Monday, 11 February 2013

Nothing new to those paying attention

But its nice to see soldiers are catching up at last

Hat Tip Breach Bang Clear via D&F

Anyone with even the most basic interest in Afganistan should have gleaned from even a few youtube videos that the normal reaction to being fired upon it to go to ground, call in fire support, and retreat.

Not saying that bad, given the circumstances*, it makes perfect sense.
Enemy can retreat faster than you can attack
Is Likely shooting from behind a mine field
You cant hold the ground even if you drive him off.
And even if you catch him, he simply has to sling his rifle, pick up his spade/crook and claim he is a farmer

But twelve years into the war and there has still been no success in altering the circumstances

Cam footage, its just hours and hours of ISAF coming under fire, shooting back and then retreating back to their compound.
No wonder the Pashtuns dont believe us when we say we are winning...

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