Saturday, 15 December 2012

Gun Control Part 2

Ok, so, I couldnt get out of my table on the previous post, and so after getting angry and shooting up a school full of children, I decided to start a second post.

So, if I reference the table, its over here

So, Lines 2 and 3 pretty much fuck gun control advocates and gun liberals equally.
DC, the area with the tightest gun control laws has three times the national average of gun deaths, and 50% more than the next highest.
Alaska has the loosest gun control laws, and the second highest deaths, at double the national average.

So, gun control laws dont work, but Alaskans, who lets face it, are mostly mad anyway, shouldnt be allowed them either.

California, the Doyen of the gun control nuts, is 30th, six places behind Florida, who has the 41st strictest gun control laws.
Thats right kiddies, you are more likely to be shot in California than Floriduh!

And only ONE place above UTAH, who is joint 50th!

Lots of correlation there...

And for the third one, I have inverted the data.

There are a few that stack up,

  Rhode Island:
  New York:
  New Jersey:

All fit pretty well, Hawaii has a slight uptick, but there are so many that are truely off the scale,


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