Saturday, 30 July 2011

If tyler was english

I'm sure he'd've wiped out M&S.
Leaving mrs trt to look at underwear, i ambled around the menswear, and was presented with a sign, 'find your trouser'
am i a wool or cotton man?
Crease resistant?

What became of us?
We ruled rhe earth once!

Friday, 29 July 2011

go fuck yourself david

Im sure its nice to be looking forward to a summer break.
I'm looking for a second job, and have had to sell my car.

Your first year has been a joke, nothing you have done has been anything but fire fighting, usualy after your own incompetance sent sparks flying. the idea that you are doing anything for the long term good will be believed by no one outside the yes men you surround yourself, and arsi, who would believe you went to hogwarts

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


The EFSF will lend to Greece at 3.5%.
Nations that borrow at more then the EFSF rate are allowed to opt out of contributing.
10 Yr Bond Yields.
The Biggie is Germany, borrowing at 2.77%, followed by the UK and France (Is the UK part of this Alphabet Agency?) borrowing at 3.08% and 3.37%.
France is barely in the contribute zone....

The next biggest economy is Italy, with borrows at 5.63%, so is two full percentage points outside the contributer zone, Spain, the next biggest, is even further out, at 5.98%.
The next biggest economy in the EU, is the Netherlands, and they borrow at 3.14%, so could contribute. But surely at this point, we have to ask how much?
The Netherlands is a quarter of Germany, just how much can it seriously hand over?
Belgium Borrows at 4.31, so cant contribute.

The EFSF rate first given to Greece wasnt "penal" in the sense that it was mean to punish Greece, it was simply a rate at which everyone else in the EU could afford to borrow to relend.
At 3.5%, we're expecting micro states to prop up world powers.
A tiny spike leaves France unable to take part, and Germany the only significant contributer, as big as the rest combined.
The next domino* is not a "tiny" spike, its Spain, the EU's fifth largest economy

*It could be belgium, which would probably still drive Fracne above 3.5%

Sunday, 24 July 2011

You really do need to freeze your glass

for a good whiskey.
It even improves this scots piss I'm drinking

Friday, 22 July 2011

Home made flat bread

fried in copious amounts of ground nut oil, served with lamb curry.

TheRagingTory is considering changing his name to the contented tory, for about twenty minutes.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Bond Buy Backs?

This wont work either.

Greek bonds are currently trading for around 60% of face value, so for £60, you get a bond that promises to pay £100 at a future date, and annual interest.
The reason this is the case, is that the holders, sellers, and potetional buyers of those bonds, believe there is a strong chance Greece may not pay off the capital at the end of the bond term.

If the ECB begins to buy those bonds in numbers, holders will get wind of it, realise there is no longer a chance of a Greek default, and refuse to sell them at such a steep discount.

A Marshall Plan for Greece?

I'll believe it when I see it...

Why would France spend tens of billions of Euros to build (I was going to say retool, but retool what?) new, state of the art factories in Greece, when the inescapable consequence of such, would be Citroen closing a french factory, and occupying the Greek one?

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sense from the MoD?

Could it be?

There are also fears that the Army will no longer be able to wage armoured warfare after ministers refused to give a guarantee that a £5 billion programme for 2,000 armoured vehicles will go ahead ...... Ministers offer no guarantees that the Army’s future armoured vehicle project, known as FRES (Future Rapid Effect System) will go ahead.

TrT has long been of the opinion that FRES is a deeply flawed project, hamstrung by wasted time and a building pressure to get ANYTHING into service right now.

But realisticaly, there is little need for urgency.

Challies, Warriors and CVR(T)s are still behemoths of any battlefield we are likely to find ourselves on, CVR(T) is a bit long in the tooth, but its hardly been rendered ineffective.

In all seriousness, what "on the ground" can face a Challenger in war? They'd be mincemeat against concentrated airpower, but a tank on tank engagement, against anything out there? Even the pride of Russian armour?

£5bn is a lot of money, thats several carriers, its the life time operating costs of 20 Front line aircraft.

Surely thats the better spend?
Harrier is a joke (Yes Sharkey, it is), Challenger 2, well, thats still a fiercesome front line force.
So whats the better spend? Upgrading an already acceptable armoured force?
Or reforming a missing but near essential capability to allow said armoured force to be deployed?

So knowing the MoD, expect FRES to be brought in, at the cost of everything.

Reply to comment here because blogger is having a tizzy
Harrier was very good, for its day, but it simply hasnt kept up with the times.

A Sea Harrier trying to provide air dominance over a modern battlefield would be swept out of the sky. Seriously, what losses would they take against a Typhoon in anything approaching a fair fight?
A Harrier trying to provide CAS in a modern hot war against a peer opponant wouldnt stand a chance either, modern manpads would chew them up.

CVR(T)s may be older, but they are far less outdated, simply because no one else is deploying anything much better, nor are the counter measure drasticaly better than they have ever been, if anything, they've gotten worse
Its going to stand a fair chance against other formation recon units, and could never survive any sort of anti armour attack anyway, but the increasing weight and complexity of MBT killers means they are far less prevalent.

Warrior is getting on a bit, but its hardly ineffective, and Chally2 is easily a contender for best tank in the world.
FRES just seems to be, "my turn"ism?

Why is this surprising

Cameron is in trouble and no one will come to his aid?
Why is this surprising?
Cameron gave the 100 easiest target seats to his friends, who were CINOs at best.
Two thirds of them were annihilated at the election.

Tory Gains came from the next 100 seats, the men and women of those seats had to fight tooth and nail because Cameron personally blocked them from an easy ride.

Why would they go to bat for a man who passed them over? Especialy when its becoming increasingly clear he's, unsound?

Unlike Labour, we have little trouble kniving our leaders.
I'm not saying will will pull down Cameron, I dont believe it will, but if it does, expect him to be dead and buried before the Limp Dumbs have their boots on.
And God help Milliband when he's put on a podium next to Borris...

As I said, I dont see Cameron falling any time soon, but, when he falls, it will be because the Tory Right removes their support, backs BoJo, and god willing he runs on an English Independance platform.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Problem Solved? Not Even Close

AEP misses the point

Unfortunatly, modest the proposal may be, but survivable, it is not.

The Plan
Allow weaker states to drop out of the "hard" Northern Euro and fall into a "soft" mediteranian Euro.

The Problem
The weak states owe the strong states lots of money, if the debts are redenominated into MedEuros, the Med Euro will fall somewhere between 30% and 60%, and the northern banks will be wiped out on exchange losses, and the Strong States will be wiped out trying to make them good.
If the debts are not redenominated, they will crush the weaker states under them, who will default, and the strong states will remain screwed.

The Solution
There is none. Either the South Starves to pay back the North, or it defaults, and the North starves when its pensions run dry.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Franklin and Bash

Get it skyplussed, thank me later

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Moonbat "Our Berlin Wall Moment"

Wow, that says quite a lot doesnt it?

Confused Putin "We did bury you!, didnt we?"

A confused Vlad the Impotent has fored an angry broad side against the Fed for failing to live up to its main obligations.

Am I missing something?
I thought the obligations of the Fed were full employment in America, sound(ish) money and economic stability.

Does Vlad live in a world where he won the cold war, and Americas job as client state is, controlling food prices so Russia doesnt starve next time its crop fails...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Raging Tory, Weeks ahead of the dead tree press

I say on the 11th of May
60% of GDP will be the allowable debt level, Greece is currently at 145%, so 85% of GDP worth of bonds must be written off, which I make to be a 58.6% write off.

Ambrose catches up today
Barclays Capital said EU leaders must recognise that Greece is insolvent and prepare for an orderly debt restructuring, perhaps one that shares the pain between private creditors and the EU taxpayer and gives Greece a way out of its trap by easing the debt burden by 60pc.

Monday, 11 July 2011

The Steady March to an Independant England

From the ever ace d West

Here’s an interesting fact. According to a recent poll, 52 per cent of Northern Ireland’s Catholics wish to remain in the United Kingdom, against just 33 per cent who wish to have a united Ireland. And here’s another: just 48 per cent of English people want to keep the union.

Now, ignore Ireland for a bit, no one gives a shit, but only 48% of English people want Scotland to remain in the union.
Add to that the Tories outright majority in England, and surely it cant be that much longer?

Any right wing threat to Cameron surely has to see it as an option?

Camerons only PM because the Lib Dems support him, his own Tory Left Wing Praetorian Guard were shattered at the 2010 election.

If Borris throws his hat in the ring, he can do so bringing with him not only a Tory Majority government for England, but a Structural Tory Majority, if not forever, at least for a decade, and a permanant shift further right for politics, for a generation or two at least.
Thats one hell of an opening gambit.

What would Camerons defence be?

After more than a decade, the Euro is still not "real"

Just heard an advert on the Radio,
"Buy your Lira from the Post Office, we're really good".

Or words to that effect.

Now, there are still Lira
The biggest being the Turkish Lira, but, well, Turkey isnt Portugal/Spain/France/Italy/Greece, unless of course, Turkey really has replaced those as our prime holiday destination?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bow down before the massivity of my c**k

TrT speaks, and even Murdoch cannot resist!!!

The News of the world is to close, a mere 24 hours after I said it was ****ed

Seriously, NI is ****ed

Hacking the families of fallen soldiers......

I wonder what the chances are of "The Sun" running a boycot "The News of the World" campaign are?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Will there be a NOTW ever again?

It started as a joke, but looking at the tidal wave of advertisers pulling out, wow.

Lets face it, Daddys running out of options, does he step off the sidelines, sack everyone who might be tainted, end the news of the world, and in tough guy manner, say "now its dealt with"

Will there be a NOTW this Sunday?

Be an interesting defence if nothing else.....

Our Prayers have been answered, he returns to us

Now Bathe in his holy truth you unworthy heathens

Monday, 4 July 2011


TrT has ignored Hackgate as a story thats very interesting to the bubblians, but of fuck all interest in the real world
Until now

If this is true, it opens several interesting avenues.
Firstly, NOTW is fucked, like, they will stop bothering to print it because every other Sunday will run "NOTW killed Millie Dowler" as the front page.

Secondly, corruption or incompetance or both must be endemic on every level of the police force.
A mobile phone is easily traceable, as are telephone calls.
If you log into a mailbox, the phone company knows where youre dialing from.

A missing persons phone is monitored, this means that the police would know someone accessed that mailbox as they accessed it, and know where the call from.

Either the police were not monitoring the phone, or they ignored access to it.


From the Telegraph

Mr Juncker said the Greek tax system was "not fully functional" and added that the crisis in the nation was caused by wages increases becoming "completely out of control".

So, having diagnosed the problem, that in a shared currency, greeks have gone from earning 0.7 of a Pre ERM III German, they now earn 1.3, whereas a German today earns 1.1, what do they intend to do about it?

Wage deflation on that scale is not possible, it would bankrupt every greek, business, bank, utility, and government.
That leaves inflation/devaluation to price them back into the market.

They cant inflate, Germany wont stand for it.
That leaves devaluation, which they cant do within thye EUrozone.

Friday, 1 July 2011

We'll be at over the Falklands before the QE Class are operational

I dont believe the lack of carriers relevent, its merely as time marker.
I dont think the war will happen until after a major drawdown from Afghanistan is under way either. Maybe even before they're home, but definatly after they are announced.

If we draw down by "battalion" (800) and support (400) sized units, alternately every 6 months, then we will begin 2015 with 4600 men in Afghanistan, enough to damage any UK war effort, but not enough that the US would notice their sudden disappearance or struggle to replace them.
If they can time it so much of the T45 fleet is tied up, so either in refit or east of Suez, no doubt that will be a factor.

The war is eminantly winnable, but I think anyone who doesnt see it coming is being wilfully blind.