Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Convictions without trial, not even guitly till proven innocent!

Grayling wants to increase the number of accused rapists who are given a police caution.

Now, as the title shows, I was somewhat sketchy on what a caution is, assuming it could simply be given, a travesty against civil liberties.

But a few moments on wikipedia show that they can only be doled out when the suspect gives a confession.

What sort of idiot would admit to a capital crime when offered a caution?  Any half baked lawyer would inform his client that the police clearly have no evidence.
The only people who will admit to this are the innocent, with poor (no?) representation that the police can bully into it.

Great for headlines of course, but not for anything else.

I wonder if grayling even bothered to do the little research I did?

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