Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Winning Hearts and Minds

I might as well just start and say this isnt a nice post, there are no fluffy bunnies, we dont hug and hold hands and sing kum by F-in yah around a camp fire.
This is hard, but this is also real, and this is also effective, scouring of the north effective, but effective none the less.

Lets take two Men.
We'll call them Alan and Ben.

Alan and Ben like each other.
Now, if Alans wife Amy is about to walk off a cliff Ben will shout "look out" and save her.

Nothing controversial there I hope?

Now lets add a third Man, we'll call him Terry.

Terry doesnt like Alan, in fact, he hates Alan.

If Terry holds a gun to Beatrices head, and says he will pull the trigger unless Ben is quiet, Ben will be quiet as Amy walks off the cliff to her death.
No one values his mates wife more than his own.  Doesnt matter how nice the other guy is, your not going to sacrifice your wife, to save his.

And it shouldnt take a lot to see this as a Metaphor for Afghanistan.

It doesnt matter how nice Alan (America) is to Ben (Afghan Peasant), unless Ben does what Terry (Taliban) says, Ben is going to shot and killed by Terry, and no one is going to die because someone built them a school.

So, what do we do?

Step One
Free Stuff, as now.
Everyone likes free shit

Step Two
If Terry holds Bens wife hostage, we move heaven and earth to save her, and if failed scour Terry, terrys wife, kids, brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, nieces from the earth.
Now, here, we arent really winning, most likely, Ben, Alan and Terry simply all lose their wives.
Ben might decide the chance of Alan saving Beatrice isnt worth the risk.

Step Three
If Ben doesnt give us a chance to save Bens wife, and lets Amy die, we move heaven and earth and storm the very gates of hell to scour Ben and Terrys families from the earth.

There are rewards for siding with us against Terry, and Punishments for supporting Terry, even if only by omission, and our punishment is orders of magnitude more than anything Terry could possibly mete out.

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