Saturday, 9 February 2013

Made in the UK

With thanks to TPSL

Little (No?) equipment is "Made in the UK" in any real sense.
Take the Challenger 2.
Made in Newcastle right?
Assembled in Newcastle.

The fire control computer was made by a Canadian company, now owned by General Dynamics.
The commanders sight is French, made by Sagem.
The gunners sight is made by Thales, also French.
The Engine was American, CAT via Perkins
The Gearbox was American, Textron via David Brown.
Both are now German, MTU and MAN (Renk)

Shells are made in Belgium.

So, there were have, provided we dont need extra sights, engines, shells or the computer that fires them, we're set.

Off the shelf is by no means perfect, but the reality is its already far deeper in than anyone believes. And efforts to avoid it are only driving it deeper.

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