Sunday, 25 November 2012

Well he would wouldnt he.

President of Egypt outlaws, challenging the president of egypt.

If only Assad had thought of that......

So, how long till the new Pharaoh gets dragged out back and slotted?

Its not a ****ing cruse lines job to protect us!

The Mail is complaining that a cruise company is failing to stand up to Argentina to protect the Falklands islands.

Now, I'm confused, isnt it the job of the British Armed Forces to protect said cruise lines from Argentina?

Someones confused.

Argentina is one short sharp push from collapse

Perhaps its time we started pushing?
They want to play silly beggars, fine, start boarding and searching ships cruise ships that dock in Argentina.
Plenty of scope for Stop and Search under drug transport treaties
The first ship to be sat still for three days will be the last to dock there.

Provide those that skip Argentina escorts to ensure they cant try the same trick.

Why this fear of escalating the issue?  Our position gets stronger the more we push, not weaker.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Carrier Availability - TPSL

Originaly started as a reply to TPSL

But its more a crazed rant that went wildly off topic, so, whatever.

The USN will have only one active Carrier in the gulf until summer 2013.

A Nimitz Class Carrier (or the GWB at least) has a speed of 35 miles +.

There are 5800miles give or take between New Port Shipyard and the northern entrance or the Suez Canal.

5800miles / 35mph = 165 hours
165/24 = 6 days and 21 hours

There are 9500 miles between Hawaii and the Horn of Africa
9500 / 35mph = 271 hours
271 / 35mph = 11 days and 7 hours.

So, three Carriers based in Newport could be kicking arse with what could credibly claim to be the worlds best airforce in Syria in less than a week.
THREE More would arrive five days later and hit Iran from the other direction.

Either of those forces would be more than capable of slaughtering the Royal Airforce in short order.

And the US could deploy two of them, in less than two weeks.

Forward deployment is a relic that should have been thrown out a hundred and fifty years ago!

Seriously, when has a forward deployed fleet *EVER* been of any use?
Russo Japanese War
Russian Far Eastern Fleet cut to pieces.
Russian Relief Fleet Cut to pieces.

Had there just been a combined Russian fleet that arrived in May 05, its hard to see how Russia would have been worse off early in the war, and impossible to see how it would have been worse off later.  (aside from possible logistical wear from the trip)

Force Z?

Six "Deployable" Carriers are unfathomably easier to maintain than 6 "deployed", you would still need ten carriers to cover the slots, but could conceivably go from 50,000 to only 30,000 crew.


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Christmas presents

I'm thinking of presents for my significant other.

I'm wondering if an iLight is thoughtful, or insulting?

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wow, just wow

I was searching for how late parcelforce deliver (5.30)

But bugger me.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Punitive actions dont work?

"Not a Sheep" posts an interesting graph.

The Israel attacks on Gaza in 2009 led to 90% drop in missile attacks.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Interesting interview question

Whats your ringtone?

Die for Metal is probably a bad ring tone to have during an interview.

I think I made an awesome job of it, its a song about integrity, and honesty, and charity, and friendship.

Just ignore the first two lines, quit my job this morning, forever, I will hold my head up high

Well clearly, that just screams integrity, I have quit jobs over matters of principle before, far from deny it, I'm proud of that, if you want someone to forge dates and paperwork, you dont want me.

I walked inside so I could hear 

Well thats adventure, accounts has a reputation of being stuffy and rigid, but the reality is you have to be willing to pursue any new idea, well, lets not throw out matching or anything, but you have to be willing and able to look at any process from first principles and challenge anything that could improved.

and the guy beside me gave me a beer

Charitry, Friendship, I may have blacked out at this point, but rambled a bit on the merits of beer, friendship and whatever.

Well, not getting that job, and changing my ringtone for interview days :P

Thursday, 15 November 2012

PCCs are a joke

Thats why I didnt vote.

And I've been argueing for elected sherrifs long before anyone read this blog.

oh its just too funny

TrT does not usually watch war porn, but made something of an exception.

So, after watching a grainy video of a car speeding along, and then a grainy video of a fireball speeding along, I'm offered the chance to buy a new car, or breakdown cover......

"You've reached the AA Anna speaking how may I help you"
"Hi Anna, My SEAT is on fire after being hit by a missile"

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Assault on Akrotiti?

On several occasions, I have expressed the opinion that the Cyprus Bases are well past "at risk".

Both Turkey and Greece could move conventional forces onto the island that could easily overwhelm two light role infantry battalions who lack even a nod towards Armour, artillery or air support.

Both could blockade the islands for relief by air, and the UK lacks a deployable fleet worthy of the name that could intervene.

A third force could potentialy boot us off the islands.

Contrary to popular opinion, the UK and Israel have an exceptionaly hostile relationship, and its only 270km from the SBAs to the mainland.

May or may not follow up, but its an interesting thought

Sunday, 11 November 2012

We Will Display red flowers

A more accurate statement from group retard.

The nation is awash with red flowers, and people repeating "we will remember them"

Yet today, right now, young mens lives are being thrown away, on a lesser scale than Yrpres perhaps, but in no less futile operations.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Working out so hard I was literaly steaming

Or maybe I should just go to a gym that has heating and doesnt have a glass roof......

Still, it was quite funny.

Thursday, 1 November 2012


A great idea, but where my dividends?

A collectors edition of a game that might never exist is all well and good, but if you want to get investment, you offer a share of the profits.