Saturday, 9 February 2013

The mixed infantry battalion

TrT has long supported the idea of mixing units, that is, putting infantry, armour and artilery in mixed units, at the brigade level.

The "proffesionals" have generally hated this idea.

I've been rereading a few books on the peninsular war (yes, and Sharpe) and it always strikes me how every infantry battalion was mixed.
Being made up of light infantry, line infantry, and grenadiers.

The Three groupings of the army were Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry.

Which appear to be logistics limitations?

The transport requirements of a handful of infantry sections are no less than that of an artillery piece and crew.
The 8t truck can carry 20 soldiers, but it can also tow a gun (2t) carry the 5 crew for the gun, and a couple of pallets of shells.

As I'm ever keen to point out, the specifics are beyond me, but I'm yet to see a reason why a 1000 man battalion shouldn't contain infantry, artilery, armour, even air?
If this absolute gem of an article is anywhere near accurate, a 100 man company should be quite capable of provide four apaches.

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