was invested in government bonds, eventualy payable by the same people expected to pay the other costs as well.
The young people who were supposed to pay for them are at best unable, its much more likely they're actively against the idea, being buried in debt themselves.

The US has admitted this, but it shouldnt be a surprise to anyone with a brain, its been talked about for years.

The Solution?
In reality, its to cut the benefits.
No matter how you slice it, take out words like "tax" and "save", the current system expects 1 worker to provide for dozens, if not hundreds of none workers.
Its simply not possible.

You can confiscate enough wealth from him because he cant produce that much wealth.
The retirees cant "save" more, because you cant "save" 600 nurse hours in the bank, even if the retirees save billions of $/£, there will not be enough services and goods to exchange them for.
You could hold "overseas savings" but its equaly possible that the overseas holder will simply seize your assets.

Sucks, but thems the facts.


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Arsi warsi does it again

Arsi has sent out another email telling the faithful that now is the time to take to the streets and preach to the masses the crimes of labours spending binge and extol the virtues of the big camerunity.

As usual, the unbearable election losing shrew is wrong.
The time for that was any time over the past thirteen years.
What was the wisteria bunker doing but two years ago?

Why it was promising to match browns spending pledges pound for pound.

You built your own pyre you fool, now shut up and burn on it

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Whats the deal woth diamonds anyway?

Dizzy asks a reasonable question.
Had the African Dude on war crime charges simply handed the mentaly unhinged model a wad of cash instead of a pouch of diamonds, would the world have cared.
The answer is obviously no.

Which leads to a wider question, if theres no "conflict gold" or "conflict tin" or "conflict wheat", why conflict diamonds?

Well, I was genuinley intrigued, so I had a bit of a dig around, primarily on wiki, but there you go.
From what I can gather, one side of a conflict, that we will call the rebels, had taken control of diamond mines, whereas the other, that we will call the government, had taken control of the, well, government.
Fearful of losing the war, the government used lefty hippies to have the trade in diamonds outlawed, by the UNSC no less, so that the rebels couldnt up gun and exterminate them.

The idiot scheme just took on a life of its own when it entered the UN of course, and so we are where we are, any jewelers in the world will happily sell you an unlicenced diamond, half the world wont even understand what your asking for when you ask for a certificate.

I've been blogrolled!

The Raging Tory has been blogrolled, sitting near such hallowed saints as Carswell and Hannan.
At first I thought this was obviously a mistake, but it appears not, the bar must be low, but its nice to know I'm off the ground.

I'd be a stat porn comment, but I cant remember how to access the damned things!

Saturday, 7 August 2010

RAF cuts - Paying the Price of workshare chicken

Douglas Carswell swings an increasingly less rare miss on defence procurement.

Carswell is one of the better politicians we have, but his defence outbursts are getting increasingly out of touch with reality.

The Mod didnt decide to spend £20bn on a fleet of Eurofighters, the government decided to enter a cooperation agreement with Europe and ordered 200+ of the bloody things because they were playing procurement chicken with Germany over workshare.

We then get more baseless shots that the Eurofighter is designed to shoot down Soviet MiGs over the North Sea, which is true. The F16 was designed to be a lightweight day fighter, but is a perfectly functional heavyweight night bomber.
The Eurofighter can engage enemy bombers at extreme range with long range AAM's, shoot down the best Russian fighters with its cannon in Top Gun esque dogfights, provide Close airsupport to soldiers engaged in short range firefights with the enemy, devestate enemy armoured formations with ground attack missiles or break enemy command bunkers with long ranged stand off missiles.

Carswell then goes on to ask how many Turbo Props or UAV's we could have purchased, well, once something like a pucara is given our comms fit, a targetting pod and defence aids, your looking at several to one, not twenty to one.
However a Pucara is of no use anywhere but afghanistan, even there its risky. The Argentines used them against the British army in the Falklands, suffering massive losses to small arms fire.
UAVs are slightly better, but something like the GA Warrior would only get 5 control stations and 12 UAV's for the cost of a single Typhoon. Operating costs are much lower, but so is performance, warriors would be great covering a CLP, but bloody useless if a patrol base comes under unexpected attack. A Typhoon is literaly minutes away from anywhere.

Carswell also suggest we shoud have bought off the shelf, something I support, but in the case of front line combat aircraft, what shelf?
Russian kit is substandard and they wont sell it to us anyway, the F35 is a bigger cock up than the Eurofighter, is there anything else new except the Rafale and Gripen, which are both based on the Eurofighter anyway?
Or we could go back a generation and buy F15/16/18, but they're all pretty outdated now, a QE Class Carrier operating 36 F35B's has a decent chance against an F16 airforce that outnumbers it five to one, a QE Class Carrier operating F18s could not, it would be touch and go against even the weakest enemy airforce.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Cameron Must Negociate with the Public Sector Unions

And he must do so with a loaded gun pointed at them.

Give an inch, and you will be giving them inches until they're at the moon.
Any strike ballot must be warned in advance that the government will retaliate with absolute force. Any strike action launched must be met with the utter destruction of the striking department.
Teachers strike? Replace the current system with an annual education grant given directly to students.
Nurses strike? Personal health accounts.
Bin Men Strike? Remove the local authority monopoly on waste collection.

The Ignorance or Downright Deception of Economists

I'm a semi regular reader of The Market Oracle, it has some awesome writers that are world leaders.
But I'm not a regular reader, because it has a lot of writers who are biased ignorant fruitcakes who either don’t have a clue what they're talking about, or are actively deceiving their readers.

This steaming pile of faecal matter got my attention yesterday

Its first argument, is that the US is going to issue 45% of world debt in 2010, and this is bad.
Well, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, and assume that’s correct, and yes, it’s also quite bad.
But when you consider that the US is around 25% of world GDP, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. Its borrowing twice as much as average, not cool, dangerous in the long run, but unlikely to bring the sky down on its own.

The next graph, is one of military spending, the US issues 45% of all debt and spends 45% of all military spending, "aha" an idiot screams, "I've got those ****ing Yankee pigs clean on this one."
Except of course, he does not, because world borrowings do not equal world military expenditure, and again, as the US accounts for 25% of world GDP, its military spending is high, but not abominably so.

The obligatory shot at Reagan, who was obviously a war monger, borrowing all this money for military equipment and sending the US on the path to destruction, which of course is rubbish. Money was borrowed to pay for tax cuts, which allowed the US economy to grow at a phenomenal rate, far fast than the national debt did.
The author obviously knows this to be true, so he uses a graph of all debt, not just government debt, and runs it all the way up to 2010, rather past Reagan’s reign.

Just to hammer home its an inevitable consequence of military spending, we get treated to a two line whopper on the fall of the Soviet Union, which apparently fell because of vast military spending, true as far as it goes, but whereas the Soviet Union was spending 40% of GDP on military spending, the US spends as little as 5% of its GDP. As a reference, it spends 17% on healthcare.
Although to be fair, the author claims "three decades later, the US shares the same fate", so who knows what state the US will be in 2022.

Half truths and petty one liners continue, apparently the US refusal to honour its Breton Woods agreement
plunged the entire world into a regimen of fiat money against its will

Really? There was bugger all stopping everyone else maintaining a gold peg.

But Friedman was wrong. Bernanke’s palliative was temporary, producing only a short boost instead of a sustained recovery. Despite trillions of dollars spent and interest rates lowered to zero, the US money supply is still contracting—and the US economy is again slowing.

Again, true as far as it goes, but Bernanke chickened out of his helicopter drop, let’s see if M3 contracts after every household is sent $500,000 in newly printed bills.

We then get a bit of "Great Wave" Theory.
Apparently Ages of Man last between 80 and 120 years, and the current age is 114 years old.
WTF in the world of capitalism happened in 1896?
The Corn Wars, the political struggle in the UK over free trade, started in 1820 and were won by 1850. The US was a dirt poor country that played second string to Mexico at the time when Capitalism was Codified.
Great Wave also rather misses the time between 1939 and 1980 when most of the world was running central planned economies, complete with 5 year plans and the Fascist Trifecta of Big Government / Big Union / Big Corporation.
Hell, most of the world has never left that arrangement.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Myth of EUropes economic might

EUrope, is a failing economy.

In 1967, The (now) EU 27 controlled a phenominal 37.95% of world GDP
By 2009, this had fallen to 28.95%.

A commentor on the Telebgraph, Chelyabinsk, was quick to remind TrT that past performance isnt a guide to future performance, which is a bloody stupid saying anyway, because what else is there?
But even if we accept its wisdom, from 1999 to 2009, Europe 27 lost 3.13% of world GDP (The EU 15 lost 3.33%).
From 89-99 the numbers were 1.93% and 1.54%, losses again.
Not only has there been a fall over the past two generations, but its increasing its pace.

What policies could the EU bring in to halt this decline and reverse it?
Selling eggs by the gram and cutting the working week to 25 hours, with 12 weeks paid holiday is unlikely to attract much investment back to the zone.
Neither is an ever exanding green energy levy.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Something to Keep an eye on