Saturday, 22 December 2012

iPad Warfare

With Thanks to Navy Matters for providing the push to post this

TrT is a huge fan of a Revolution in Military Affairs.
The problem is, the military are not.

Fundamentally, they wanted an evolution in military affairs, and thats what they got.
Doing what they did yesterday, a little bit more.
I think thats, expected, but wrong.

What if we really did have a revolution?

This, is an extreme close up of Picadily Gardens in Manchester.

This, is a view of the city as a whole, well, rougly 2.3 miles across and 1.2milies tall

There are four other views between these two.

And thats just Google Maps.

Imagine an army in which battlefield officers, NCOs even, had an iPad.

Squads would walk in to battle with highly detailed, pre annotated maps.

But why stop there?
Its doesnt have to be static or commercialy available.
Those are just sattelite images, we have satellites.
We could have significantly better ones.

There would be a highly effecting "cocking of the gun" effect if we were to launch a recon satellite over and enemy capital if they were getting "uppity".  Far more so than sending a poorly armed guard ship to "fly the flag".

But thats still semi static, my knowledge of satellites is miniscule, but I am fairly sure that one orbiting at 200miles, capable of resolving individual people, would be over head for only a few minutes every few days?

So tie in aircraft, and drones.  In the early stages of a war, it would be few specialist aircraft who could operate overhead, but by the time ground forces are involved, its not difficult to see a situation in which hundreds of drones are overhead, all beaming live footage to the troops below.

Another close up, this time to demonstrate scale.

Full screen that on your ipad or such, its one hell of a lot of detail, and it could be live.

Utterly useless if the other guy is in a building of course, but the fields and the streets and rooftops become killing zones.

But even that isnt a revolution, its just evolution

Now I've marked my fire team, two friendly fire teams and two enemy fire teams, the enemy would have to come from eyes on, perhaps with a timer to indicate when they were last seen? (You've all played Sins of a Solar Empire right?)  Maybe a CEP to show where they could have moved since last seen, with various colour graduations.

Merged in to blobographical information as you zoom out.

Ok, that sounds pretty advanced, but really, its still just the next step on the path we were already following.

So what else could we do?

How about request support fires?

Need to call in a 500lb bomb, drag and drop, and away the order goes.
And because the pilot and the infantryman are looking at the same screen, there should be far fewer instances of the wrong building being bombed.

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