Monday, 14 January 2013

HMV fails

Another one bites the dust.

Big Box retailer offering no added value, beyond an intermediary between the distributor and the end customer.

HMV is dead.
And why not?

Another year has gone by, and again, another big name fails after sticking its head in the ground and denying that the internet* exists and that Tesco and ASDA sell computer games, DVDs and CDs

Jessops I'd never heard of, and Currys was last year.

* For Fucks sake most games you buy at the video game store now are just blank cds with a link to steam anyway.

Its not just the failures, its the constant dumb fuck looks on reporters faces, as if this is a shock.
HMVs big strategy to save itself was to join the fight for the already brutal mobile phone market, offering the same deals available in the O2 store.

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